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On this day in 2020

WC4 Fan Remake Launches Full-Featured Website
   It's not every day that fans open a new Wing Commander website, so we're very excited today to unveil the new site for the fan remake WC4 Remastered! Pedro and DefianceIndustries have been doing the...

On this day in 2019

'Lordy! It's a fully rendered craft...'
   Here's a preview of Wing Commander 3 that I don't think we've seen before. In the days before most people had internet access, articles like these were the main way that people got an early look at u...

On this day in 2018

GOG Helps Preserve Gaming's Legacy
   Noclip has published an interesting documentary on the history of CD Projekt and its origins that led to the creation of Good Old Games, which turns ten years old next week. The video is highlighted ...

On this day in 2017

Top Shelf Library Contains Wing Commander Music
   On Friday, we shared the Royal Marine Bands playing the Wing Commander movie overture‚Ķ and then we got to thinking: just how do you license music from Wing Commander, anyway? Investigation revealed ...

On this day in 2016

Tips For Running Super Wing Commander On A Mac
   Super Wing Commander pro mkdud has written up some info to help Wingnuts play this relatively illusive game. One option is to secure a 3DO, or fans can try to find the right old Macintosh computer. ...

On this day in 2015

Wing Commander 4 Intro Remixed With Live Orchestra Track
   Former Origin composer George Oldziey has posted another fantastic sample from his live recording of Wing Commander music in Bratislava last year. This time he's enhanced the introduction to Wing Com...

On this day in 2014

WCMovie Rapier at Paintball Field
   Here's a cool find by Klavs. One of the movie Rapier props is now part of the Bricket Wood paintball arena in Hertfordshire, just north of Greater London. It plays a central role in the Launch Pad gam...

On this day in 2013

Fabricated Fighters Fly By Night
   sndwv has posted some more glorious shots of Klavs' 3D printed models. These are the first photographs of the Sabre, Dralthi IV and Epee in the actual sandstone composite. The Kilrathi ship looks po...

On this day in 2012

Special Operations 2 - Harder Than Its Predecessors
   Another trip down memory lane with the British computer magazine PC Format. The November 1992 issue has three things of interest to Wingnuts. First, there's an article about Origin "selling out" to EA...

On this day in 2011

It is a Rapier, Wrapped in a Mission, Inside Enigma
   The WC2 Remake has a new name: Enigma 2666. The overall setting is similar, and the updated title is a bit more creative. New shots below show off all of the game's Confed fighters and a cockpit vie...

On this day in 2010

Prelude Part 11 Now Playing
   The long awaited Part 11 of Frontier - Prelude to Darkness has been released. It sets the stage for a huge space battle between the two warring factions in the next chapter. Due to the size of this ep...

On this day in 2009

EVE Online Novel Due Out This Fall
   WorthPlaying has a piece about the upcoming EVE Online novel, The Burning Life. Author Hjalti Danielsson has been involved with EVE Online since its 2003 release. EVE: The Burning Life will be publi...

Making the Game: Comm Files
   Today we make the jump from text files to spreadsheets! This lovely document shows which characters' comm sets are needed on each of the game's CDs (using a greyscale color-coding system that I haven'...

On this day in 2008

Need DAT Tape Experts!
   Team Technosaur is having trouble getting data off old DDS-1 and DDS-2 tapes. They've been successful in reading Exabyte tapes, but using the same method with the DAT tapes restores an empty (0 kB) fi...

Concordia Disaster Revisited
   Klavs has come up with resized versions of his Concordia render that will fit better on your Windows desktop. The wallpaper is available in normal 4:3 (2048x1536) and widescreen (2560x1600) resolution...

Making the Game - Part 79
   Today's Wing Commander Prophecy bible update has a lot of fictional ship background, including information on the unseen Confederation Mercury and Hercules-class capital ships. Here's a strange fact: ...

On this day in 2007

UPDATE: GamerScore Scores Screens
   GamerScore, the official blog of the Xbox marketing team, has updated their Flickr was a huge number of beautiful new Wing Commander Arena screenshots. Thumb through these - they're incredible! Check ...

BREAKING NEWS: Amazing EA Contest Announced
   Electronic Arts has come up with the mother of all contests to promote Wing Commander Arena. They're giving away a prize bundle that includes nearly every Wing Commander game and nearly every system t...

UPDATE: Official MS Arena Site Launched
   Microsoft has launched their official Wing Commander Arena website. It contains a summary of the game and a collection of screenshots showing off a variety of different modes... including seven images...

UPDATE: Arena Screenshots Released
   Events multiply - Electronic Arts has released a stunning new batch of Wing Commander Arena screenshots through their press site. Included are some amazing shots of fighters in their hangars and a gre...

UPDATED: Press Release Redux
   Not to be outdone, Microsoft has issued their own press release about Wing Commander Arena! They also confirm that a second game XBLA will be released on Wednesday - a port of Super Contra at the 400 ...

BREAKING NEWS: Arena Press Release
   Electronic Arts has confirmed the July 25th date for Wing Commander Arena with a formal press release. As you can see by our counter, the release is now less than 48 hours away! Here's the official wo...

