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MW Art has put together an awesome time lapse of what it takes to build a Kilrathi warrior. He's meticulously sculpted everything in Zbrush. Even though the clock is sped up, I'm amazed to see how fast the head comes together. It's also interesting to see how items like the claws get so much attention. The texture/coloring seems like it should take a long time as well (and I'm sure it did!), but Martijn makes it look like a breeze!
Space is a very scary place, so why not make it even more scary by adding some Tigers in there! Big fan of Wing Commander games and the Kilrathi Antagonists, I still think they should appear in Star Citizen, I tried to make a concept of what they would look like in a modern game, Hope you like it!

Check out my artstation for some Hi-Res Renders.

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Chinese Search Terms to Help Your Collecting Adventures Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Here's a great sampling of Asian Wing Commander games that AD dug up while searching various online marketplaces. The majority are Taiwanese, although the Armada there is Japanese. We've posted most of these in various forms over the years, but it's fun to see them all in one place. One that's new to me is the Academy ad with faux cockpit struts added. WC3, Armada and the Privateers remain pretty elusive, even in bootleg form (as the loose bagged copies below are). The legit versions are those earlier ones published by Soft World. AD has also summarized a list of Chinese language search terms you can use if you're trying to bulk up your own International Wing Commander collection. Find those below!
《银河飞将》(Wing Commander)
《银河飞将:秘密任务》(WC: The Secret Missions)
《银河飞将:秘密任务2》(WC: The Secret Missions 2)

《银河飞将II:帝国逆袭》(Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi)
《银河飞将II:特别任务1》(WCII: Special Operations 1)
《银河飞将II:特别任务2》(WCII: Special Operations 2)
《银河飞将II:语音资料片》(WCII: Speech Pack)

《银河飞将军官学校》(Wing Commander Academy)

《银河飞将:私掠者》(Wing Commander: Privateer)
《银河飞将私掠者:语音资料片》(WC Privateer: Speech Pack)
《银河飞将私掠者:正义出击》(WC Privateer: Righteous Fire)

《银河飞将无敌舰队》(Wing Commander Armada)

《银河飞将III:虎之心》(Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger)

《银河飞将IV:自由的代价》(Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom)

《基拉锡三部曲》(Wing Commander: The Kilrathi Saga)

《私掠者2:黯星枭雄》(Privateer 2: The Darkening)

《银河飞将:神谕》(Wing Commander: Prophecy)

《秘密行动》(Secret Ops)

The brackets are basically chinese quotation marks or something and can be removed

Maniac Ready to Break and Attack Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

There's been more great progress this week on Howard Day's Wing Leader pilots. The big news is that he's added Maniac to the mix, but the characters have also gotten helmets, which is also nice to see. There's even some cockpit chair visible now as well. In what seems like a fairly short span of time, this squadron seems to be really forming up!
Some more Wing Leader nonsense, working way too late. Supposed to look like a young Tom Wilson.. Basically just Biff Tannen. Flattened some perspective, got some better contrast on materials, added the iconic WC2 Terran pilot chair. Enjoy!

WC Audio Interview Happening Saturday Morning Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The LoveRetroBTW streamer is hosting a morning show this weekend with Wing Commander sound designer Marc Schaefgen. He worked on most all the WC games from WC1 through Privateer, plus some Ultimas, Strike Commander and more. It'll be part of their Cafe, BTW podcast at 8 AM Pacific time on May 8 on Twitch. Getting up early on a Saturday morning to talk Wing Commander sounds like fun to us! Check it out here.

PC Zone Recaps Space Sim History Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Today we've got a historical profile from the July 2000 issue of PC Zone. It works two ways: the article is a recap on the highlights of the PC space sim genre from 1984 to 2000, but at the same time, it's ancient history itself. While there was quite a lull in the space sims during the 2000s, the past decade has certainly seen something of a revival, and I look forward to reading that recap someday. I vaguely remember this article when it was new, and it's kind of amazing that more time has passed since it was published now than the mere 16 years of timeline that they were covering back then. They hit on the big three: Elite, Wing Commander and Star Wars - before finishing off with a bit about some of the late '90s entrants like X and Starlancer. There are also some fun quotes from the editor of A Talent for War, which was a space sim community hub that started up around the same time as the CIC. Thanks to the X-Wing Game Series Twitter for resurfacing this one. You can also find this issue and the complete series of PC Zone magazines scanned by Pix here.

