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Richard Steinberg Logs

In July 1996 Origin System Inc.'s Public Relations manager, Richard Steinberg (aka "Mr Pants" and "ORIGIN PR"), paid three visits to the #Wing-Commander IRC channel on the DALnet. This archive preserves these impromptu Q&A sessions as well as Mr. Steinberg's farewell upon leaving his Origin job in March 1997. The information included below is largely trivia or historical curiosity today, but the preservation of these logs seems a fitting tribute to a man who went above and beyond in dealing with Wing Commander fans on IRC, by e-mail and at Origin's Official Chat Zone.

JULY 3rd, 1996


<Klip> soo whats up for WC5..
<ORIGIN_PR> I have no news about WC5

<Klip> so.. what brings you here? Just hangin out?
<ORIGIN_PR> Someone has requested me by email to discuss OSI's Wing Commander Chat Zone
<ORIGIN_PR> It's important that folks realize no one person had the power to make me clean it up
<ORIGIN_PR> Klip, I got a disturbing email

<Jackal-1> yeah.... the chat zone... (I am sorry to say this) is to Damn akward and confusing...) you should haves omething like Westwood.
<ORIGIN_PR> Jackal1: I'll look at Westwood

<Bearcat> what is the e-mail about?
<ORIGIN_PR> Bearcat: It claims that someone has been misrepresenting what I've said

<Bearcat> can you elaborate?
<ORIGIN_PR> Bearcat: I'm not going to create my own flame war :) But let's just say
<ORIGIN_PR> no ONE person has the kind of power he may be claiming
<ORIGIN_PR> Also, there has been concern about someone creating a Wing Commander Online web page
<ORIGIN_PR> I have emailed the person and he said it would be changed
<ORIGIN_PR> Wing Commander Online is a registered trademark of OSI

<Bearcat> it's mostly the same people that is causing the problems
<ORIGIN_PR> Yes Bearcat, you're right!

<Bearcat> that certain person has been causing a lot of problems with various people
<ORIGIN_PR> Bearcat: I don't quite know what to do whenever there are disagreements over reality and truth
<ORIGIN_PR> Anyway, that's all I wanted to say. I hope everyone has a happy 4th
<Bearcat> you too!
<ORIGIN_PR> Bearcat: If I had an army of Terran pilots at my disposal, no telling what I could get accomplished

JULY 27th, 1996

<mrpants> Howdy!

* Eagle-1 has an announcement....
<Eagle-1> Mr Pants is ORIGIN_PR...
<mrpants> Yes It's Richard
<Eagle-1> he may be able to answer a few questions about the Darkening for us...
<mrpants> Sure, I'll try to answer

<Bandit_LOAF> do you have a last name?
<mrpants> My last name is....
<mrpants> is....
<mrpants> My last name is Steinberg, but it has very little to do with Wing Commander
<mrpants> The Mr. Pants thing...I write a column for The Austin Chronicle, too. When I log on from their connection, I go by Mr. Pants
<mrpants> I've got a page at htttp://

<Eagle-1> Are we looking at at October release date for the Darkening?
<mrpants> Yes, Eagle it sure looks that way

<Bandit_LOAF> So mrPants... is there a Priv dark demi?
<Bandit_LOAF> I meant demo... that was just a slip...
<mrpants> I don't know about a downloadable demo for Privateer: The Darkening

<Eagle-1> Is it true that we will see 50 or so ships at once?
<mrpants> Eagle-1--you mean playing 50 ships at once?
<Bandit_LOAF> The interview with erin roberts said we could have 50 ships at a nav point...
<mrpants> Erin should know :)
<mrpants> I've just been trying to work my way through an early alpha version of the game

<Bearcat> can you do anything about that "Me" aka Azrael guy in the Chat Zone Pants?
<Bearcat> Origin should do something
<Bandit_LOAF> BEAR! Be nice:)
<Bearcat> i was never mean am I? :-)
<ace-1> will loaf it is an issue that should be discussed
<Bandit_LOAF> I guess it is...
<Bandit_LOAF> but we shouldn't say "Origin has to do sometehing..."
<mrpants> What issue?

