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2020.272 (September 28, 2020)

A No Crease Look at the Secret Missions Box

One of my favorite pieces of Wing Commander art is the stylized box of The Secret Missions for the Super Nintendo. It doubles down on the SNES ports' conversion of the Jalthi into a "green Salthi" and puts the new ship front and center. Players got a poster of this depiction when they bought the game, but it's folded into nine squares to fit into the cartridge-size box. elend set out to fix this and has created this nifty version that does away with the crease lines as well as all of the logos and fine print that cluttered up the bottom.

2019.271 (September 28, 2019)

Through the Moongate Part 2 Expands Stretch Goal Lineup

After a stellar launch, the Kickstarter campaign for the Through the Moongate sequel has been fully funded and is well on its way towards a set of new stretch goals. First things first, we're (at the €50 and up level) getting a Wing Commander bookmark by Denis Loubet! The new secondary goals are exciting, but not necessarily as directly tied to Wing Commander. For people interested in the full story of Origin, they're still cool additions, however, and some Wing Commander anecdotes may certainly find their way into the new appendix.

2018.271 (September 28, 2018)

Goodbye, Micael Priest

We are again sad to bring you news that another Wing Commander veteran has passed. Artist Micael Priest died on Tuesday, September 18. Mr. Priest was an Austin legend who began drawing concert posters in the early 1970s.

2017.271 (September 28, 2017)

Last Line of Defense Transitions to Video

Deathsnake is back to talk the future of the Last Line of Defense mod, which first debuted in 2011. He admits it's unlikely that several missing pieces will come together to form a playable game, but he does see quite a bit of value in the assets he's assembled over the last six years. It looks like there may be an interesting path forward that uses the engine for a series or videos or short films. There are a couple examples to get a sense of the potential here.

2016.272 (September 28, 2016)

Fewer Colors, But It Still Sounds Great

Mindwipe has put together a nifty tribute remix of the Amiga Wing Commander's title track. Listen below or download here. The Amiga version's unique music has a following just like the DOS edition's, and you can find additional recordings of it in another update here. The WC1 Surf Theme was even featured in an album of Amiga music!

2015.271 (September 28, 2015)

Anniversary Livestream Posted; Jump To Special Features

The Cloud Imperium Games team has posted this weekend's amazing 25th Anniversary Livestream to Youtube in its full 9-hour glory. The recording was previously available on Twitch, but many find the Youtube interface more user friendly. There's also a helpful index below that shows where to jump to in order to see certain key segments of the show. One unlisted - but incredible - milestone occurs at 6:44:00 when LOAF takes on Kurasawa 2...

Wingnut Donates Collection To Celebrate 25th

While many fans spent the weekend playing, watching or buying even more Wing Commander games, Oggy took it one step further by donating his collection to the National Video Game Arcade in the UK to help preserve and share his love of the series. While that might sound like kind of a downer at first, how often do Wingnuts get a chance to start collecting the entire series over again from scratch? Sounds like fun to me!I celebrated....

2014.271 (September 28, 2014)

Full Afterburners, Go, Go, Go!

Klavs has helped amp up the VK Day festivities with a glorious new Excalibur render. He's taken the famous FLEE image and recreated it from a new perspective. His version has a few additional details that are really nice - you can clearly see the WC3 style flight suit in the cockpit, and a "300" is prominent on the fighter's nose. Excalibur 300 was Blair's ship designation in the Heart of the Tiger novel.

2013.271 (September 28, 2013)

Nephilim Models Get More Organic

Dark Sentinel has continued to refine his Orca model. We don't see a whole lot of Nephilim recreations out there, so it's great to see someone attacking these ships for a change. In addition to the iconic destroyer below, there's also a shot of the bugs' capship missile. The CSM mockups below show the evolution from Prophecy model to modern render.

2012.272 (September 28, 2012)

RSI Reviews Standoff's Impact

Roberts Space Industries has posted another Fan Spotlight, and this time the Wing Commander Standoff mod of Secret Ops gets the nod. The Time Capsule fiction feature is 2610: Tears of Fire, which discusses a painting that was inspired by an early 27th Century war. Finally, RSI has posted another concept art piece from the Wing Commander Movie. The Mess Hall sketch shows the Tiger's Claw's break room with the viewport looking out at the Charybdis Quasar.

2011.271 (September 28, 2011)

New TacOps Game Starting Soon

Avacar has announced a new game Wing Commander Tactical Operations game will be starting soon. His online variant of Ironduke's turn-based strategy game is still in development, but it already looks super cool. Players should have a lot of fun, but they are also invited to hunt for bugs and help provide feedback. Anyone who wants to join up needs to register and then pick their ships.