Yes, Astoundment is Apparently a Real Word Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

The new blog/movie website Shirts of Astoundment has posted a new article titled 4 Things About The Wing Commander Movie That Are Actually Cool. I'm much more of a CinemaWins than a CinemaSins kind of guy, so this is right up my alley (also the Wing Commander part). The internet already has ten thousand think pieces rehashing the film's flaws, and it takes some courage to flip the script and focus on the positive aspects of something. Their analysis focuses on the music, international cast and CGI as high points, which are aspects we've been trying to emphasize for years. There's also some discussion about being able to see the Phantom Menace trailer. While a lot of people cite that anecdote, I photographed the no refunds signs on opening weekend. So if that many people actually did go see Wing Commander for the new Star Wars trailer, it probably would have done better than seventh place on opening weekend! Anyhow, check out the full article here.

Concept Card Art Reveals Beautiful Set Pieces Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Sci-fi artist Alan Gutierrez has posted some new images dating back to his mid '90s contributions to the Wing Commander CCG. He's released a steady stream of sample images over many years, and they've provided a fascinating look into the downselection process for card art. These are no different! First up is the source for the Epsilon nav art, which reveals a pair of exotic planets that didn't make it into the nav point we got. A similar thing happens where the Nebula card art is the top half of a scene with an icy planetscape beneath. The Kilrathi Capture Pilot card gets mirrored, and the final piece gets distributed across three cards! The Terran Recover Pilot card just focuses on the pilot, while both Terran and Kilrathi Asteroid modifiers are different crops of the background. Very cool! You can find this art and many more pieces of WC CCG imagery and lore in our WCPedia section here.
Alan Gutierrez posted another painting from the Wing Commander card game on his DeviantArt. Entire planets were cropped off of the final card!

Graphical Novel Adds Dark Ships and Light Expressions Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

It's been a while since we reported on his progress, but EmuMusicFan has been steadily moving forward with his graphical novel project. The latest exciting addition includes ships! His first example is a Dralthi silhouette based on a 3D model by DefianceIndustries. There are also a couple of new expressions for both Kilrathi and Firekkan characters. Looking forward, Emu will be working to develop some of the more interactive aspects of the project so that fans can engage with the story and affect how it unfolds.
Thanks so much to DefianceIndustries for the fantastic 3D models! Now I could add ships to my visual novel!

New Pilots Ready to Lead Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Last week we got a peek at Howard Day's new pilot models, which were a fun new take on Hunter and Angel. He's further redesigned the characters to give Hunter his iconic cigar and Angel a more accurate expression. As an extra bonus, there's also a pair of new pilots done in the same style. Let him know what you think at the CIC Forums!
So! Some updates to this. I added Hunter's scowl and stoagie, as well as the updated Casual/Flightready uniform set that I made for Angel. I also have angel with *eyebrows* now (Do'h!) and her signature earrings - but not in flight-ready mode, tho.

I also went ahead and added some more variation to the flightsuits - a data/control connection plug and a oxygen tube. Both will connect to the helmets they wear in-cockpits.

This is Capt "Conan" Doyle, one of the senior pilots on the Tolmacs-class light carrier you'll serve on in the campaign. As always, it's a straight 3DSMax render, no editing. :D I decided to do one more, callsign "Chef" Any and all feedback is wonderful.

WC3 Streaming: Watch It For the Culture Update ID Share on Facebook Share on Twitter

Docteur J from Oldies Games TV is back with a new Wing Commander series. He's covered a number of Wing Commander games on his French YouTube channel over the years, and now it's time for a playthrough of Wing Commander 3. As a special bonus, he's manually splicing in the dramatically enhanced HD videos from ODVS so everything is super sharp. When he started all of this, the audience was mostly limited to French speakers, but YouTube's auto translate feature opens the world up to everyone. Hit the closed captions icon in the bottom and the gear logo for your preferred language. If you're only used to hearing Wing Commander in just one language, it can be a whole new experience to hear a new dub!
Hi all! Here is the start of Let's Play on Wing Commander 3 with the videos in 1080p. ;) Bravo to Owen Davies for his work on the videos.

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