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On this day in 2021

Jrathek Lights up the Sky
   Today we've got a drawing of a Kilrathi fighter. That's pretty standard, and if your eyes haven't scrolled down yet, you might be picturing a classic Dralthi. Fortunately we get to highlight somethi...

On this day in 2020

A Soundtrack for Dropping Temblor Bombs
   We're kicking off the week with glorious Soundcloud track from Chris Kabigting. It's a rousing take on the music that accompanied the opening credits/final mission of Wing Commander 3. It really mak...

On this day in 2019

Starr Long Interview Talks Career, MMOs & Licensing Classic Origin Properties
    Arcade Attack has posted a wide-ranging interview with Origin veteran Starr Long. It discusses Mr. Long's extensive career at Origin and with the larger MMO scene, including his current work ...

On this day in 2018

Tallahassee Model Supersizing in Progress
   Adm_Maverick has posted a status update for his scratch-built papercraft Tallahassee model. He showed off a few images to demonstrate what he's done lately, and this includes a nice resizing up to a ...

On this day in 2017

PCPLAY Reviews Wing Commander Prophecy
   TheOneZytel was kind enough to share a Wing Commander article from his country! This issue of the Croatian magazine PCPLAY reviews Wing Commander Prophecy positively (giving it a 90%.) And of course, ...

On this day in 2016

Kat Patrol Rolling Six Deep
   The Maslas Brothers have posted another teaser image for their next Wing Commander Flat Universe release. This one features a Kilrathi wing of Klavs' Grikath and Dralthi as they'll appear in cutscene...

On this day in 2015

Explore Gemini Through An Orion Pilot's Eyes
   Last month we noted how rare thorough video reviews are for Privateer, and then we stumbled across a massive playlist by Necroscope. He's covered the game in fifteen installments that range from abou...

On this day in 2014

Gemini's Going Great Guns
   There's a new poll up today that asks about your favorite blaster as a privateer in Gemini. Conventional wisdom points most people towards the high damage per second rating of the Tachyon Cannon, but...

On this day in 2013

On This Date In Wing Commander Future History - 1st Awkwende Jump Drive Test
   The first humans to create and test a useable "jump drive" based on the 23rd century work of Dr. Shari Akwende was not the Confederation. The Pilgrims, a group of human separatists with genetic mutati...

On this day in 2012

Several Swanky Ships Swoop In
   ScoobyDoo is back with another trio of fancy fighters based on popular Wing Commander designs. The inspiration for these vessels are WC4's Bearcat, the Armada Phantom and Prophecy's Piranha, but each...

On this day in 2011

Soundfont Chorium Advances Armada Aria
   Here's another audio trick for Wing Commander fans to try out. FekleyrTarg has put together several sample videos that show off Wing Commander Armada being played with a special soundfont enabled. I...

On this day in 2010

New Firekkan Model Swoops In
   Michelle D has posted pictures of a model Firekkan. The primary references are the characters as seen in The Secret Missions 2, but without feathers these birds come off as a little creepy so far. W...

On this day in 2009

All Hell is About to Break Loose (on French TV)
   The Wing Commander movie will be airing on TV in France this Tuesday, July 7. The CinéFX channel will be airing the film at 9:00 pm. There will also be a second showing on Wednesday, July 8, at 2:15 ...

Making the Game: Critique of WCIV, PC
   To prepare for Wing Commander V, the development team naturally looked at Wing Commander IV. Here's Hugh David's amazing stream-of-consciousness critique of that game's first several missions (it seem...

On this day in 2008

New New Detroit Rendered
   Michelle D has taken a stab at recreating the iconic New Detroit planetscape. She's tried a new cubic mapping technique and released two very different interpretations. I think the second attempt sh...

Making the Game - Part 62
   On Friday, you saw how Wing Commander Prophecy's missions worked - now you can see how they fit together. This Series Flowchart document first shows how the entire game functions as a single progressi...