<DeMoNvOiD> Hey MrPants-What will be the system requirements for the Darkening? Will it run on a high end 486?
<mrpants> Demon: I don't have the final info but yes, I think it will

<Dakhath> how about 486DX2 66Mhz
<mrpants> Dakhath: I tried it on a 486-66 and it worked OK, but I wouldn't say that's what our recommened system will be OFFICIALLY
<Dakhath> I have a Pentium 133Mhz at home also
<mrpants> I've tried it on a Pentium 133, too. Of course it worked faster, but then again a word processor works faster on a Pentium

<Eagle-1> Mr Pants, how many CD's will it ship on?
<mrpants> I think there will be 2 CDs

<Assasin> what types of ships will there be in Darkening?
<mrpants> Assasin: there are new ships. Akbar's interview with Erin addresses this I think. I really don't have a list, though I guess I could launch the game and try to write down one

<Eagle-1> are there random missions like Privateer 1?
<mrpants> Eagle-1: I haven't played Privateer 1. What I've seen so far is a system that lets a player go to a booth where they can buy,sell things, choose missions and wingmen, etc.
<mrpants> There are booths throughout the game on different planets, moons, etc.

<ace-1> so for the darkening there is a set plot right?
<ace-1> I mean like missions that you must complete
<mrpants> Ace-1: Yes you must complete missions--that's how you get your payment so you can go do more stuff

<Avatarr> What races do you encounter?
<mrpants> Avatarr: I don't have a full version of the game, so I've only seen humanoids so far

<Bandit_LOAF> Hey mrpants... atmospheric missions?
<mrpants> Bandit: Again, since I don't have a full version, I haven't seen all the mission types. So far it has been space only.
<mrpants> My version won't even let me save games...

<ace-1> Mrpants do you actually get to fly into the planets atmosphere or is it automatic?
<mrpants> Ace-1 so far it has been automatic. When I've tried to fly into the planets I've burned up

<Eagle-1> higher res that WC4?
<mrpants> Eagle-1: I think it'l be SVGA

<Bandit_LOAF> do you know how much video there is?
<mrpants> Bandit: Sorry, no.

<Bearcat> how many systems are there? I heard only 3
<mrpants> Bearcat: Hmm, I don't know how many systems
<mrpants> Unlike WC, you go to different places--like planets and moons within a system

<Avatarr> Dolby Surround Sound?
<mrpants> Avatarr: I don't know. I suspect there will be.

<Bandit_LOAF> Has anything been done to add this game into the WC universe, or does it just have a WC label on it?
<mrpants> Loaf: I stll don't know the answer to this one.

<Bandit_LOAF> Do you have any plans to merchandise the WC cartoon yet?
<mrpants> Bandit: I don't know.
<mrpants> Maybe if the series is a success, the company making the cartoon will pursue that kinda thing with us

<Bandit_LOAF> okay... do you know whats keeping that WC4 novel?
<Avatarr> I want to know about the novel
<mrpants> Avatarr; I hear November
<Bandit_LOAF> Do you know whats keeping it?
<mrpants> I don't know why the novel has been delayed. That's a matter for the publisher :)

<ChaosBurnFlame> MrPants, are there plans for a WC movie I heard so much about?
<mrpants> The movie..there has only been talk. There is no movie in progress.

<Bearcat> maybe this should be moderate to smooth the questionings
<ace-1> yeah bear
<ace-1> it would stop the panic
<Bearcat> loaf? eag?
<ace-1> I say moderate bear
<Eagle-1> No
<Bandit_LOAF> I don't think so...
<Bandit_LOAF> this isn't an official event...
<Eagle-1> let's try this a bit longer...
<ace-1> well its also a little bit hecktick with Chaos constantly talking
<Bandit_LOAF> Yeah... MrPants is here out of the kindness of his soul... we all know to be nice...
<mrpants> Ya'll are being great:)

<ChaosBurnFlame> MrPants, I heard that Darkening also features a new flight engine that is different than the one used in Armada, Wc3, Wc4?
<mrpants> Hate to pass the buck, but Erin says it so much better--and more accurately :)

<Eagle-1> mr pants, any of the familiar WC ships? Or all new ships?
<mrpants> Eagle-1: New ships.