2010.271 (September 28, 2010)

BREAKING NEWS: Updates from Paul Barnett's Twitter

Bioware Mythic Creative Director Paul Barnett has updated his Twitter account with more information on the possible Wing Commander re-release. We will continue to update this post if there are further mentions of the project today:8:15 AM: My plan is wing commander one , drm free and security bypassed. For FREE ( fingers crossed)8:00 AM: Today we get data compare sign off for wing commander, dr Ray will be hearing the pitch, from there only legal can stop us!

BREAKING NEWS: Is Wing Commander Poised To Make a Comeback?

Gaming news site Kotaku is reporting on some interesting posts made to Paul Barnett's twitter account. If you need a refresher, Paul is creative director of Bioware Mythic (formerly EA Mythic) where Ultima Online is currently housed.In those posts, Paul acknowledges Wing Commander's 20th birthday and mentions that he's been hard at work attempting to convince EA to put out a release of Wing Commander packaged up with DOSBox. Presumably such a release would be purchasable either on EA's own download service or another third-party service like Valve's Steam marketplace.

2009.271 (September 28, 2009)

Broadsword Brings Big Boom

Howard Day has another marvelous Broadsword paint scheme to unveil. This one is a World War 2 themed retro design. There's a special LOAF nose art and kill markings on the hull, and don't miss the Confed star in place of the five-point in some of the shots.This particular Broadsword has downed numerous enemy fighters, two Fralthis, a Ralatha, and a Fraltha.

Making the Game: Captain Report

We're moving on from Wing Commander Prophecy to a limited amount of material from its sequel, Wing Commander Secret Ops. Primarily, we'll be looking at draft and collected versions of the famous web fiction -- but there will be some other treats included. This document is an earlier version of all Captain Murkins' (known here as Captain [Name]) 'pre-series' reports. The most interesting thing is that they seem to have been originally developed as something much more interactive; some of the later updates include optional text that would be displayed depending on overall performance rather than just whether or not the previous series was won.

2008.272 (September 28, 2008)

Destroyer Refit Heads Home

Here is Aaron Thomas' improved Southampton class destroyer for the WC4 Homeworld 2 Mod. In addition to a variety of upgraded ships and a stunning graphics overhaul in work with TonViper, the next new release could include a special map pack with familiar locations in the Wing Commander universe. Since both WC4 and Wing Commander Arena take place in the same region of space, some familiar Arena-themed maps would be super...

Star*Soldier Gloss: Page 46

This is the Star*Soldier gloss for the seventh timeline page: CONCEPT: See the previous post! "2669.233" - Alternate version addition. From the unpublished Wing Commander IV version of the timeline.

2007.271 (September 28, 2007)

Get Ready to Tap Dance

This week's GameTap client update has added a Wing Commander 2 section to the 'coming soon' area. October 11th is just under two weeks away! They're also added a section for the manual online here. Pretty exciting - check it out:Your carrier, the Tiger's Claw, has been destroyed by a secret Kilrathi weapon.

The Art of Wing Commander Arena - Part Two

The initial concept for Wing Commander Arena had the designers creating an entirely new set of Wing Commander-style ships... and this was what they came up for the Kilrathi! It's sort of a cross between a Dralthi and a pulpy World War 2 jet airplane. Check out the Imperial logos on the twin tails!

2006.271 (September 28, 2006)

Take WCP Higher

Here's a special treat: a full resolution version of the Wing Commander Prophecy intro, including the Kilrathi Prophecy, the destruction of the TCS Devereaux and Casey's arrival on the Midway. This new version is a high quality MPEG, much as you might find on a modern DVD -- as you can see in the comparison below, the difference between it (left) and the game (right) is astounding! Not only that, but the aspect ratio is slightly different, revealing a little bit more picture. You can grab the movie here (211 MB .

Prize Winners Can Still Claim Birthday Presents

In case you didn't see the message last month, all Birthday Party prize winners should have received a confirmation email after submitting their info. If you got this note (most likely prior to DragonCon), then I have your address down and your item is pending. If you sent your address and did not hear back, drop us a line so we can add you to the list. And if you never sent your address at all, it's not too late.

2005.271 (September 28, 2005)

Get Your Hi-Res Wing Commander Academy

Our high quality DivX 5 WCA episodes are still our most popular download. The show is excellent, and the end of the month is a good time to burn some excess bandwidth, so here are the download links if you haven't seen it yet.Episode 01 - Red & Blue (209 MB)Episode 02 - The Last One Left (209 MB)Episode 03 - The Most Delicate Instrument (223 MB)Episode 04 - Word of Honor (218 MB)Episode 05 - Lords of the Sky (209 MB)Episode 06 - Chain of Command (210 MB)Episode 07 - Expendable (209 MB)Episode 08 - Recreation (209 MB)Episode 09 - Walking Wounded (209 MB)Episode 10 - On Both Your Houses (209 MB)Episode 11 - Invisible Enemy (209 MB)Episode 12 - Price of Victory (209 MB)Episode 13 - Glory of Sivar (209 MB) Opening titles 1 (8.4 MB) Opening titles 2 (8.