On this day in 2007

Boom Boom Boom Rocket
   Good news, rocket-fans - IGN is reporting that Electronic Arts plans to release more musical tracks for Boom Boom Rocket. The exact price and release date for the addon aren't known yet, but the plans...

Who's the Best?
   Edge Magazine has published an article on "The 100 Best Video Games", and Wing Commander... isn't on it. This isn't entirely a surprise - the general list seems very console-centered and the British p...

On this day in 2006

DC Passes Near Final Price Increase
   The final price increase for DragonCon 2006 hits next week, so now's the last chance to get discounted passes before the event. Memberships are $70 until July 15, and then $85 at the door. In the la...

EA Mythic Throwing Dark Age Convention This Fall
    EA Mythic has announced it will be holding a convention his fall to celebrate the five year anniversary of Dark Age of Camelot. The event will be held at the Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas...

On this day in 2005

Party Count Down: Five Weeks To Go
   Over the next month you'll be hearing more about our Seventh Birthday Party. In exactly five weeks we'll be meeting online in #Wingnut for our annual super celebration. It'll take place Wednesday eve...

News From the Front
   My dad and I had occasion to visit the annual Battle of Gettysburg Re-Enactment this past weekend. Much to my surprise, Wing Commander author William R. Forstchen (and co-author Newt Gingrich) were si...

On this day in 2004

Trivia Game 5 Begins
   It's now just five weeks until the CIC's Sixth Birthday, and we're holding a summer trivia game to celebrate. Because of the shorter length, there's a second bonus question each week, for a total of ...

Ultima X Cancelation Probed Further By Slashdot
   It looks like Slashdot felt the UXO cancelation deserved some further discussion. It is sort of an interesting situation, what with this being the second canceled attempt at a full Ultima Online sequ...

On this day in 2003

Dutch Prophecy Review
   TC spotted that Inside Gamer has reviewed Prophecy GBA, but since it is in Dutch, we had to wait for Kris to translate it for us. According to Kris, the review starts with a summary of earlier WC game...

Have You Seen Vega Strike Lately?
   Instead of artwork, how about some screenshots for a change? These screenshots were taken from Vega Strike, a game based on Wing Commander. Privateer ships never looked so good. ...

Memories From DragonCon, 52 Days To Go
   In this shot LOAF and WildWeasel commandeer a random table. Unfortunately the authorities came to remove them before long. It wasn't the last table we lost at the convention. Comments: B...

On this day in 2001

UO2 Redux?
   LumTheMad is reporting that Origin is developing the next generation of UO, dubbed UO 2.0, in Austin... Why is this important? Because it sounds like EA hasn't given up on Origin as a development stud...

Bar None
   More from Brad McKinstry -- this bar will be used in Wing Commander Universe... ...

Armada Sector of the Day: Sector 10
   Here's part ten... ...

From: Davis & Co., Armaments and Supplies
   A band of pirates have seized a large shipment of armaments traveling between Bex (Nav 2) and Hephaestus (Nav 1). The shipment consists of two ships, which are now traveling totally unescorted. They p...

On this day in 2000

Most Expensive Kilrathi Saga Auction Ends
   Although there was one auction that went up to $559, last night we saw what we believe to be the most expensive Kilrathi Saga ever sold. The final price was $360. As a small bonus, it also included ...

To Vote or Not to Vote
   First it was X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, now it's Freespace 1/2. Over at the Nuclear Winter Gaming Network Wing Commander has slipped back into second space.. er.. place Although at one time in this poll...

On this day in 1999

Unlimited Replayability is Here!
   If you're in the US, today's the big day for July. The DVD goes on sale today and the video is up for rental. Here's Vincent Formosa's DVD case cover again. LOAF probably has something witty to say...

A Look Back at Wing Commander 2
   Rick Stutz, CEO/Editor of sent us the following about their look back at the classic Wing Commander 2.It's time to whip out your joystick and prepare for some raunchy action once again as...

Get Out There And Vote
   It's something I've noticed several times and never given more than a frustrated second thought. LocoMan reminded us this morning that there's more on the Internet Movie Database than the Wing Command...

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