<DeMoNvOiD> Yeah..will there be different cockpits for different ships?
<mrpants> I don't think there will be a cockpit. One of the screenshots on Akbar's site shows the HUD view

<ChaosBurnFlame> Are there going to be Special weapons availible?
<mrpants> What kind of special weapons
<ChaosBurnFlame> Leech cannons, Scatter guns, Stormfire, ect!
<mrpants> Chaos: I don't know

<DeMoNvOiD> I need to turn this damn beethoven off...and I will love the Darkening..when will it release it october?
<DeMoNvOiD> Mid october? End of October? or Early October?
<mrpants> Demon: I don't know.
<mrpants> Remember our WC4 release date fiasco?

<DeMoNvOiD> In you're opinon...How good is the intro?
<mrpants> Demon: I think it looks great. You start off in the past on a mission that ends up in a crash. You awake with a doctor tending to you--you don't know who you are. Reminds me of Doctor Who

<ChaosBurnFlame> Question: I heard the Darkening will REQUIRE a 4x CD ROM for MINIMAL requirement?
<mrpants> Chaos: I don't know the system requirements.

<Wraith> Mr.Pants... Is it possible to hire multiple ships and crews at a time?
<mrpants> Wrath: You can hire a wingman, cargo ship--I don't know if more than one at a time

<Akkbar> Hey MrPants... How man CDs is The Darkening?
<mrpants> Akbar: I think it'll be two, but I'm not sure

<Bearcat> if WC4 took 6 cds
<Bearcat> how come the Darkening only takes 2?
<mrpants> Bearcat: WC4 was more video dependent. You can do a lot of playing in Priv: The Darkening without dealing with the vidoe

<DeMoNvOiD> But there is alot of Video in it MrPants?
<mrpants> There's plenty of video :)
<mrpants> I'll check into the number of CDs at work next week and get you a better answer

<Bandit_LOAF> Hey MrPants... are we going to be required to run drugs again?
<Bandit_LOAF> like in the original priv?
<mrpants> Bandit: You can run drugs and do illegal things, but I believe there are choices.

<Avatarr> Okay,mr.pants,is the darkening more combat or strategy oriented
<mrpants> Avatarr: I've seen both aspects. I mean, if you consider the different combinations with the nav map, you get strategy. Then there's dealing with the bad guys.

<Bearcat> is there anything you can do to get rid of "Me" aka Azrael is the Chat Zone pants?
<mrpants> Bearcat: I'm working on getting the Perl script that runs the chat zones so that it captures a person's domain and lets everyone else see it. That should help with imposters, too
<Bandit_LOAF> could you delete his current posts?
<mrpants> I just went in there, but I'll go in and delete once again.
<Bearcat> "Me" did left an e-mail
<Eagle-1> Bear: that could be ANYONE'S email...
<mrpants> Yeh, I'm afraid to actually email whatever pops up there. It could be a person posting another person's email address

<Bandit_LOAF> ehy MrPants... any chance of an expansion for the ccg?
<mrpants> Well all, I'm going to get some dinner...
<mrpants> Bandit: CCG?
<Bandit_LOAF> Customizable card game
<Bandit_LOAF> the one Mag Force 7 did...
<mrpants> That's up to the company that puts it out. I can ask...

<Bandit_LOAF> along with those 2 incredible promos... who at origin drew those anyway? It only says "origin systems inc" on 'em...
<mrpants> Bandit: I
<mrpants> would have to see them

<Akkbar> Oh, here is a question... Will we be able to purchase a behind the scenes video or other Priv: TD stuff? like in the WCIII premiere edition?
<mrpants> Akkbar: There aren't any plans

<mrpants> Anyway, it's been fun, but I must be leaving...

JULY 31st, 1996

<ORIGIN_PR> Howdy!