CIC Wants Your Money

We've previously mentioned some other CIC locations, but CIC Paris seems to be in the best financial shape. They've got some pretty nice offices and ATMs. If you ever encounter a cash deposit box with our name on it, feel free to insert large amounts of money. If there isn't one near you, you can always visit the Merchandise Store.

2004.272 (September 28, 2004)

Ships of the Animated Series: Fighter Transport

This is a ship with much the same role as the TCS Tarawa in the Wing Commander novels - moving fighters from one point to another. In "Walking Wounded" the Kilrathi capture the TCS Morgan and turn her fighter complement (Sabres and Broadswords) against the Tiger's Claw. The Morgan's fighter complement consisted of nineteen ships in two launch bays: eight Dralthi, six Sabres and three Broadswords. Defensive armament consists of three dual-mount laser turrets, one single-mount laser turret and a dual-mount missile turret.

Sims 2 Gone Platinum In Ten Days

Electronic Arts has announced that The Sims 2 has sold more than one million copies in its first ten days on shelves. This gives the game top honors as EA's biggest PC launch ever. Just ten years ago Wing Commander 3 held a similar position in EA's lineup with a million copies sold over the span of months. Half of The Sims were sold in Europe, mirroring Wing Commander's consistent success there as well.

2003.271 (September 28, 2003)

Ferret in Freespace

The WC Saga mod for Freespace is coming along quite nicely, and they have started a Crius thread to show off their latest models. Not only is there a pretty looking Ferret as seen below, but also an in-progress Tallahassee, a Jalkehi and an Excalibur. You can see the screenshots of these ships and comment on them in this thread.

In Today's News

On 2655.271 (September 28, 2655) Ralgha nar Hhallas defects to the Terran Confederation. He and Kirha are questioned on the TCS Tiger's Claw. Ralgha's cruiser, the KIS Ras Nik'hra, is the first intact Fralthi the Confederation gets their hands on.

2002.271 (September 28, 2002)

Ritual of Pukcal

Today marks the second-most important holy day of the Kilrathi religion. The Ritual of Pukcal is a day-long ceremony of atonement which takes place at Temples of Sivar. Unfortunately, it's Saturday, so 'Kilrathi religious event' can't be used as an excuse to skip work. Now, come Monday you can probably take off for Kilrathi religious event observed...

WCPolaroids: Blair (6/11)

If Blair were an Enterprise cast member, this would be his publicity shot! Actually, I believe this is the outfit he wears during the 'torture' scene... without all the goo and silly string all over it it.

2000.272 (September 28, 2000)


Voidsurfer, webmaster of the Fleet Action Homeworld mod sends this response to the recent PC Zone article...FYI, while it is cool that we got into an article, a lot of the info the article was inaccurate. They said that we have ships that are not released yet (carriers/perry naval base), and they refer to the old site (even though we had already moved at the time of the interview). Also, IMHO, I think that former WC fans like the mod, as opposed to the article's statement that they would not want it.

Hilarity No Longer Ensues

After a year of posting a news update taken from Privateer 2 each day, the well has finally run dry -- people who didn't like them can now rejoice, and the people who thought they were amusing can find them all in the CIC's 2789 Archive. A much belated thanks to Cpl Hades for helping me extract them so very long ago.

1999.271 (September 28, 1999)

Hollis is Out

The following bit of information regarding Andy Hollis' next project appeared at Gamepen's Flight Sim Therapy column (As seen at the ever-informative ATFW).Well, let's try someone else then. I know, ex-Skunkworks A-10 producer and now Kinesoft employee Will McBurnett was always good for a quote (Kinesoft? What the hell is Kinesoft?

1998.271 (September 28, 1998)

Who Do You Want To Devastate Today?

Episode 6 - Day 1 fiction is now up at the Secret Ops site, including info on how best to fly the Devastator for all of you Plebes out there.

More Bugs...

Only this time they are of the software type and have crept in to HCl's current project, the WC3/4 - WCP/SO model converter which are almost certain to delay work. Model conversion is going to stop until the bugs are out, but we've scored some screenshots of the fighter voted second best in our WC4 poll, the Banshee in the Vision engine! Enjoy..

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