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2020.128 (May 7, 2020)

Graphical Novel Polished, First Terran Added

EmuMusicFan has done another solid pass on his graphical novel demo. It now has an extra level of proofreading polish as well as extended/branching story compared to the last time we linked to it. Visit the live preview here. On top of all the glorious Kilrathi depicted within, the first Terran character has also been sketched out to further expand the range.

2019.127 (May 7, 2019)

Podcasters Analyze WC1 MIDI... and Creed

AD recently found a music-related podcast that's profiled Wing Commander 1. They listen to the Sound Blaster basic music and then compare it to the deluxe Roland MT32. The hosts seem to be more versed in music history rather than video game history, which provides for kind of an interesting analysis. They also profile the movie Creed's score in this episode, and they jump back and forth between that and Wing Commander repeatedly, which is certainly an unusual format choice.

2018.127 (May 7, 2018)

Prototype Wing Commander Box Highlights Minimalist Design

LOAF recently found a nifty marketing prerelease snap of the Wing Commander 4 box. As the story goes, the stark geometric pattern of the main box eventually gave way to a slipcase sleeve with a more action-oriented center. You can see in the shot below that this bears a fairly strong resemblance to the final design. The core art and even font are in place, but the lettering was repositioned a bunch before production.

Wing Commander Meme of the Day: That's a Paddlin'

You only get the Golden Sun the first time...

2017.127 (May 7, 2017)

RSI Museum Brings the A Games

I was recently honored to appear on another episode of RSI Museum, the Cloud Imperium Games’ livestream that talks about the history of games that influenced Star Citizen. This time, we talked about (and took a look at) Wing Comander’s Academy, Armada and Arena. Enjoy!

2016.128 (May 7, 2016)

Billy Cain Talks WC2 SNES, WC3 PSX, Prophecy & More

The Big Box PC Game Collectors group has conducted another nifty Origin-themed interview, and the star this time around is Billy Joe Cain. Mr. Cain is perhaps best known as the lead designer on Wing Commander Prophecy, but one of his first projects was actually the creation of the (sadly, unreleased) Wing Commander 2 for SNES as well as the Playstation port of WC3. Billy has been a friend of the WC community online for many years, and he's got some great perspectives on the good old days at Origin.

2015.127 (May 7, 2015)

Digital HD Wing Commander Discounted to $10

The Wing Commander Movie has recently undergone a nice round of price cuts at a handful of major internet video providers. Whether you were previously on the fence or have recently taken to building your digital library, now's a great time to add WC to your collection. We've come a long way since struggling to catch a rare HD broadcast on cable television! High definition copies haven't even been readily available for three years yet - and now it just takes a couple clicks to carry a cheap high res version around in your pocket.

2014.127 (May 7, 2014)

Flat Universe Reveals New Gameplay Trailer

Kyrgiannis has posted a big new update on the development of the Wing Commander Flat Universe fan game. There's a long list of recent accomplishments that you can read up on below, and a slick new video shows off these newly implemented features. Big plans are on the drawing board to keep pushing forward. Future updates will show off the HUD / VDUs and enhanced AI.

2013.127 (May 7, 2013)

Super Wing Commander Played with Flightstick Pro

Decay has put together another neat video that shows Super Wing Commander being played with a 3DO Flightstick Pro joystick. Console input methods can range from amazingly awesome to quite cumbersome, and Decay's not sold on this particular interface. It's really cool to see it all in action like this however, and most people haven't seen anywhere close to enough Super Wing Commander. Even without the joystick side-cam, it's well worth checking out his cool SWC play-through!

2012.128 (May 7, 2012)

Paradigm Deployed to Enigma Sector

Deathsnake has integrated a new model by FekLeyrTarg's into the Enigma 2666 mod. This time it's one of the Confederation's most advanced destroyers, the Paradigm. There's some ongoing discussion about the proper size scaling, since a specific length is never given. The shots below show the ship at a couple of different sizes, and there's some potential to make it comparable in bulk to the Gilgamesh.

2011.127 (May 7, 2011)

Prelude to Darkness Bridges Production Gap

We haven't mentioned the WC-inspired Frontier - Prelude to Darkness fan movie recently, but work has been busy on the project. New chapters have been in limbo while lew82 has been working on 3D conversions for higher quality episodes. The first four chapters have been posted to Koldcast in high res, while YouTube carries up to Part 13. lew is also working out how to submit the movie to the 2011 GenCon Film Fest.

2010.127 (May 7, 2010)

Strange Ship Strikingly Shimmers

There's another update to JasonRocZ's Arena-inspired Nephilim craft, the Tarpon. It's a pretty good rendering of what started as a small red silhouette in Star*Soldier, and we're anxious to see it working in the vision engine. The skin of the craft looks particularly effervescent now.I revisited the Tarpon.