<Tackion> Whats up there origin_pr?
<ORIGIN_PR> Oh I was just seeing what was going on here

<Tackion> You guys brewing the great new wc games at origin?
<ORIGIN_PR> I don't get to brew. Just publicize the already and soon to be brewed

<Spider> Hey Origin....sliped in...almost didn't see ya
<ORIGIN_PR> I'm just sneaky

<Bandit_LOAF> Richard!!!!!
<Bandit_LOAF> Hehe... I didn't think anything could bring me back here tonight:)

<ORIGIN_PR> Actually, I was wondering if Lady Whisper had talked to ya'll

<Bandit_LOAF> Hey Origin... is that stuff she said true?
<Bandit_LOAF> about priv2?

<Bearcat> the Darkening being priv 2
<ORIGIN_PR> Yes. True.
<ORIGIN_PR> I wanted you all to know and she said she'd be glad to pass on the word

<Tackion> Origin, it is true that The Darkeing is now on 4 cds?
<ORIGIN_PR> Tackion: It looks like 4 CDs now. It could change

<DarkPredator> Origin: Any new press releases for Ultima 9?
<ORIGIN_PR> DarkPred: no new press releases for Ultima IX yet. Ultma Online is keeping us busy enough

<Tackion> Thats great origin, oh now, the question bombardment has started.
<ORIGIN_PR> That's OK Tackion

<Reaver> Origin: will WC1 & 2 not have updated graphics in the Kilrathi Saga/chronicles?
<ORIGIN_PR> Reaver: I don't think so

<DarkPredator> Origin: Any plot hints for WC5 you can share?
<ORIGIN_PR> DarkP: Either I would be killed or everyone here would have a brain wash

<ORIGIN_PR> Be back in a second

<ORIGIN_PR> OK, I'm back

<Tackion> Hi again origin

<Bandit_LOAF> Origin! Any chance of Mantus in a non novel, or are they only a book thing?
<ORIGIN_PR> I don't know about Mantus
<ORIGIN_PR> I don't know if the Mantus will be in Wing 5 if that's you're driving at
<ORIGIN_PR> I don't think there will be a mantis in Wing 5

<Eagle-1> So any "Priv 2" is just conjecture now?
<ORIGIN_PR> Eagle-1: What was Privateer 2 may be revisited in the future may not

<Eagle-1> ORIGIN: what about a possible Academy 2?
<ORIGIN_PR> Eagle-1: Maybe. Since the animated series is coming out, there may be something down the line along those lines

<Reaver> Origin: is it possible to get the 3D models for the WC fighters???
<ORIGIN_PR> Reaver: That kind of stuff stays in the building.

<Bearcat> any ideas the requirements of the Darkening?
<ORIGIN_PR> We know about the final system requirements for a bit

<Skyfox> Origin: Will it run on my LOWLY DX2/66
<ORIGIN_PR> Skyfox: Maybe. I got an early version running on a 486/66, but this unofficial

<Bearcat> is the Darkening the last game made for 486's?
<ORIGIN_PR> Bearcat: I don't know. Crusader: No Regret is coming out to and it works on a 486

<Eagle-1> ORIGIN: if this was arked, I missed it, but any target date on WC5?
<ORIGIN_PR> Eagle-1: Something like 1998

<Eagle-1> the work done on "Priv 2" ... will it be used elsewhere?
<ORIGIN_PR> Eagle-1: Can't tell at this point. What if fans demand some kind of Darkening sequel

<DEATHDEALER> Will wing5 include multi-player options?
<ORIGIN_PR> DeathDealer: I have no info about WC5

<Bandit_LOAF> agreed tack... now what about some books? Baen says a new novel next year... any truth to that?
<ORIGIN_PR> I thought Baen is working on the WC4 novel for this year.

<Eagle-1> will the re-release of Privateer1 be IDENTICAL to the original?
<ORIGIN_PR> Eagle-1: Yes. It's just going to be rereleased in a new classic games line

<ORIGIN_PR> You all are too kind!

