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On this day in 2022

Vintage Review Tweaks WC2 Name
   Panther has dug up an interesting Wing Commander 2 review from the October 1991 issue of Advanced Computer Entertainment. A curious element is that they title this "Revenge of the Kilrathi." This is...

On this day in 2021

WC4 Remake Adds New Capship & Other Enhancements
   The WC4 Fan Remake team is back with a new report on the steady progress they have been making in recent months. DefianceIndustries has implemented a fantastic update to the Caernaven frigate - just ...

On this day in 2020

Livestreams Done Differently
   We've been sharing Plywood Fiend's unusual musings for some time, but in case you haven't watched his playthroughs of Wing Commander and Unknown Enemy for yourself, he's boxed up the highlights into o...

On this day in 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!
   It's Thanksgiving in the US today, so we here at the CIC hope you all have a great day and find some great deals online. Although there's really very little relation to the historical pilgrims and Pi...

On this day in 2018

Immersive Italian Retrospettiva with a Twist
   Dardael has made a fun new Wing Commander overview video. For starters, it's all in Italian, and we love to see fans spread the word in different languages to reach as many people as possible. On to...

On this day in 2017

Avoid The Node
   Dark Sentinel still has some of the fearsome capships like the Hydra under construction in his shipyards, but he's let loose a smaller pair of ships this week. This time we get to see the Ray node an...

On this day in 2016

That's A Heck Of A Scratching Post...
   After all the Confed Forces got a bunch of big bases, the Kilrathi were left needing a place to stay. The new stations outlined here are a great start! Melek's starbase from WC4 makes an appearance ...

On this day in 2015

German WC Saga Released!
   The long awaited German language version of Wing Commander Saga has been released. A special launch trailer was also provided in the run up to their counter hitting zero. On top of the audio convers...

On this day in 2014

Saga Pilot Manager Is Now Multilingual
   Luke has released a new version of his pilot/profile management tool for Wing Commander Saga and WC Saga Plus. Besides the usual tweaks and fixes, this release adds support for language selection. For...

On this day in 2013

Happy Thanksgiving
   The CIC would like to wish our American visitors a Happy Thanksgiving and a good day to Wingnuts around the world! The CIC staff is mostly laying low Thursday, but we would like to take this opportun...

On this day in 2012

Klavs Cooking Up Kilrathi Heavy Hitters
   Klavs has a few more physical ship models on the way, and these present some fearsome opposition to his mostly Confed lineup. The Gratha and Jalthi are now in the design phase, and they look pretty i...

On this day in 2011

Return of the Wing Commander Computer
   After successfully bringing an old Macintosh back to life to play Wing Commander games, LOAF has done the same with a classic PC. It's not as simple as firing up an old clunker though - the resulting...

On this day in 2010

Saga Cruisin' Along
   The WC Saga mod is still refining capships, and they've posted pictures of their "final" Tallahassee cruiser model. The forward gun and missile launchers are now well defined and the entire ship has ...

Wing Commander IV Storyboards - Scene 178
   Scene 178, Eisen leaves the Intrepid. These may be incredibly rough sketches but I will say this: Melek never looked better (which is to say that this sketch would have been a better Melek in the game...

On this day in 2009

Fourth Batch of Kilrathi Concept Sketches
   Here are some more of those concept sketches that Cybot078 has been working on. The Kilrathi ship designs from Wing Commander 3 were the inspiration for these, although some appear to have both WC2 an...

Get Your Deals Here
   Hopefully you were able to take advantage of some great deals on Black Friday. If not, or if your local store didn't have a big sale, here's some of the best deals on actively stocked Wing Commander ...

On this day in 2008

Flight Commander 1.6 Released
   eddieb announces the release of Flight Commander 1.6. Feature requests and bug reports can be filed here. You can discuss this release on the Flight Commander Forums. New features for players: ...

Making the Games: Shadow Force Design Document - Chapter 4
   This is the final of three 'chapters' of separate Shadow Force Design documents. This one describes improvements the team wants to make to the Secret Ops concept - in particular, to the 'mission movie...

On this day in 2007

Intercept This New WC Saga Fan Mission
   Kevin Caccamo has created a new custom mission for the WC Saga Prologue. Just unzip this file (1.5 meg zip) into your Prologue directory and select "Convoy Intercept" from the game's campaign select ...

Point of Origin: Vol. III, No. 31
   Happy New Year - and welcome to Vol. III of Point of Origin. This year starts similar to the last... with Strike Commander, two Ultima titles and Privateer in development. 1993 is the year that these ...

On this day in 2006

WC4 Homeworld 2 Mod Preview Released
   Aaron Thomas has released a package to give anxious fans an early look at the WC4 Homeworld 2 mod. This test demo is mainly intended to let people play around and marvel at all the amazing things tha...

Flight Commander In A Flight Suit
   Everyone's favorite Flight Commander programmer, Eddie Benowitz, sent along these nifty pictures from his Halloween party last month. Guess who had the coolest costume? When he's not working on Wing...

