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    KS WC3 problem

    I hate mouse play. Get an optical mouse though.. they are 1000x better for games
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    Illegal operation running WC:SO

    celeron sucks.. that could be your problem
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    What is with the Nephilim?

    i thought it was just speradon.. nothing to do with ella.
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    Where To buy hawks knife?

    i know you can get that pilgrim cross on ebay.. its there all the time for $20 or so.
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    Illegal operation running WC:SO

    i think he's gone for a while
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    secret ops disscontinuation

    anyone else here been lucky as hell when it comes to WC? I managed to get a copy of KS when it was available in stores and I got SO off the net when it was free. And i also managed to find someone who was giving away their collection... MAN.. there are people on this board who would kill for my...
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    Not enough memory???

    I don't suppose that's the disk version of privateer? if so can you send me the 6th disk.. as i said in another post mi's corrupted.
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    corrupted disk

    don't have the manual. just the floppys and the box. i could scan the floppys and the box if you really wanted me to. I could even take a pic of me with the box and i might even show off the rest of my collection too.. hehe
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    corrupted disk

    and image isn't a picture.. its a backup. anyway i suspect you were joking
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    Video Problems In WCP

    what hardware are your running on cos i have the same problem i think it might be my S3 Savag4 video card
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    corrupted disk

    hey, I just got an original copy of privateer from a friend and the 6th disk is corrupted. Can anyone send me an image of their 6th floppy? thanks. ps. it's the original floppy disk released in 1993. 3 1/4 inch. thanks again
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    Star Trek: Armada

    a WC mod would turn it to a WC game wouldn't it?
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    Is The WC Saga going to Continue?!?

    anyone thought of converting starlancer into a WC sequel.. with some new ships and reappearances of old ones.. it would be cool cos it would have a next generation engine and mulitplayer support.. actually it would be a good idea for chris roberts to release an addon which converts it to the...
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    Prophecy music