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This is the Star*Soldier gloss for the sixth pilots page:

CONCEPT: See the previous post!


  • "Robert 'Twilight' Irving" - Wing Commander Prophecy redshirt.
  • "Ryan 'Zombie' Coolidge" - Wing Commander Prophecy redshirt.
  • "Flash" - Originally Jace Dillon from Wing Commander III.
  • "Merrell" - Friend from high school.
  • "Caleb 'Wyvern' Frost" - Wing Commander Prophecy redshirt.
  • "Tara 'Swan' Tomiko" - Wing Commander Prophecy redshirt.
  • "Calder" - TCS Victory pilot from the Wing Commander III novelization.
  • "Levine" - Old girlfriend.
  • "H'rissth" - System visited in Wing Commander Prophecy.
  • "K'n'Khur" - Kilrah Sector, Kur'u-Pak Quadrant
  • "Sihkag" - Noble clan introduced in Fleet Action.
  • "Fabian" - Original Daoud People, from the Confederation Handbook KIA list.
  • "McClellan" - Civil War general.
  • "Dana 'Sunflower' Blankenship" - Wing Commander Prophecy redshirt.
  • "Billy 'Snake' Cane" - Wing Commander Prophecy redshirt.
  • "Poghath" - Clan introduced in the Wing Commander III novelization (Tarros nar Poghath).
  • "Sparrow" - Originally a backgr
  • "Fish" - Originally Bing Gordon, Wing Commander Prophecy pilot mentioned on Dallas' funeral plaque.
  • "Keen" - Commander Keen!
  • "Bhuk 'Bloodmist' nar Hhallas" - Paktahn ace from Wing Commander III.
  • "Kilroy" - Originall Hermione Alexander from the Confederation Handbook KIA list.
  • "Darren 'Mutant' Conrad" - Wing Commander Prophecy redshirt.
  • "Damon 'Nomad' Lane" - Wing Commander Prophecy redshirt.
  • "Blood Rain" - Dralthi IV squadron from the WC:CCG.
  • "K'ssak" - Kilrah Sector, Kur'u-Pak Quadrant
  • "Porq" - The other white meat.
  • "Catastrophe" - I'm pretty sure I used this joke already...
  • "Evian" - System from Wing Commander Armada's 'gauntlet' mode story.
  • "Caracal" - Terran wild cat.
  • "Vuwarg" - System mentioned in End Run.
  • "David 'Royal' Edinburgh" - Wing Commander Prophecy redshirt.
  • "Righteous Vengeance" - Pakhtan squadron from the WC:CCG.
  • "Trak'mar" - The "inhabited moon of Trak'mar" was mentioned in Voices of War.
  • "Jotunheim" - System from Secret Missions 2.
  • "Litespeed" - Wingman from Wing Commander Armada.
  • "Johnston" - Civil War general.
  • "Proailurus" - Terran wild cat.
  • "Gorath" - System mentioned in the Wing Commander Academy manual.
  • "Sabak Liegemen" - Darket squadron from the WC:CCG.
  • "Trk'Pahn" - Kilrathi star system from the original Privateer.
  • "Lion" - Terran wild cat.
  • "K'za-Ha'duhm" - Kilrah Sector, Kur'u Caxki Quadrant
  • "Kiranka" - Noble clan introduced in Fleet Action.
  • "Lusterfur" - Vaktoth squadron from the WC:CCG.
  • "Kher-za" - Kilrah Sector, Kur'u Caxki Quadrant
  • "Tas Mahran" - Epsilon Sector, Sa'Kahn Quadrant
  • "Rosty" - Originally a nickname for Dmitri Rostov , the TCS Victory's bartender from the Wing Commander III novelization.
  • "Knight" - Originally Joseph Khumalo from Wing Commander I.
  • "Charles 'Bishop' Karpiak" - Wing Commander Prophecy redshirt.
  • "Jay 'Lawyer' Fitzgerald" - Wing Commander Prophecy redshirt.
  • "Josh 'Jumpstart' Barnett" - Wing Commander Prophecy redshirt.
  • "Machairodus" - Terran wild cat.
  • "Kulrag" - Clan from Wing Commander Academy (Drak nar Kulrag)
  • "K'Mh'han" - Trk'Pahn Sector, H'hriss Quadrant
  • "Knave" - Originally Tom Vale from the Wing Commander IV novelization.
  • Whew, I hope I never have to do that again. Now I remember how the added pilots worked - we created these extra 'Up & Coming' bios because it was too much of a pain to resort the original list to add more to the start of the article. Thus, all of these characters also appear on the 'big' list above.