2009.127 (May 7, 2009)

Saga Unveils New Backdrops

The Wing Commander Saga website has been updated with another set of screenshots. This time, the team is giving us a preview of all the different starfield backgrounds. They're also providing us with some insight into the game's development process.Welcome to the latest news update!

Making the Game: Flow Notes

'Flow Notes' is actually a nicely drawn flowchart of all of Wing Commander Prophecy's missions, showing how they connect to one another. I'm betting this was Captain Johnny's work -- I get the feeling he was pretty handy with Visio.These updates are thanks to John "Captain Johnny" Guentzel, who provided several CD image archives of material used by the Wing Commander Prophecy development team!

2008.128 (May 7, 2008)

Start Your Printers!

Here's some great news for fans of the folded arts: Péricles has released the long-awaited Dralthi IV paper model! It's available here at Paper Commander. What could be next?

Making the Game - Part 2

Today we have a second take on the Wing Commander Prophecy concept, this one by Captain Johnny himself. It's shorter and less dramatically different - I think everyone will appreciate that this version comes a lot closer to the chosen plan than the Chris Douglas version presented yesterday. It also features a new pilot, an older ship and two alien races, organic ships... as well as many opportunities for reintroducing previous characters as available.

2007.127 (May 7, 2007)

Happy Birthday, Frosty!

Here's something important that we almost missed in the rush of Wing Commander Arena news this morning: today is the birthday of our newest staff member, Asher "Frosty" Lawson. Frosty is one of my best friends and he has stuck by me through more crazy projects than anyone will ever know. Everyone here at the CIC wishes him nothing but the best. You'll all be seeing a lot more of Frosty in the immediate future -- he's already taken on some important site development projects.

BREAKING NEWS: Arena Concept Art!

Gaia Industries, the developers of Wing Commander Arena, held an event this weekend to promote their other Xbox Live Arcade title, Street Trace NYC. The Street Trace community came out in force and, in the process, managed to snag some very interesting data on Arena. First up are these two pictures from the Gaia offices, which show a board of Arena concept art. They were taken by Wondermonkey2k, who has more from the event at his flckr page.

BREAKING NEWS: Arena Coming Soon?

More followup from the Street Trace NYC Community Day: one of those involved with the XBLA community, DaKing240, posted a short article after talking to Gaia's reps. The news is good:After speaking with Gaia Industries, and EA, I have a feeling that we will be seeing Wing Commander Arena pretty soon. How soon?My guess is within 3-4 weeks.

BREAKING NEWS: Gaia Interview

Even more: GamerTag Radio has interviewed the team from Gaia about Street Trace... and also Wing Commander Arena! You can learn more and download the podcast in various formats here. The biggest news is a brief mention that doing more with Wing Commander in the future is a possibility!

2006.127 (May 7, 2006)

Secret Ops Paved The Way For Today's New Games

AD has written an article about the new wave of episodic games on the way. Several major companies are about to release products that take advantage of the internet to deliver new content in segmented chunks. These range from frequent 30-40 minute bursts to occasional packages that take 3-6 hours to complete. Even Electronic Arts is getting into it again with EA Downloader.

New Poll Highlights New SO Additions

Today's poll builds on the Secret Ops theme by asking which additions to the game were your favorite. Were you most excited by a returning ship such as the Excalibur, Thunderbolt or Vesuvius? Or did a fancy new ship like the Plunkett or Murphy make your day? You can help decide a winner by voting in the poll above.

2005.127 (May 7, 2005)

Wing Commander in a Jar

AKAImBatman has taken HCl's old ship viewer tool for Wing Commander 1, ported it to the newer Java platform and added a bunch of features:3D Ship Viewer allows you to view ships in true 3D space! Turn the ship using the arrow keys to see it from any angle!VR Cockpit Viewer allows you to explore the spaces of your cockpit with the arrow keysExport feature allows for graphics to be reused in fan projects (A remake perhaps?)File types are automatically detectedFull transparency supportExperimental full screen support You need to have the Java Runtime Environment installed for this to work.

Space Sim First Look: Evochron

I saw today's space sim over at JoystickRequired. This one goes by the name of Evochron and is made by the creators of Star Wraith. Like many of the most recent space sims, the game follows in the path of Elite and Privateer. Evochron is set entirely in first person with economic transactions and gameplay handled from the cockpit.

2004.128 (May 7, 2004)

Vega Strike Interview Featured In Australian Magazine

Vega Strike is an experienced project with a lot of history and lore behind it, and they're still going strong. Last year they won runner-up in the CIC's Fan Project of the Year contest as well as a major French software association award. Kinnear let us know that in the special 100th issue of PC PowerPlay, the magazine's Garage Games feature interviews Vega Strike's primary developer, Daniel Horn. Although the magazine initially compares the game to Elite, we know it has huge Wing Commander roots as well.

