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    Fan Projects of the Year
  • Ascii Sector continues to receive constant incremental upgrades, bug fixes and new features. The game got new systems, achievements, player ship interiors and ship-to-ship boarding in 2009. Fans are eagerly awaiting the new casino ship in 2010.
  • Collateral Damage has rounded out its assortment of ships. This mod to Secret Ops gets its inspiration from both Prophecy's Nephilim and Arena's rugged designs. JasonRocZ is currently seeking fan input to refine the mod and give the game good direction.
  • The Community Replay concluded its run this year. In addition to motivating people to play the entire series, DaveO's replay produced a very thorough picture and video archive.
  • Flight Commander's mission editor was improved and the game's AI got better formation flying down. Exciting new features are in the works for next year.
  • Gemini Gold's latest version is full of new features. Righteous Fire's campaign got voiceovers, the base graphics were upgraded to high resolution, certain spaceflight textures are sharper and many bugs were fixed.
  • Howard Day's Models continue to impress. The Broadsword and Scimitar were some of the most fantastic ships made this year, and his dashing paint schemes were based on community requests.
  • Invasion released two stable and playable betas this year. New ships are still being added to its existing armada as the next release nears.
  • Standoff released its final chapter after more than eight years in production! Not content to just finish the story, older chapters were tweaked and the entire game got a graphical boost. The game's simulator scoreboards were also expanded with achievements and new online missions.
  • WC Saga got a handful of scary Kilrathi ships with improved graphics and a bunch of beautiful backgrounds. The mod is working to wrap its voice acting as it goes into the new year.
    Web Sites of the Year
  • Invasion's site regularly receives status updates and new screenshot postings. Its moddb cross-pollination also helps bring new fans into the fold.
  • Paper Commander started 2009 with updates and instructions on how to build the Venture corvette and closed out the year with a triple release of the Epee, Talon and Dorkathi.
  • Standoff got an all-new website built from the ground up to coincide with the release of Episode 5. The new design is fast, slick and provides tons of information on the ships, characters and tie-in material for the game.
  • WC Saga's site keeps its fans informed with frequent news posts, updated screenshots and downloads. The project also got a twitter feed this year.
  • Wedge's Wing Commander site stands as a great resource for Wingnuts looking for information on the various games. Its straightforward organization pulls together relevant resources in neat sections.
  • Wing Center is a major hub for German Wing Commander fans. Their news collection and reporting efforts help spread the fandom to a major segment of Europe. The site has been regularly updated throughout the year on a wide variety of topics.

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