<Bandit_LOAF> the classics privateer is already out!!
<Bandit_LOAF> has been for a while...
<ORIGIN_PR> It's running its course

<DEATHDEALER> classics huh??? Can you play wing1 on a pentium now?
<ORIGIN_PR> DEATHDEALER: When Kilrathi Saga comes out, WC1 will be Windows 95 native

<Skyfox> Origin: Is there ever likley to be another ARMADA type game?
<ORIGIN_PR> Skyfox: Nothing official to announce, but personally I think it's likely

<Tackion> Origin, any cool little surprised awaiting us in The Darkening?
<ORIGIN_PR> Tackion: If I told you they wouldn't be surprises would they :)

<Tackion> Origin, so I guess it's safe to say the wing commander universe is expanding.
<ORIGIN_PR> The WIng Commander Universe is big

<WCAMustang> ORIGIN will William Forchsten be writing any future books for you guys.....besides WC4?
<ORIGIN_PR> WCAMustang : sorry for the delay
<ORIGIN_PR> I was asking about William Forchsten. The answer is Yes at least one more novel proabably more

<anotherLOAF> Hey origin... who do I contact about gettin replacement disks for Pacific Strike?
<ORIGIN_PR> anotherLOAF: Write

<Tackion> I think privateer 3 is going to continue priv 1
<ORIGIN_PR> Tackion: That's not necessarily true
<ORIGIN_PR> What happened is a Privateer 2 was started a ways back by Chris.
<ORIGIN_PR> It was still in development. Chris has of course left. In the mean time
<ORIGIN_PR> Erin had been developing a game

<CoolOne> Origin : Will the nex privateer be modem compateble?
<ORIGIN_PR> CoolOne: Nope

<Bandit_LOAF> Hey Origin... what is "Silverheart"?
<ORIGIN_PR> It was a project that was considered, but is on hold

<Bandit_LOAF> Ooh... is there anyplace where we can get you're older games? I mean reallly olds ones..
<ORIGIN_PR> Bandit: Not really...

<Reaver> Origin: will there ever be an official WC convention?
<ORIGIN_PR> Reaver: I don't know. There could be I guess. I would advocate for fan-related stuff

<CoolOne> Origin : so Privateer 2 is the contiuation of the current game? and will it still be made?
<ORIGIN_PR> Privater 2 is now the Privateer 2: The Darkening. What was Privateer 2 may or may not be finished

<Tackion> Origin, is there anything else you can tell us about The Darkening?
<ORIGIN_PR> Tackion: Have you read the press release online?
<Tackion> Where origin?
<ORIGIN_PR> Tackion: I've seen it at

<WCAMustang> ORIGIN.....I keep hearing rumors of a 7th WC4 cd that's floating out there somewhere.....Is there any truth at all to that?
<ORIGIN_PR> The 7th CD is non existent

<Wizzy> Is there a behind the scenes cd, kinda like the wc3 one?
<Wizzy> for wc4?
<ORIGIN_PR> Wizzy: Sorry no. I was thinking of posting some video clips on the web site though. Interview kind stuff

<Bandit_LOAF> hey... yall should post the hobbes video!
<Bandit_LOAF> the one where he explains why he defected...
<Bandit_LOAF> seeing that on 3do...
<Bandit_LOAF> made me feel much better about that game...
<ORIGIN_PR> The video clips I had in mind were more along the line of behind the scenes, which Wizzy asked about

<WildFire-> That would be nice. Except you need more and faster access on origins web page
<ORIGIN_PR> Wildfire: Agreed

<CoolOne> ORIGIN ... In the Game Privateer .. is there realy an unknown astroid base, or an arsenal dump for the kilrathi or are we wasting time looking for it !!?
<ORIGIN_PR> CoolOne: i'm not a Privateer expert

<Bandit_LOAF> Hey origin, would we see those videos in the near future?
<Bandit_LOAF> or in the decades to come?
<ORIGIN_PR> Bandit: I'll try post one by next week.

<Reaver> Origin: is it possible to visit your office in Austin???
<ORIGIN_PR> Reaver: Well, we don't really give tours. Are you thinking of visiting Austin?

<Tackion> Something strange is happening on the web, first tcu does not work, now akkbars page is all screwy
<ORIGIN_PR> What's happened to the pages?

<ORIGIN_PR> Hi akkbar

<foil> ORIGIN:are there any palns to come out with a WC bloopers the one at the end of WC3?
<ORIGIN_PR> Foil: I don't think so.

