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Day 3

Mid way through the convention, everyone wakes up to the new day.
Tye: 'Wake Up' being a relative term. Chris was actually up all night photographing them in their sleep.

ChrisReid takes a self-portrait.

Our duty locker full of flight suits.

A nice closeup of our Confed patch and convention ID.

Frosty sleeps under his familiar towel.
Frosty: That towel is warm. Which is good since I was right under an AC vent.
ChrisReid: Yeah, don't forget to bring a towel.

The elevators were too packed to use.

Frosty: Just makin' sure.

The 10th floor Sky Lobby.
ChrisReid: I love SimTower.

Tye: The Fairy-Frog was for my nephew, who loves it. They had just about every imaginible critter with wings like that.

Death runs the blood drive (for some reason).

Frosty: I'll mertalize him!
ChrisReid: Blonde, Frosty and I signed up to donate blood, but we chickened out and never showed up. The blood room was creepy. I'm not sure where the blood was supposed to go.

Lunch time with Tye.
Frosty: This picture is somehow inherently disturbing.

These role playing game signs make a reappearance.
Tye: This thing is a day-long mock United Nations sort of thing.

The dubs vs subs panel.

Frosty: Not a single chair was thrown; a big letdown.

The dubs versus subs schedule thing.


An upcoming click game from WizKids.
ChrisReid: Wow, who would have thought that in just one short year the game would have come out, bombed horribly, and morphed into an ugly mistake WizKids would be trying to hide.

The collectible miniatures room.

WCHS high school!
Frosty: Or football camp!

Frosty: Madcat... far... too big...

The magic card room.

Tye: Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Magic the Gathering taken to it's nerdiest extreme.

Frosty: No danger...

Frosty: ...DANGER!

A 5XL shirt.
Frosty: Y'know, for the A-wing pilots.

Tye: These dudes were all over the place, and their costumes SUCKED.

Someone dressed as Dark Helmet from Space Balls.

Tom Wilson!

Tye: He was probably wishing you people would stop tormenting him, but since Aaron Allston wasn't there, I guess you had to annoy somebody, right?

Greg Horn, a famous video game artist.

Samus Aran from Metroid.
Frosty: That costume must have been incredibly time-consuming.
Tye: But she couldn't morph into a ball, and it therefore sucked.

Frosty: The goggles even glow - rad.

Frosty: Vertigo sets in...
Tye: Every year, everyone with a camera takes at least three pictures of this exact shot.

Tye: Inventing Wing Commander gang signs. Or just being a retard.

Tye: Champions again, this time we learned that ace eats chicken fingers AND fries with a fork, for which we mocked him.

Tye: Nobody has EVER done a good Borg costume, EVER.

We discover the televised masquerade is cancelled.

The space pope.
Tye: The Space Pope approves of Wing Commander!

Very cool, the centurion from Eternal Darkness.

Tye: Another Dawn. This one appears to be in good shape, but is wisely using her hair to cover an otherwise hideously deformed face.

Frosty: The ice machine was far away.

Frosty: Incredible accuracy, and a nice change of pace from spandex-coated weirdos wins points with me.

Frosty: Hades is just getting started.

Frosty: Yes Hades, I will follow you into Hell for an evening.

Frosty: This CD is now safe in the clutches of Trelane.

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