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On this day in 2021

All About Pulsars
   Spacedock has produced another slick sci-fi lore video, and Wing Commander gets some nice mentions this time out. Rather than focus on one specific ship or element, the subject here is the broad conc...

On this day in 2020

Boxy WC4 Ad Hits the Highlights
   Here's a nifty advertisement courtesy of Game Magazine Print Ads and RetroMags. It comes from the January 1996 edition of Next Generation, which was prime time for getting everyone hyped about Wing C...

On this day in 2019

Is V Greater Than IV?
   Great reward after a long week: two more Wing Commander CCG paintings! Dralthi IV vs. Hellcat V, as nature intended. ...

On this day in 2018

Cardboard Minis Engage in Tabletop Warfare
   Adm_Maverick is back with a big update on his papercraft Wing Commander fighters. He recently shared some of his templates and techniques on how to make these awesome little fighters with a home prin...

On this day in 2017

We're Number 239!
    Polygon has put together a massive a feature on the 500 best games of all time. Wing Commander has made many, many such lists in its time, but this might be the longest - and furthest down - ...

On this day in 2016

Retro Gaming Podcast Interviews The Fat Man
   Retro Hour, a UK-based retro gaming podcast, has posted an in-depth audio interview with Wing Commander composer George The Fat Man Sanger. They talk about the origins of his artist name, his early wo...

On this day in 2015

Organic Hull Texture Featured On New Devil Ray Models
   Dark Sentinel is back with some more fantastic looking Nephilim renders. He's made a variety of slick looking bug ships this year, but these might be his best output yet. The shimmery detail that em...

On this day in 2014

This Heavy Fighter's a Forward Striker
   ScoobyDoo has recreated another prominent Privateer 2 fighter, the Ashearer. If you're not up on your Tri-System ship identification, this bird was the star of the Papogod Clan arsenal. Its weapons ...

On this day in 2013

New WC Editing Resource Comes Online
   delMar has recently gotten into the exciting WC modification discussions at the CIC Forums where Wingnuts from all over are digging into what makes the first couple Wing Commanders tick. He's decided...

On this day in 2012

It's Nomination Time Again
   Another exciting year is blazing by, so it's time for us to start winding down 2012! This includes our annual Fan Project & Web Site of the Year contests! Wingnuts have a chance to nominate their fa...

SolSector Secures Select Sites
   Many of the fan projects and websites credited above are still online today thanks to - the CIC's internal hosting service. Although a few sites have chosen to close over the years, the...

On this day in 2011

CORRECTION: Wing Commander Academy Art
   Good news for those fearing that Mark Hamill's name would be spelled wrong on the Wing Commander Academy DVD box: it turns out the 'nebula' version seen last week on Visual Entertainment Inc.'s Facebo...

On this day in 2010

No More Jumping into Infinity in Ascii Sector
   Ascii Sector has been updated once again with a very mixed bag of bug fixes and gameplay improvements. The latest tweaks make a lot of sense: if a Confed ship is attacked during a contraband scan, it...

Wing Commander IV Storyboards - Scene 218
   Scene 218 was worth the wait--a far more impressive cutscene of the action on Circe X! The scene looks like it would originally have involved live action soldiers and a massive bombing run of Banshees...

On this day in 2009

Two Dimensions is Plenty
   Flanker has a set of new Wing Commander art projects, and they're gorgeous! He's got several views of sharp looking blueprints and diagrams in the works that may be used in WC Saga. There is also so...

D-A-C Compared to Arena
   IGN has posted a new review of the awkwardly named Star Trek D-A-C (Deathmatch, Assault, Conquest). It's a top-down shooter for XBox Live Arcade/PC/Playstation 3 Network game that follows in the foot...

On this day in 2008

Burrows Gets a Facelift
   John Cordell and the Gemini Gold team has been working on a higher resolution version of the Grayson Burrows talking head. He's interested in feedback on the results so far. The original is on the l...

Making the Games: Multi-Commander Tree
   Here's a tree you don't have to decorate: the Multi-Commander Campaign Mission Tree. Again, clearly a very early concept... but intriguing none the less. (Final mission: "WE KICKED ASS AND ARE DEFENDI...

On this day in 2007

Asteroids Rock!
   Today's poll asks which Wing Commander games have your favorite asteroids. This might be because you prefer the challenge of dodging tightly packed rocks in one game, or you could vote based on the r...