* Eagle-1 has to go... but thanks ORIGIN for joining us...
<ORIGIN_PR> By Eagle

<WildFire-> Origin_PR: Are there any easter eggs in the mac version of wc4 like the dos version?
<ORIGIN_PR> WildFire: I think so.

<WildFire-> Do you know how to get them?
<ORIGIN_PR> Wild: No, I don't have a Mac

<WildFire-> Like the chicken game?
<ORIGIN_PR> Wild--there's something or other, but I don't know

<Tackion> Origin, is kilrathi chronicles coming out before The Darkening?
<ORIGIN_PR> The Kilrathi Saga will be coming out at about the same time. I don't know which will be first

<WildFire-> Oh really, neat. Now the K saga isn't going to have any improved graphics or sound right?
<ORIGIN_PR> WildFire: They are adding Dolby music and sound effects

<foil> ORIGIN:i hear that Kilrathi Saga is only for there going to be a DOS or win 3.11 version a s well?
<ORIGIN_PR> Foil; The original WC1-3 are all DOS

<Avatarr> Will the saga include all the secret missions and special operations?
<ORIGIN_PR> Avatarr: I don't know. We may put that on the web

<Origin_Back> Origin... does that include speech?
<ORIGIN_PR> I don't think speech

<WCAMustang> I need to buy a new copy of WC1....i've still got the OLD OLD disk version......which would be the best one for me to get?
<ORIGIN_PR> Mustang: Our disk exchange dept may be able to trade you up to a CD version of the original WC1

<Tackion> No speech?
<ORIGIN_PR> Tackion: We didn't rerecord speech

<Avatarr> how many cd's Origin?
<ORIGIN_PR> Avatarr: Well, let's see. How many were in WC3? 4? Plus WC1 and 2

<ORIGIN_PR> Guys I have to run. Sorry

<CoolOne> Origin : what is the plot for Wc5 if You can tell us?
<ORIGIN_PR> Cool One: I have info on WC5

<Bandit_LOAF> YOU DO!??!?!
<ORIGIN_PR> Cool One: Make that No Info

<Bandit_LOAF> doh!
<ORIGIN_PR> Sorry--typo

MARCH 21st, 1997

<mrpants> Howdy

<Psychopath> can it be?
<mrpants> Yes

<ace-1> hey, he said howdy it must be
<mrpants> Is that my signature?

<Eagle-1> yeah!!! Hey, how ya been?
<mrpants> Well I'm just swicthing between #woo and here to say hi and bye (well I'll be back, just not as OSI staff)

<Psychopath> you have any idea about the Chat zone coming back?
<mrpants> Psychopath: No word on exactly when, but I suspect by mid-April at the latest

* Eagle-1 is afraid of the Java Jive they have planned... :/
<ace-1> java jive?
<ace-1> thats a joke right?
<Eagle-1> yeah... they are gonna make it a really fancy thing with a ton of java
<mrpants> ace: I can't say for sure but think so

<ace-1> I LOVE that wc4 preview page :)
<ace-1> cept I'm going MAD trying to figure out how they make it beep :(
<ace-1> I NEED to find out how it beeps
<mrpants> Ace. It's a java applet that includes sound
<mrpants> I didn't write it. I worked on the basic framework though

<ace-1> I couldn't find it in the source
<mrpants> ace: java is a good way to hide code

<ace-1> I mostly go around and steal java...or have people make them for me
<mrpants> But in this case it allows for sound events to be linked with on mouseover events

<ace-1> yeah, god made programmers then they made me
<mrpants> Well ace, don't feel too bad. I haven't figured it all out either
<mrpants> I can tell you one thing--that the applet was created with the help of a program called Visual Cafe
<mrpants> It takes some of the mystery out of java

<Skyfox> Visual Cafe?.. is that available to download?
<mrpants> Yeh Sky, for $200

<Eagle-1> mrpants... we'll see you in UO, right?
<mrpants> Eagle-1: yes. I might be a tree, but I'll be there. Paid my 2 bucks and everything

<Skyfox> this UO has me confused still
<mrpants> How so Skyfox?