Video Killed The Interactive Movie Star
   Speaking of cool YouTubes, here's one worth archiving - a 1994 interview with Mark Hamill, done by the French Club Doroth√©e. He talks briefly about working on Wing Commander III and his (lack of) inv...

Star*Soldier Gets Real
   Here's something cool: Electronic Arts was kind enough to give us fifty actual printed copies of Star*Soldier, the Wing Commander Arena manual to pass along to the community! As you can see in the pic...

On this day in 2006

New Striker Video Evens The Odds
   Major Striker has created another animation using his favorite Raptor model. This time a mean old Krant also makes an appearance, but this actually isn't the first time these two foes have met. The ...

Planes Of The Future On Display
   This past week Farnborough in Hampshire, UK has played host to an international air show displaying the finest creations of aviation. There was also a small section of the show dedicated to developmen...

On this day in 2005

Privateer Gemini Gold Released
   The full release version of Privateer Gemini Gold has been released! This project takes some of the basic core of the Privateer Remake and reshapes it to more resemble the original Privateer. You ca...

Cyberion Systems Presents: Crusader: No Hope
   ZFGokuSSJ1 and Cyberion have revealed a new fan game in the style of Origin's No Regret and No Remorse. No Hope is an adventure game set in the Crusader universe. There is a big emphasis on the stor...

On this day in 2004

Different French WC Movie Poster Discovered
   Here's something that you probably haven't seen before. Unless you live in France, that is. I don't know about you, but I prefer this French WC movie poster to the US one. The question is: If this is ...

Java IRC Back Online
   When we moved servers a few months ago we put our IRC server on a different machine than the rest of the site, which broke our Java client. Well now we've got around to fixing it! So if you want to dr...

On this day in 2003

Seven Thumbs Up
   Zephyrmaster informs us that GameFAQs has posted his review of Wing Commander Prophedy Advance. He calls it "definitely one of the best game for this system to date" and then goes through a bunch of t...

Dragon*Con Update
   Dragon*Con is just 36 days away! But don't go just to meet other wingnuts... Don't go just to meet actors... And certainly don't go just to beat the tar out of a copy of FreeSpace 2... The real reason...

On this day in 2002

Prophecy GBA Gets Page on
   TC discovered this page on All it says is that the game has been announced and that Destination Software Inc is the publisher. Hopefully they'll add more details and a release date soon.(...

Help This Man to a Ship
   Matt Kruer of the Wasteland Incident is looking for some help with his Secret Ops mod. They're currently gathering all the ships they need for their project. Drop them a line if you think you can help...

On this day in 2001

Trivia 3, Week 39
   So begins... Week 39 trivia! (The very same page of the Confederation Handbook advertises a Neural Massage... coincidence? I think not!) Welcome to Game Three, Week Thirty-Nine Trivia. We play ea...

A Very Special CIC Update
   That's right... it's time to catch up on all those missing P2 updates! Cover your heads......

From: Buddy Carlson, Dynamite Productions.
   Listen Ace, here's the pitch. I produce a show called "Space Jox", where we get hot shots like yourself to re-enact feats of great heroism and all that other cool stuff. The problem is that my regular...

From: Com-Link Communications Ltd.
   Due to a recent attack, one of our radar stations was badly damaged, causing some crates containing extremely expensive, delicate compoments for our latest satellites to drift out into space. These mu...

From: Sat-Nav Installations Ltd.
   We are in need of a brave and reliable pilot to help to protect one of our new satellite installations which is being constructed at Nat Point #176. The task is nearly complete, so we can't afford it ...

From: Head of Operations, ES:Ferix
   We have recently had an intolerable amount of attacks on our cargo ships, as they travel between the planet Leviatha (Nav Point #116), and our Equipment Station (Nav Point #116). It is essential that ...

From: CIS Headquarters, Special Ops. Div.
   There are an unsavory bunch of louts from the planet Hermes, known as the Good-Time-Gang, who are bringing in a load of drugs, pleasure borgs, and beer so that they can continue with their lives of dr...

From: CIS Headquarters, Special Ops. Div.
   This is an emergency! The Papogod pirates have managed to capture one of our capital ships, board it and kill the entire crew. It is only a matter of time before they are able to override the ship's c...

From: CIS Headquarters, Special Ops. Div.
   We have a Prison transporter ship which is on its way to Hades to drop off its 'load'. It has two escorts which have picked up an unusually high pirate presence in the area, and are worried about bein...

On this day in 1999

Crosses on the Way?
   If all goes as planned, Tuscany Trading Company should be getting their new bunch of Pilgrim Crosses today... let me know when you receive one!...

GameSpot's Lesser Evils
   A number of people have noticed that GameSpot has made a grievous error... they've created a top 10 greatest villains article and neglected Wing Commander's Prince Thrakhath nar Kiranka. Luckily, ther...

DVD in Sweden
   Zohrath of Starlancer/Freelancer HQ reports that Wing Commander DVD is on sale in Sweden and that it's in 9th place at American Laser, the largest DVD retailer in the country....

Ride Competition
   Well, games like Freespace and I-War provided the first serious competition for the Wing Commander series last year... and now I-War is going head to head with Wing Commander's movie-ride! Here's part...

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