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“Everything” means I keep flying

Launch Deck, BWS Intrepid.

Paladin: So here you are, an instructor. Not a general, or a senator. And you could have had everything.
Maverick: “Everything” means I keep flying. So if you ask me, I’ve got everything.
Paladin: I envy you, laddie. At times I wish I’d made the same choice myself. So, how’s that farm?
Maverick: <laughs> I’m not a farmer.
Maniac: I’m talking about rolling a bomber, not a fighter.
Newbie: You’re kidding!
Maverick: You know, of all people…
Maniac: I’m not enrolled in training!
Maverick: …Maniac taught me one thing.
Maniac: Wha– hey, pal. Uh, Senator. I– What? What?
Maverick: Well you said, “either you’re an earthworm or an eagle”.
Maniac: I said that?
Panther: Hey, Colonel! We’ve got a fresh batch of newbies to shake down.
Maverick: They can wait a bit. I think I’ll log some flyin’ time.
Maniac: Er, Senator, about…
Paladin: Maniac… shut up.


  • Source: WC4 DVD
  • Run-length: 01:38


Good night, Admiral

Admiral Blair’s Office, Confederation Headquarters.

Hawk: The rebellion on Logo VI seems to be picking up steam.
Maverick: Well. Send a carrier in. Have the Black Lance fighters run blanket recon. That should keep them in line.
Hawk: I’ll issue the orders. Good night, Admiral.
Maverick: <sigh>


  • Source: WC4 DVD
  • Run-length: 00:51


Your performance is not what I counted on

Tolwyn: Your performance is not what I counted on, Colonel.
Blair: Yes, sir.
Tolwyn: Perhaps the time away from the cockpit has taken its toll. Perhaps there are other reasons, I wouldn't know.
Blair: None that I'm aware of, sir.
Tolwyn: Well you understand that I have no choice here. A fighter craft is a very valuable piece of equipment. It has to be under the command of someone who can fit in to it like a glove. The glove hasn't been fitting has it, Colonel?
Blair: Perhaps some more time in the flight sim, sir?
Tolwyn: Little too late for that. I'm afraid I have to take far more drastic steps. I'm stripping you of your commission. Your days in the space force are over. You're no paper pusher so I won't insult you by offering you a desk job. It wouldn't do for the great hero of the Kilrathi war to have sunk to such depths. I think it best to make a clean break, sever all ties. Thank you, Colonel.


  • Source: WC4 DVD
  • Run-length: 01:42


How Confed deals with traitors

Paulsen: Well Colonel, you're about to find out how Confed deals with traitors. We didn't have many in the war with the Kilrathi. Take him away.


  • Source: WC4 DVD
  • Run-length: 00:28


Convincted of treason against the Confederation

Prison Cell

Miles: The famous hero of the Kilrathi War, also known as “The Heart of the Tiger”, was convicted of treason against the Confederation. No appeal will be allowed.


  • Source: WC4 DVD
  • Run-length: 00:26


This assembly votes for war

Tolwyn: A formal declaration of war is a terrible thing. As a soldier I have seen the horrors of battle first-hand. I wish I did not have to urge this endeavour but the Border Worlds continue their campaign of death and deception. The fact that even the great hero of the Kilrathi war has succumbed to the blandishments of these lawless marauderers is yet one more sign of the cancer that eats away at us from within. You can slice out that cancer by voting 'yes' on this declaration.
Assembly: <applause>
Paladin: The council will now vote. The 'aye's have it. This assembly votes for war with the Border Worlds.


  • Source: WC4 DVD
  • Run-length: 01:16


Ready. Aim. Fire!


Soldier: Blindfold?
Maverick: No.
Soldier: Ready. Aim. Fire!


  • Source: WC4 DVD
  • Run-length: 00:56


Launch the attack

Bridge, TCS Vesuvius.

Tolwyn: Launch the attack.


  • Source: WC4 DVD
  • Run-length: 00:40




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