<Skyfox> mrpants: Well, the main thing is... I`ve never played Ultima before... and also, I never had Win95 when you could sign up... so i know nothing about it
<mrpants> Well skyfox it's a long story...have you ever played in a MUD before?

<Skyfox> Sorry... no :(
<mrpants> Skyfox: Hmm
<mrpants> You have played Wing Commander?

<Skyfox> Thats a big YES
<mrpants> Well imagine Blair is a medieval knight

<Skyfox> ok, I can do that
<mrpants> and he's playing with perhaps thousands of other Blairs over the internet at the same time
<mrpants> That's UO

<Skyfox> Well, i can grasp that
<mrpants> Sky am I talking you in two places at once?

<Skyfox> Yep
<mrpants> Akkk

<Skyfox> hehehe
<mrpants> I was trying in #woo to see if someone could give a better explanation

<mrpants> So what about all these pesky Wing Commander rumors, huh

<Bearcat> borty's info made me laugh
<mrpants> Who is Borty?

<Psychopath> David Borton
<Psychopath> he said how WC5 has Blair as a general, and how you are a new characther with Maniac as your WC
<Psychopath> and how Kilrathis fly Black Lance fighters
<Psychopath> something like that
<mrpants> Well, I forwarded the info on his page to folks on the team
<mrpants> and they laughed. Sorry

<Bearcat> well Richard
<Bearcat> on the WC newsgroup
<Bearcat> a person confessed to
<Bearcat> making up the stuff
<Bearcat> and e-mailed to it borty
<mrpants> I saw that D'oh!
<mrpants> I wish I could talk. They'll probably swear me to secrecy!
<mrpants> I just thought of one thing I can say, but it is kinda lame...
<mrpants> there is a movie shoot planned for spring/summer
<mrpants> but that's all I can say
<mrpants> That's in response I think to stuff on the Mark Hamill Fan Club Page

<Bearcat> heh, imagine
<Bearcat> aWC movie :)
<mrpants> Bearcat: No movie is planned at this time

<Bearcat> what about stuff Mark Day says?
<mrpants> Well, maybe Mark know something I don't.

<mrpants> But I know of no movie. The only movie rumor that seemed to have some validity was one long ago about Chirs Roberts
<mrpants> Apparently there was a script. But not all scripts are made into movie

<Bearcat> well we want to see Blair get married and retire offically by the end of WC5
<mrpants> he does deserve to really retire this time :)
<mrpants> Maybe Harrison Ford will let him fly some :)
<mrpants> And Ford bought Hamill for $80,000

<Skyfox> Yipe... I best be going
<Skyfox> its 4:30 am here
<Klip> cya sky
<Destroyer> c ya Skyfox
<mrpants> 4:30 is too early/late

<Skyfox> Seeya mrpants.. good luck in your new Job
<mrpants> Thanks: I will be back to visit

<mrpants> So what's with the birthday... (topic)
<Bearcat> it's one year of this channel's existence
<mrpants> Ah hah
<mrpants> Hmmm
<mrpants> Well then happy birthday

<Bearcat> i remember you came for the first time the day after the first saturday chat :)
<mrpants> I think I was afraid to get on that P2 chat

<Bearcat> well i thought of having a p2 debate here
<mrpants> That's why I was afraid :)

<Bearcat> since it was a so-so game is most fan's eyes
<mrpants> Yeh, but think a year ago--what people were thinking it would be
<mrpants> At that point Origin was still calling it The Darkening

<Bearcat> if it was a standalone game, the reception would be way different
<mrpants> Another reason to have been afraid :)

<Bearcat> well, people would think it's just a P like game, and not WC
<Bearcat> and they would think of it as it's own game
<Bearcat> and not as WC
<Bearcat> cause WC has a certain standard
<mrpants> A decision way out of my hands <LOL>

<Bearcat> who was it to decide to make it P2 anyways?
<mrpants> Bearcat: It's a long detailed and super secret detail.

<mrpants> Folks, I am afraid I am turning into a pumpkin
<mrpants> I will be back, Origin staff or not

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