We Missed Some Neat Saga Shots

We've reported about a lot of new specific ships in WC Saga over the last month or two, and a couple really neat singular shots fell through the cracks. I really like these three. From left to right, it's a Ferret, Cruiser and Excalibur. I love each of the designs and the new lighting/perspective the Freespace engine gives them is neat.

2003.127 (May 7, 2003)

IGN Sets Up A Release Date

Following up the previous report that the Prophecy Advance cartridges were being manufactured, IGN has proposed a new launch date of May 18. What an extremely timely day. Mount St. Helens, after which the TCS St.

IGN Top 100 Celebrates WC

I'm not sure what exactly prompted IGN to go on a big "Top 100 Games of All Time" binge, but they've gone and done it again. A few years back everyone was doing it because of the 2000 changeover. Anyhow, these are always times for Wing Commander to shine. On Day Two of the feature, Wing Commander 2 barely beat out Warcraft 2 in the battle of the WC2's in #87th and #88th places respectively.

Warren Spector Interview at Gamespy

Following up yesterday's Lord British interview, GameSpy has also had a talk with Warren Spector. He's another big name in the gaming industry with good old ties to Wing Commander. More commonly known as the person that brought you Deus Ex and System Shock, he was also been producer of other games including Wing Commander 1/2 & Privateer Righteous Fire. There are actually two relevant articles involved.

WCPolaroid: Spyder (4/4)

Spyder is mesmerized by the random person in the cap. I wish he'd get his hand out of his pocket though..That's all for Spyder! He probably had more polaroids than he had scenes where he got to speak in the game.

2002.127 (May 7, 2002)

TC Excavates Ancient Trailer

TC has located a copy of the Wing Commander I Amiga trailer at AMI Center One. If you're feeling adventurous, you can use a tool like ADF Opus to explore the .adf archive.

Holding The Line: Chapter 128

Here is Raptor's introduction to the latest chapter in the Holding The Line series.Hey all, Raptor here.HTL continues with the third and final part of the "Further Down The Spiral" saga, as the TCS Valley Forge and her crew continue their battle to take out an enemy dreadnought. This part of the story is a whopper, and so has been split into four chapters.

2001.127 (May 7, 2001)

SWC Ship of the Day: Venture

If I had to Venture a guess, I'd say that this was a pretty fine corvette...

Trivia 3 Week 28

If this weeks trivia were a page in the Armada Playtesters Guide, it'd be the one that suggests that "your best friend against targeting missiles is your chaff pod."Welcome to Game Three, Week Twenty-Eight Trivia. We play each week. Every Monday two main questions and one bonus question are posted to alt.

Quick and Light

Eder checked in at the Chat Zone with word on his as-of-yet unnamed and un-engined Wing Commander mod... He's been working on Krant, Dralthi and Ferret models... and here's the Ferret! Expect a site soon...

In the Not-Too-Distant-Future

WildCat reports that yesterdays reports of an Invasion Beta delay are not as serious as indicated -- he claims that the perfected download should be made public in about a week.

Loyal Dralthi

RFBurns has found a very unusual easter egg in Privateer: Rightous Fire... it's a Kilrathi Dralthi class fighter being flown by a merchant! He's been able to re-create the situation... Read all about it (and see some screen-shots) here.

Deep Ship

DarkAlpha posted nine more screenshots from the Invasion mod for ST: Armada...


Niels Bauer forwarded us this press release -- it's about Smugglers, a Privateer-esque internet game...5th May, Freiburg - Germany: More than 700.000 people own the full version of the strategy-trading game Smugglers now. Working hard on Smugglers II the development team hopes to finish the sequel in August featuring fleet management, factory management, planet management and real economics.

2000.128 (May 7, 2000)

The Fun Never Stops at Earth-Net One

Earth-Net One's first birthday contest is turning into a massive give-away. As reported earlier, the lucky winner of the graphical art competition will receive no less than twelve novels (including the Wing Commander Movie novelization, junior novelization and Pilgrim Stars). As a bonus, another prize has just been added: a t-shirt signed by Peter Telep. For more information on the prizes and rules, visit the contest page.

A Linear Kind of Experience

Gamespot UK has put up their review of Starlancer, and to our surprise they actually credit Warthog. I guess this shows there really is a first time for everything. Like so many other articles, it opens with calling Starlancer an "heir to Wing Commander" (let's not get carried away here). And at the end there's this interesting bit:I suppose If you had to level one criticism at Starlancer, it would be that it's a pretty linear kind of experience, (although the storyline does branch in several places depending on your performance) but that's would be a pretty harsh judgement since linear progression has always been the nature of the space combat beast.

Total Crop Failure on Hermes

Agricultural expert Tony Knox reports. The inhabitants of Hermes are in truly dire straights, following a total collapse of the eco-system. As environmentalists seek to remedy the system, authorities have issued pleas for traders to import more supplies. Excellent prices are being offered as an incentive.

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