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You can find additional information on Wing Commander games, books and other merchandise in our expanded Background Section.

Wing Commander (1990)
You're a starfighter pilot, the best of the best, but nothing in your training prepared you for action this hot. Deepspace dogfights against Kilrathi aces are deadly, and the future of humanity is on the line each time you fly!

Wing Commander puts you in the middle of the most intense starship action you've ever experienced outside of a movie theater. But in Wing Commander, you're the star!
Where to Buy
The Secret Missions (1991)
Wing Commander: The Secret Missions is another thrilling chapter in the continuing saga of the TCS Tiger's Claw. A human colony has been obliterated by the Kilrathi. Now they challenge the defenders of humanity to a deadly game of hide and go seek. You must cross into enemy space in pursuit of the Kilrathi strike fleet, only to face their latest secret weapon… a weapon capable of destroying an entire world.
Where to Buy
The Secret Missions 2: Crusade (1991)
The Secret Missions 2: Crusade, another exciting chapter in the saga of the Tiger's Claw! In this campaign, a huge Kilrathi fleet maneuvers toward a planet of peaceful, primitive natives. After a Kilrathi renegade defects with the crew of a small destroyer, you'll fly one of their fighterships in undercover missions.

In these new secret missions, you must discover the truth behind the Kilrathi "holy war" before the Warriors of Kilrah can destroy you and the Tiger's Claw!
Where to Buy

Wing Commander II: Vengeance of the Kilrathi (1991)
Ten years ago, you were the Hero of Vega Sector, idol of millions - the starfighter pilot who single-handedly turned the tide of a major Kilrathi invasion.

Then something went wrong.

You were disgraced, court-martialed and transferred to a backwater outpost. For years, your lightning-quick reflexes and instinctive dogfighting tactics went to waste while the Kilrathi killed your closest friends on the front lines.

But Mankind still needs a hero, now more than ever before. And you're still the best pilot in the Galaxy. You've got just one chance to prove yourself, just one chance to keep the Terran homeworlds from falling to the massed armada of the Empire of Kilrah.

Thank you can handle it, flyboy?
Where to Buy

Special Operations 1 (1991)
If you thought you could snatch a few Zs after that victory at K'tithrak Mang, you'd better look for another line of work!

The cats are restless and rebellion is brewing throughout Kilrathi slave worlds. As a show of force, the Emperor plans a brutal assault on the rebel populations. Millions of lives are in jeopardy until you and the Special Operations team can blunt the attack.
Where to Buy

Freedom Flight (1992)
Ralgha nar Hhallas, captain of a war cruiser, noble lord of the Kilrathi Empire - and a rebel....

Captain K'Kai of Firekka, first of her winged species to leave her planet for the stars....

Captain Ian St. John, call sign, "Hunter," hotshot human pilot - he thinks he's just in it for the thrill of the chase....

Rikik, K'Kai's niece, hereditary leader of her clan - all she wants to do is follow in her notorious relative's foosteps and fly the stars....

They were as disreputable a gang of misfits as ever flew between the stars. But together they would free a world....
Where to Buy

Special Operations 2 (1992)
The Confederation's electronic grapevine is running amok with rumors that vital intelligence has been withheld from the High Command. Luckily, Special Operations has its own sources of information, and they say the waiting game just won't cut it any longer. Someone has to lead the way, and you're getting the call!
Where to Buy

Academy (1993)
As a student at the TCSN Academy, you custom-design and fly unique combat, rescue, and search and retrieval missions from the CyberSchool's holographic simulator. In the Wing Commander tradition, the game features a dynamic musical score, improved bit-mapped graphics, and a dazzling array of customizing options. But Wing Commander Academy is not another cinematic extravaganza -- it's an intense dogfight marathon.
Where to Buy

Privateer (1993)
Privateer takes you to the seamy side of the Wing Commander universe. In the far reaches of space, you live by no man's rules but your own. The hinges are populated by a volatile mix of pirates, miners, mercs and Kilrathi, all struggling to make a quick buck. With advanced technology pioneered by Wing Commander and Strike Commander, Privateer gives you the excitement of head-to-head space combat and the challenge of survival in cutthroat trading circles on the frontiers of civilization.
Where to Buy

Rightous Fire (1993)
So you think you're a hotshot pilot. A clever entrepreneur. A notorious pirate. You've destroyed the Steltek Drone, secured the alien artifact, and outfought and outsmarted everyone in your way. Now, you're taking a well-deserved break on one of Gemini's pleasure worlds. But relaxation will soon be the last thing on your mind...

