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    Saddam Hussein caught!

    Don't give Bush credit for this, he didn't capture Saddam. Though this is definitely going to be a huge boost for him come election time, no doubt. Ah, well. Fantastic news. Now if we could just find Osama bin Laden, all the evil stuff will finally go away and the entire world will be able...
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    When did Blair meet Marshall?

    Yeah, Kien Chen. So Bossman had a brother on the same ship with the same callsign, eh? Interesting...
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    Thrakkath's Luck

    I heard that chick who played Rachel has been in a lot of other productions. :p Mark Hamill as Maniac instead of Blair? Hm...yeah, it probably could have worked, though I really can't see anyone else but Tom Wilson in that role now. Who do you think would have made a good Blair had Hamill...
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    The Word Game

    Ancient Greece
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    The Word Game

    Captain Caveman
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    The most loathed startfighter ever.

    That's what I did, too. And I quite liked the Tigershark...why do so many people hate it? Because it's not an uberfighter?
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    Thrakkath's Luck

    Aaaahhh, I see. Okay, I forgot about the catalyst part. Thanks, Haesslich!
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    Thrakkath's Luck

    I thought that was just a targeting device to help the Midway aim and fire the weapon, not a bomb to help take out more of the fleet.
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    What if theories!

    What if Mr. Blair never met Mrs. Blair?!! :eek:
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    Bogue Class

    What's a Bogue?
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    The Word Game

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    I know that this idea has been put up 10 billion times before....

    Hey, it works for me. :) Oh, you said being a huge cock. Nevermind...
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    The Word Game

    Wiggum (correct spelling of said Simpsons police chief's name ;) )
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    Custom Kilrathi Ships

    Oh dear.
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    The Word Game