  • "Bhuk 'Bloodmist' nar Hhallas" - This is an interesting bio. It confirms (or at least suggests) that Blair lost the defend-Blackmane mission from Wing Commander III (which is where Bloodmist first appears in that game). There's also a CCG card of Bloodmist... and in the Kilrathi Saga manual his clan is changed to 'Som'mers'. I chose to ignore that here, since it's kind of weird. Someone must have remembered Ralgha's hrai being dead from Freedom Flight and decided that meant the entire Hhallas clan... but we see plenty of other Hhallas characters in the meantime. His picture is the Wing Commander I Kilrathi VDU (note the change in colors compared to the two below it).
  • "Blackmane Station" - The space station that you either defend or evacuate in Wing Commander III (canonically, it was being evacuated in the novel -- which just makes placing what missions happened when in terms of its destruction all the more interesting).
  • "Canth 'Apeshredder' nar Kur'u'utak" - Apeshredder is my absolute favorite piece of WC:CCG artwork. He's just a big potato-shaped mound of striped cat. He's great. His picture is Hobbes' Wing Commander II VDU - I imagine he shredded some ape and took the helmet.
  • "Najji 'Fireclaw' Ragitagha" - Fireclaw was the Darket ace from Wing Commander III, spoken of at several times in this commentary. Note the 'cheat'explanation - the story makes no sense. The image is a Wing Commander II pilot VDU (which is actually the same art as a WC1 pilot, in a slightly different palette).
  • "War-hall... trophies" - A reference to a classic taunt from Privateer ("I shall mount your bones in my hall!"); additionally, 'trophies' were something that was originally going to be included in Arena (there would be a bar with your various in-game achievements mounted in it - the bar set is still in the game).
  • "Kevin 'Lone WOlf' Tolwyn" - As most already know, Kevin is a main character from several Wing Commander novels, starting with End Run. His bio reflects that - we left him in 2673 as a Free Republic of the Landreich officer. Picture is a background character from Wing Commander II, with no editing - we were just lucky that there was one with Tolwyn's pencil moustache and Kevin's (sort of) red hair. Technically, this isn't the first time we've seen him... since the Wing Commander III novelization retcons that one of the people who arrives on the Victory with Tolwyn later in that game is his nephew.
  • "Etienne 'Doomsday' Montclair - Doomsday was introduced way back in Secret Missions 2 (that's his actual picture from Wing Commander II). The bio refers to his main character point (which he lost in False Colors - no one noticed that) and touches on a bit of a problem. Because of his already-awkward Super Wing Commander/SegaCD bio, Doomsday would be 81 in 2701. I basically had to choose between having some familiar second-tier faces who were really really old for some reason or making up entirely new characters, and I went with the former. I'll point out how I try to explain this later.
  • "Bombadier" - I love anything that ties Broadswords/Longbows/etc. to their World War II analogues.
  • "Marcus 'Fish' Keen" - Marcus here isn't referring to anything at all. I needed someone who was completely new, in the end. His picture is another unused Wing Commander II background head.
  • "Barracuda Corvettes" - The cool fish (FISH!) shaped alien warships from Wing Commander Prophecy.
  • "Tyra Hunter..." - This bio is all elements taken from the first Privateer 3 design document - her military history, her specific medals, her Marine unit and the two planets. I will note that the Medal of Valor originally appeared in Wing Commander I, the Distinguished Service Cross came from Action Stations and the idea that there are Marine squadrons was originally from a WC:CCG promotional shirt. I also like that there's a planet called Felicity, even if I didn't name it myself.

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