In Rightous Fire, you're once again transported to the seamy side of the universe, where you discover a fiendish plot that threatens the order and prosperity of Gemini Sector. Whether you're a merchant, pirate or mercenary, plenty of action awaits if you're willing to risk all you earned in Privateer.
Where to Buy

End Run (1994)
For generations the Terrans have battled the alien Kilrathi to a standstill. But now the slightly superior human technology is slowly, but at an accelerating pace, giving way before the vast resources the cat-like beings can bring to bear. For the Kilrathi, the stakes are high: their continued existence as an expandiong imperial power. For us the stakes are continued existence, period. Our only hope is a long shot, a surprise strike at the heart of Kilrathi power, a suicidal End Run....
Where to Buy

Fleet Action (1994)
The Kilrathi Empire is in a bind. For the last five years they have been constructing a secret fleet so powerful that it will slice straight through to Earth and destroy the Confederation. There is a problem, however: the Confederation has become increasingly successful with its behind-the-lines raids and the Prince fears that before the new fleet is ready, the Empire will be on the ropes.

At a Kilrathi council of war a simple solution is agreed upon: sue for peace, lull the humans into disarming and then when all is ready, launch a surprise offensive.

True to the tradition of democracies everywhere, the Confederation falls for it; the military stands down. Luckily for the human race, however, there are a few who don't trust soft words from a Kilrathi mouth. Admiral Tolwyn and his veterans must fight a delaying action, buying time with their lives for humanity to make ready for the final battle....
Where to Buy

Armada (1994)
The life of a seasoned starfighter pilot isn't all glory and adventure. After years of following orders and losing ships and friends, you are now the sole commander, responsible for heading up a momentous strike against your enemy's homeland - either the Empire of Kilrah or the heart of the Confederation. This ware requires real strategy, not just hotshot piloting. You determine where to fight, how to fight and what ships to build to get the job done. In Wing Commander Armada, you have the freedom to construct your own universe, your own missions and your own campaign.
Where to Buy

Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger (1994)
Professionally scripted and filmed in Hollywood, ORIGIN's multi-million dollar production combines the entertainment of film-making with the interactivity of computer gaming. The result is a spectacular spaceflight adventure.

Adrenline, romance, danger -- Wing Commander III has all this and more. This sequel completes the turbulent chronicles of the Terran-Kilrathi ware. The final showdown takes place on one of the homeworlds -- Earth or Kilrah. But only you can write the ending...
Where to Buy

Heart of the Tiger (1995)
Terran forces are pushed to the wall by the ever-encroaching Kilrathi hordes. The end seems very near; it is time for desperation measures. Against overwhelming odds, the humans try to launch a last desprate offensive against the Kilrathi homeworld, in a bid to end the war. Once again, humanity's last best hope is embodied in her flyers. Never before has so much been asked of so few....
Where to Buy

Customizable Card Game (1995)
You have at your command the fighters, pilots and crew of a space-going carrier. You are engaged in deadly space combat with an enemy carrier and its complement of space fighters. Playing either the Kilrathi or the Terran side, you marshal your forces of fighters and talented fighters to defeat your opponent.
Where to Buy

Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom (1996)
The Kilrathi war may be over, but back home nothing is the same. THere's trouble in the Border Worlds, Civil War seems imminent. You have to decide how to save the Confederation - or if it should be saved at all!

The latest epic adventure in the Wing Commander saga applies improved cinematic techniques and photo-realistic graphics to a story of intrigue, betrayal and death. Never before has Hollywood been so completely under your control.
Where to Buy

The Price of Freedom (1996)
In Heart of the Tiger the Kilrathi empire was eradicated through the bravery of a few flying aces. Now, Captain Blair and his wing are fighting a more familiar menace - their fellow humans. Blair had settled down to the quiet life of a farmer, but he's been called back into action to fight rebels from the Border Worlds. And Captain Blair finds that dog-fighting with people is a whole different kettle of kittens than fighting an alien cat species. Those humans are tricky....
Where to Buy

Wing Commander Academy (1996)
The very distant future serves as backdrop for the Wing CommanderAcademy storyline. Blair (Hamill) and Maniac (Wilson) are space fighter pilots in the Terran Confederation, which is caught in the thick of a brutal war against a cat-like alien menace called the Kilrathi. The Wing Commander Academy animated series will pick up the story early in the pilots careers, while still earning their wings at the Confederation Flight School Academy, where Tolwyn (McDowell) serves as commandant. Things begin to take on a very interesting twist as the young pilots in-training begin venturing out on Confederation patrols.

