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Summary Shots

This area provides a brief overview of each day at the Convention.

2003.241 (August 29, 2003) [# 1412 | 8/29/2003]  

Almost Live Photos from DC2003, Day Zero
We'll have a lot more cool shots with better descriptions and commentary once the Convention is over, but for now we've selected a few shots highlighting our arrival in Atlanta. In the first shot Hades and I overlook downtown Seattle from the observation deck of the Space Needle. Shot two shows the registration badge pick-up area here at the Con. Next we've got two shots showing us unpacking and issuing everyone's flight suit for the weekend. Most of us got together for dinner in shot five, and shot six shows our makeshift Mobile CIC HQ. From there we have wireless linkups to #Wingnut and the CIC server. This is our link to the world for the rest of the week.

[ChrisReid] [# 4944]

2003.242 (August 30, 2003) [# 1413 | 8/30/2003]  

Photos From The Convention, Day One
Today was the first full day of the convention and we had a blast! Many events didn't start until around 1:00 pm, so we hosted a nice viewing of the Wing Commander Movie in the sky lobby. The dealer rooms opened today, so there is plenty to buy. Famous author Margaret Weis was holding an autograph session today, and she kindly invited us to take a group photo when we told her we were big fans of the Wing Commander card game she was involved with. Friday night is also the first time that everyone parades around in their costumes. We were very excited to make an entrance as a squadron from Wing Commander. There were a few cool thumbs-ups from people who recognized us at first, but then we cranked things up and went on the offensive. Frosty and ace interviewed anyone we could find standing around. A surprisingly number of people correctly guessed what we were from and walked away with a special CIC pen. We'll have plenty more cool pictures and more in-depth commentary after we all get home. The Convention parade will also be taking place Saturday morning. It will be proceeding north from Woodruff Park in downtown Atlanta beginning at 10:00 am.

[ChrisReid] [# 4946]

2003.243 (August 31, 2003) [# 1414 | 8/31/2003]  

Photos From The Convention, Day Two
Our second full day was filled with excitement and fantastic events. We awoke bright and early and marched tall and proud down the streets of Atlanta holding our mighty banner and wearing our very stylish uniforms. Tom Wilson was kindly signing autographs at a table in one of the dealer rooms and he was gracious enough to sign a pile of Wing Commander items for us, including our banner. He was happily surprised to see all the Wingnuts that attended the convention and we'll be visiting him again during the remaining days. We then went to a panel that John Rhys-Davies was scheduled to attend, but unfortunately he canceled his appearance at the entire convention. Once again we spent the night asking people if they were familiar with Wing Commander and taping their inevitably strange responses. We've discovered that an encouraging number of people recognize our uniforms and are generally quite knowledgeable about the series. The response here will be incredible when they finally make a new Wing Commander game. We're all having a really great time here and some of the reactions we're receiving are a neat indicator of the popularity of Wing Commander today.

[ace-1] [# 4949]

2003.244 (September 1, 2003) [# 1415 | 9/1/2003]  

Photos From The Convention, Day Three
It's 4 am and we just got back from crazy Sunday night events. Most of us chose to wear our flight suits again today because they're pretty neat. There's still plenty of Convention attendees out and about in costume, but we've decided to return to the Mobile CIC HQ and show you a couple pictures. We had quite a few people walk up to us and recognize the group this time. Some areas were less crowded, so we were able to meet with Tom Wilson a little more and snap a couple photos. He and Stephen from BTTF are really nice guys. Below you can also find us waiting at an elevator bank to get back to our rooms. This hotel has a dozen elevators, but it can take a good 20 to 30 minutes to get through the jam during peak hours. Once we decided to just walk the 26 flights of stairs to the lobby. We've also got a shot of ace demonstrating the kinder gentler method of appreciating non-Wing Commander games. Finally Monee, Tye and Frosty pose with the Space Pope.

[ChrisReid] [# 4951]

2003.245 (September 2, 2003) [# 1416 | 9/2/2003]  

Photos From The Convention, Day Four
Everyone is back home now. We're all pretty exhausted, but we had a lot of fun at DragonCon. The final day tends to focus on relaxation and preparation to go home. On Sunday night ace and Frosty went on a late night Coke run that took much longer than it should have. It can be surprisingly difficult to find a bottled Coke in the home of Coke. We have a few pictures of us hanging out in lobbies while wearing our neat flight suits and catching up on old times. For some reason when the rest of us finally went to bed around 4 am, Hades decided it was time to grab Frosty and go to the red-eye anime music video shows. He somehow ended up hosting an improvised panel somewhere around 6 am. Nobody got much sleep that night. After packing and checking out of our rooms, it took forty-five minutes of elevators, stairways and service access areas to make it to the lobby. Monee and Tye might have had an easier time getting there from Jonesboro. Monday afternoon finally came and we exchanged our sad goodbyes. Most of us have already bought tickets for next year, so we'll see you at DragonCon 2004!

[ChrisReid] [# 4953]

2003.261 (September 18, 2003) [# 1432 | 9/18/2003]  

More DragonCon Pictures Available
Since we're not quite started (begun) our own CIC DragonCon gallery, we've decided to point out that the Official DC photo area and fan submitted links are available. We've got a few samples of us in the parade and then the impressive march of storm troopers below. Since all of us were walking, we've relied on the crowd for a lot of shots of this event. The parade pictures below were found in the Official DC Gallery and Bruce Bracey's gallery linked from within. A great shot of The Flaming Carrot and a Spaceballs is included to round it out. The photos don't begin to capture how many storm troopers there actually were. More than a quarter of the 400-strong group served the Empire.

[ChrisReid] [# 4988]

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