On this day in 2005

Vampire Complements Hornets In Tim Peel's Gallery
   I was cruising around for a new wallpaper last night and came across a Tim Peel creation that never made it to the front page. This image features Cameron Wu's Vampire speeding away from an Earth-lik...

New Wallpapers Sectioned
   We've had some great artwork in the news since we last updated the Wallpapers section. Here's what you may have missed in the last ten months or so. Atekimogus, Kilrah Moreira, Cyberion, Maj. Striker,...

On this day in 2004

Annie Get Your Gun Chart
   One of our more popular articles has been updated -- the Wing Commander Gun Chart. The gun chart collects all known specifications for the energy weapons throughout the series in a single spreadsheet ...

Comic' Get It
   As we reported last Tuesday, Kenshi is searching for a story writer for a Wing Commander fan comic book series. In order to drum up more support, he's done a 'colorized' version of his original previe...

On this day in 2003

Freelancer Soundtrack Released
   An anonymous tipster noticed that Amazon has a little picture for the new Freelancer soundtrack that has been released. They don't have the actual item in stock, but the previously mentioned Best Buy...

Happy Day After Thanksgiving
   Today in the US and many places around the world, the Christmas shopping season begins with a bang. I and many wingnuts will be venturing out today to brave both sides of the retail counter. Several...

On this day in 2002

Happy Thanksgiving!
   Happy Thanksgiving to all the Americans out there today! Hopefully you get a day off and can do something nice. If not, stop by #Wingnut. There'll at least be a few grumpy Canadians to cheer you up...

Holding The Line Chapter 145
   Raptor doesn't celebrate turkey day so he sent along the latest HTL chapter. I'll let him tell you about it: Hey all, Raptor here. HTL continues with the third and final chapter to Scraps Of Hon...

WCPolaroids: Casey (13/24)
   Doesn't anybody ever do up their flightsuits? ...

On this day in 2000

Capships Have Always Been Highly Contested
   Lancers Reactor has posted the full rules for their capital ship contest -- you can read them here. In the meantime, check out these previews of Wing Commander ships in the works! ...

A Second Chance?
   Wing Commander actor Mark Hamill was interviewed by eUniverseLive... the really interesting thing is that the interviewer claims that FOX has just announced a second Wing Commander movie! Too good to ...

Further DVDetails
   Mark Day, who worked on both Wing Commander IV and the Wing Commander IV DVD posted a reply to the oddities Hades noted about the WCIV DVD at agwc...Wow... you must have been bored :). Actually the s...

FreeLancer's Just Another Word...
   A 13.3 meg FreeLancer trailer has been released! It's available here at Gamespot -- who also compare it to the Wing Commander saga....

Jumping the (Big) Gun
   The Final Conflict site has posted a new rendered movie -- a Hades jumping. You can grab the sequence here (1 meg). ...

UE Progress
   The Unknown Enemy site has been updated with news about the project -- they've completed a splash screen, have finished mission one and are working on mission two. An offline version of their fiction ...

Fleet Action News
   Voidsurfer was nice enough to forward this update on the Fleet Action Homeworld mod to us!We're still alive and kicking *twitch*The call for new team members is *temporarily* closed - it might open ag...

More That Never Were
   An anonymous source was kind enough to send us a list of more past games cancelled by Origin... check out this incredibly interesting list.Crusader 2Crusader OnlineLords of UltimaStar Wars OnlinePriva...

Mech Warrior Redux
   Chris points out this review of Mech Warrior 4 at FiringSquad. Once again the game is compared to the well-known Wing Commander series....

On this day in 1999

It's That Time of Year Again
   You may have noticed that our Christmas Lights went up yesterday. Stay tuned for more holiday related stuff in the coming days and weeks....

DALnet K-Lines AOL
   Five percent of our visitors may have noticed that they cannot access any of the Wing Commander channels on DALnet, where virtually all Wing Commander based irc channels are located. The easiest solu...

New Home for Fleet Commander
   TrashCan let us know Fleet Commander has a new homepage on a new server. You can check it out here....

Star Arrested in Food Fight Frenzy
   Zeus Padanga reports from Hades. Zak Skintight, lead singer of hit pongo band The Buttock Men, was in prison on Hades last night, facing charges of affray, disorderly conduct and mass murder. Apparent...

On this day in 1998

Guide to the Universe
   Ever wonder why Amazon doesn't sell the upcoming Wing Commander Confederation Handbook? So do I... I was checking out the UK version of Amazon when I found that they do! And they have one sweet high r...

   Hadrian, who never rests until everything is perfect, has been doing even more work on the intro for the upcoming CCG project. Get your MPEG player ready, download the updated intro, and enjoy....

Tech Up
   Intel has released v3.1 of their reference drivers for the i740. "The primary focus of these drivers were to fix the various freezing problems some I740 owners were plagued with. Third party Chipset s...

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