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    Hand held weapons

    Bullets like that already exist and can be bought at any gun store, I can't remember their name. The slug is basically a tightly packed powder that can remain solid when hitting a soft target but breaks up when it hits a hard target, like a wall. A laser seems like it would be way more...
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    Action Stations. . .

    Early fighter shields were probably only meant to prevent cheap kills from flak or fragments or stray shots.
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    Status of WC

    Or when he uses a bed as a litter box.
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    Privateer beatable with Galaxy?

    Turrets don't fire on their own, the only thing that keeps them from being useless is that they can carry a tractor beam.
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    Whats your other big passion?

    Target shooting, Romance of the Three Kingdoms 7 on PS2, talking crap about my bosses and sucky customers.
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    Fav Traitor Group/Faction

    The Belisarius Group. They seem so much more sneaky than the Black Lance, and they were corporates, and we all know corporates are eeeeeeevil!
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    Advantages of the K ha haf?

    I think that had more to do with the system requirements for the game. They were probably shooting for a Freespace style escort mission in an asteroid field plus getting ambushed by fighters disguised as rocks. A good idea, but not possible at the time. At least that's my opinion why the rock...
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    Repleetah - Some questions...

    I think the term bio-weapon was used because it acted more like a plague than anything else. Besides if Blair and Paladin called it the Gen-Select nanobot it just wouldn't sound as good.
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    What did you prefer?

    They usually blew up or ran before they lost their guns. I always seem to get my target track taken out in missions where I need torpedoes, anyone one else as lucky as me?
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    Gwen 'Archer' Bowman

    Indecisiveness and hesitation like Archer's are reasons battles are lost. Stick her in a MedEvac so she can save lives instead of killing.
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    Best and Worst WC acting?

    Best: Jason Bernard as Eisen, he was great, can't put any other way. Peter Jason as Wilford, I love it when he yells at Casey. Worst: Robert Rusler as Seether, all his lines are painful.
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    Take Kilrathi a shower?

    Maybe they bathe with dust or talcum powder like a Chinchilla. Kilrah didn't seem to have much water and I think it's safe to say they've evolved past licking.
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    What do you think of Mark Hamill's acting?

    He was also in Body Bags, a Creepshow style movie directed by John Carpenter. He plays a baseball player who loses his eye in a car accident and has it replaced with an eye from an executed murderer. How 'bout those drive-in totals. Psycho Hamill flashbacks, car ignition to the eye, scissors to...
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    Do you think it was correct that Confed destroyed Kilrah?

    There were two assassination attempts against the Emperor, one by Jukaga in Fleet Action, and another one while Thrakhath was returning from the BoT in Heart of the Tiger, possibly done by Jukaga's clan or by Ragark's faction, maybe someone else.
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    Confed weaponry after the truce

    I always thought the main heavy cannon for Confed was the Particle Cannon, the battleships in Action Stations carried them. The Anti-Matter gun sounds more like a medium sized cannon rather than a heavy as it was used on destroyers and cruisers. Of course it could also bypass shields, but that...