Point of Origin: Vol. III, No. 33
   The year seems to be starting out well, according to the February 26th, 1993 issue of Point of Origin. Both EA and the industry at large are interested in expanding the game development market in Aust...

On this day in 2006

Vengeance Of The Fan Fiction
    It's been a busy year at the CIC Fan Fiction Forum for Dahan, and he's posted two new pieces of writing just this week. The first is the beginning of a new story titled Confed Vengeance (comm...

Saga Conducting Beta Test
    Here's the latest status update on the prologue preview of WC Saga. A team of testers is going over the first chapter now to identify and clean up bugs. It've been two hectic weeks: we'v...

On this day in 2005

BREAKING NEWS: RIP, Digital Anvil 1996-2005
    Gamespot has announced that Microsoft will close their Austin Digital Anvil studios in the next month. The professional news sites will probably eulogize Digital Anvil as the prov...

On this day in 2004

The Big GBA vs DS Match-up
   To celebrate the launch of the Nintendo DS in Japan this morning, we've got some exciting comparison shots featuring Wing Commander Prophecy on the Gameboy Advance and the new DS. The dif...

On this day in 2003

CIC On The Move - Scheduled Downtime
   Some time in the next 36 hours the CIC server will be moved to a new datacenter. If all goes according to plan, there will be a downtime of up to 4 hours, during which it will seem as if we never exis...

More Macross Ships Coming This Week
   Determined to keep working hard on his unusual Macross mod, Blackwolf has announced a number of ships that will be incorporated into the Secret Ops engine this week. If you're a Macross fan, you can ...

On this day in 2001

Holding The Line Chapter 111
   What would a weekend be without a new Holding The Line chapter? I don't know, but here's Raptor to tell you about this latest one.Hey all, Raptor here.HTL continues with Part Three of the "Fate's Edge...

On this day in 2000

This Path Leads to Truth
   Okay, people, we have a mission! Peter Telep, author of Wing Commander and Pilgrim Stars, has offered to give us the outline for Pilgrim Truth -- if we do him a favor. We need anyone who can to read R...

Star Wars: Galaxies
   The official site for Verant's Star Wars Galaxies MMP game is now online! What's this have to do with Wing Commander? The SW:G team is lead by Raph Koster and Rich Vogel, who previously worked on Orig...

On a Lighter Note...
   Those of you who remember the WCESCRP should check out yesterday's Penny Arcade. Eerie!...

Final Conflict Help
   Here's a test rendering from the Final Conflict movie, which Rylex was kind enough to send to us! He notes that it's from scene 1 of the movie, and is still lacking stars. Additionally, he is looking ...

Invasion Help
   WildCat of the Invasion mod for Star Trek: Armada is looking for help exporting models to SoftImage 3D. Contact him if you've experience in such matters....

On this day in 1999

The Clock Ticks
   There's just one day left to submit nominations for the Wing Commander Site of the Year award! Be sure to send in your favorite... voting amongst those nominated will take place soon. Important: pleas...

Sad, But True
   X-Toy's Wing Commander action figures made the list at The Onion's Cheap Toy Roundup '99! Read the article here....

A New Anvil
   The Digital Anvil web site has been given a new paint job... it now sports an over-Flashed look a la Origin. Draw your own conclusions....

Flower Show Ends on a High
   Gardening journalist Tony Knox reports from Hermes. Well, this month's Flower and Vegetable Festival is over, and as usual enthusiasts from all planets have provided an enthralling display. All that's...

On this day in 1998

Like a Pro
   Ivan Strougatski reports that the January issue of PC Pro (in the UK) includes a coverdisk with all seven episodes of Secret Ops. One more way to get it......

More to Look Forward To
   In continuing his life's mission Cpl Hades got this scoop from the kind people over at LightSpeed Fine Art... looks like everybody's making us wait till January! But I'm excited...Information specific...

Jump Out
   Matthew Lillard's Official Web Site there's a little reference to Wing Commander in an article about Lillard in the latest issue of Jump Magazine. At least they're starting to promote it......

Tech Update
    The lads over at 3Dfx have released new Win95/98/NT (AGP and PCI) reference drivers for their Banshee board. Now, if you don't have a reference board from 3Dfx, these probably won't work for you (th...

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