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    The WC3 'Heart Of The Tiger' Movie Project

    Both version are available here for download.
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    The WC3 'Heart Of The Tiger' Movie Project

    Great! Will there also be a DVD ISO image like with version 2?
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    The WC3 'Heart Of The Tiger' Movie Project

    Great! Thanks! I will try to download it. Any chance that someone with good photoshop skills can create a nice cover for standard DVD keep cases?
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    Prophecy Intro Speech

    There was a similar request last year on a German Wing Commander forum. I still have the extraction of the audio I provided then still on my hard drive. I have uploaded it now to my webspace again. Grab it from here.
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    The WC3 'Heart Of The Tiger' Movie Project

    I agree. I hope the final version will also be available in a format, which makes it easy to make a regular DVD from. Or better: A DVD image file.
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    The WC3 'Heart Of The Tiger' Movie Project

    I still have the source video of the WC3 lying around on my other PC. It took me too long to create it for just deleting it. It was pain to extract it. First you have to extract the movie files from the CDs. These files all contain single scenes but with all choices included as one continuing...
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    Missing scene, not (yet) available on site

    I still had it on my harddrive. You can grab it from here.
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    English Subs Added To German WC Dubs (May 25, 2006)

    Hey, I made it to the news section :) A little tidbit, for those who are interested: The voice of Blair in the WC3 cutscene is the original german voice of the game (and not dubbed by the PCPlayer team). The remastering of the video of WC3 and especially of WC Prophecy were not that easy...
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    The "the price of freedom" Movie Project

    Some time ago, I edited the WC4 DVD footage together for easy viewing on my television (no transitional cuts or in-game footage). On that DVD I included as an easteregg a remastered version of a funny take on WC4 (which was originally on a CD of a German PC game magazine with bad video quality)...
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    Sosa's Sad Story Makes A Stellar Video (March 19, 2006)

    Nice work, AD!! And after listening to your commentary I got really curious what choices you made for your movie project. Can't wait for the final result of that project.
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    The WC3 'Heart Of The Tiger' Movie Project

    I have just watched your sample. I really liked it! I think you have integrated the flight sequences very well.
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    What will be my Fan Project... YOU DECIDE!

    Is there, by any chance, something you have already done that you can show us?
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    Where Have all the Adventure Games gone?

    I remember the days, in which my friends and I compared notes in school on how to get ahead in Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. My favourite adventure was and still is Day of the Tentacle. There is a fanproject in development, I really look forward to ( AFAIK there...
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    WC4 DVD offers on eBay Germany - who is this?

    Over at I cautioned somebody who wanted to bid on this item, because I thought, it wasn't quite kosher. At that time I only knew of one auction and it could have been that he really was selling a legal copy of WC4 (and making advertisement of an illegal project at the same time)...
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    How Crazy Are You? (May 15, 2005)

    I purchased WC1+2 CD, WC3, WC4, WCP, Privateer 2, WC4 DVD Version and two WC3 Hint books (that was before the internet made those unnecessary).