Privateer 2: The Darkening (1996)
You regain consciousness, and the unfamiliar faces around you inform you that you've lost your ship in an accident. You're new to this cutthroat world of Tri-System privateers, and now your only order of business is survival. You've got just enough credits to afford a new ship, but it's going to need upgrades if you expect to live for long. The sector is full of people willing to do business, but who can be trusted? Legal or not, it's time to trade, travel and battle your way through a place where high risk means high yield and those with the brass reap the rewards.
Where to Buy

Action Stations (1997)
There had been a century of peace, and the politicians of Earth and its colonies were running on platforms of cutting "wasteful" military spending - all while Earth's military tried to keep aging and obsolete ships flying and battle-ready. And while the swords rusted, war clouds gathered on the horizon....

Contact had been made with the Kilrathi - a warrior race feline in appearance and deadly in combat. Yet, even though they had annihilated or enslaved scores of other races throughout the galaxy, and had attacked human colonies on the border worlds, the government was not taking them seriously, thinking that the Fleet could handle them with ease. Commander Winston Turner knew that the government was moving towards a declaration of war against the Kilrathi in response to demands from the border worlds. He also knew that the Fleet would be forced to operate under Plan Orange Five: limited action and punitive responses only. He only hoped that mankind would recognize its mistake before it was too late.
Where to Buy

Prophecy (1997)
Wing Commander arrived in 1990 with the force of a supernova and each successive game in the series has outshone all other games. Now the brightest star yet, more vivid and intense than ever before, Wing Commander: Prophecy is the ultimate sci-fi combat simulation.

At the sight of the Confederation's greatest triumph, a new nemesis appears. An unimaginable threat, foretold in ancient prophecy. As a raw recruit on an untested ship, are you prepared to face the inferno before you?
Where to Buy

False Colors (1998)
A desperate attack on the Kilrathi homeworld had succeeded in destroying the entire planet, including the Emperor and his warlords. The surviving Kilrathi, on warships and on their colony worlds were hopelessly demoralized and had sued for peace. The catlike warrior race was no longer a threat to Earth and its colonies. Thirty-five years of war had finally come to an end, bringing peace in our time. They thought....

The reality was more ominous. There were still plenty of independent Kilrathi warlords surviving, commanding a formidable array of warships and weaponry. Some wanted revenge on the apes who had destroyed the sacred homeworld, some wanted to set up their own new empires, and some were simply content to go pirate, raiding human colonies at will. But back on Earth, the war-weary people and their leaders turned a deaf ear to reports of Kilrathi belligerence, preferring to look forward to a peaceful and prosperous future.

But it was only the calm before a new storm....
Where to Buy

Secret Ops (1998)
56 pulse-pounding single player missions, divided into several downloadable episodes.

Exciting new in-flight cockpit comms will keep the story alive as you fight through each mission.

Annihilate the aliens with never-before-seen weapons, including the "dust cannon" and the "Mosquito missiles".

Fly into combat along-side powerful new Confed starships, including the heavy artillery cruiser, quick strike cruiser and civilian cruise-liners.

Fight to the death in five sleek Confed starfighters and bombers, each with their own eapons and performance characteristics.
Where to Buy

Wing Commander (1999)
Starship Troopers meets Top Gun in this no-holds-barred battle on the far reaches of space. A vicious alien race, the Kilrathi, has discovered the coordinates to Earth and is heading there with plans for total destruction. Now all that stands between Earth and this new breed of enemy are two young hotshot fighter pilots and their elite fighter squadron on the battleship Tiger Claw. It's an all out race against time as they engage the Kilrathi in a final, desperate attempt to prevent them from reaching Earth space and obliterating all mankind.
Where to Buy

Wing Commander Movie Novelization (1999)
The egomaniacal alien Kilrathi have struck again, savaging a peaceful planet at the edge of space. And worse, they have captured a NAVCOM device that will lead them straight to Earth!

Chris Blair and his pal Maniac are "nuggets," cadets fresh from the Academy. Their first ship, the Tiger Claw, has an awesome mission: Recover the NAVCOM and stop the Kilrathi at all costs.

But Blair's fighting wing - Earth's last hope - is seething with internal strife. For somewhere among the thin read line of heroes a traitor lurks!
Where to Buy

Pilgrim Stars (1999)
Welcome to the real world! Christopher Blair, his sexy flymate, Dev, and his pal Maniac graduated from the Confed's elite Academy straight into a nasty, three-way war. Their ship, the Tiger Claw, is battling not only alien Kilrathi destroyers, but rebels who have stolen the swift Rapier and Broadsword fighters of the Confederation!

Claw and crew are caught in the middle of a deadly rebellion, led by rogue Pilgrims who want to cleanse the Universe and reseed it with perfect humans. Choosing sides isn't easy. Especially when your former friends are even more ruthless than the aliens you were trained to fight!
Where to Buy

Pilgrim Truth (2000)
Written but not officially published. Manuscript available online.

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