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On this day in 2020

Large or Small, We Love Them All
   EpytronOmega has been diligently working on rendering Wing Commander ships over the last few months, and he's got several sharp models to show for it. His first two designs exist at opposite ends of ...

On this day in 2019

All Wings Considered Episode 9 Trailer
   Episode 9 of All Wings Considered is almost here! This week the team reviews another ship from the Tri-System and then heads over to the Deneb Quadrant to fawn over the Morningstar. It's also the se...

On this day in 2018

High Tech 1995 Preview Covers Wing Commander 4
   Here's another cool CD-based review from the Interactive Entertainment magazine. We shared Episode 19 with a Privateer 2 preview last week, and here's Episode 20 on Wing Commander 4. Like the previo...

Wing Commander Meme of the Day: Waiting Skeleton
   Gotta protect those 'sports ...

On this day in 2017

Wingmen Back from the Dead!
   Happy Easter, WingNuts! In honor of the holiday, we present a list of Wing Commander characters who (intentionally or--often--otherwise) came back from the dead! (Presented in the spirit of good humor...

Happy CIC Easter!
   Hope you all had an eggscellent Easter out there! ...

On this day in 2016

Freedom Flight "Half" Ebook Released!
   Baen has partially released Wing Commander Freedom Flight has an ebook! The company is known for putting out draft half-manuscripts for its upcoming novels, so even though the book is already long co...

On this day in 2015

WC Skin Pack Jazzes Up Modern Jets
   Cannon Song has put together a nifty skin pack for Vector Thrust, a new flight sim based around today's fighter jet designs. Rather than import Wing Commander models though, he's reimagined the paint...

On this day in 2014

Wing Commander Tastes Metal
   Wing Commander fans are constantly impressing us with their creativity. We love seeing what Wingnuts will come up with next. 'Michael Lochlann' recently debuted a new rock mix of the Wing Commander 1...

On this day in 2013

Warbirds Infiltrate Civilian Population
   The Terran Fleet Supply has been hard at work fueling the war machine of the Confederation and Empire. Now that Wingnuts like you and me have gotten a chance to get their hands on these gorgeous crea...

On this day in 2012

WC Saga Mission Editor Released
   Wing Commander Saga's developers have released a toolkit for creating new missions for their game engine. One of the most notable contributions is a code template for mimicking Wing Commander's fly-by...

On this day in 2011

New Poll Focuses on Iconic Briefings
   There's a new poll today that asks which 'wing commander' delivered the best mission briefings. Colonel Halcyon had the original games on lock, but there was more diversity in Wing Commander 2 and ev...

On this day in 2010

WC Composer Awakens Astronauts
    LeHah noticed that David Arnold's "Theme from Stargate" was used to wake up the crew of the shuttle Discovery this morning. NASA has put together this feature to describe how wakeup calls are...

Syndicate Title Registered by EA
   Various news sites are reporting that Starbreeze Studios and Electronic Arts have registered the name "Syndicate" with the US Copyright Office. Though still not officially announced, all indications ...

On this day in 2009

Press D For Decoy
   The Wing Commander Saga website has been updated with another batch of screenshots. This time they show off their Kilrathi missile designs. The first two images are of a heavy ship-to-ship missile an...

Making the Game: Mission S6
   Mission S6 is very similar to S5; or at least neither has been entirely planned out yet. It would cover whichever advanced topics weren't addressed in the previous mission. These updates are thanks...

On this day in 2008

Revamped Ralari Readied For Battle
   After a virtual fleet of amazing human capships, Howard Day has returned to Kilrathi models. This Ralari is based off the original design shown in WC Pioneer's announcement update, but the mesh has b...

Aces Club Reaches Its Teens
    Another US tax day has come and gone, so that means the Wing Commander Aces Club is another year older. Long time Wingnuts will remember the Aces the largest organized body of Wing Commander ...

On this day in 2007

The Vanguard Nears
   HammerHead caught something we missed for our ship article -- a second Wing Commander Arena Rapier II is revealed in GameSpot's Sean Penney interview: the F-44 Rapier II Vanguard! He captured two scre...

Lost But Not Forgotten
   In yesterday's interview update I mentioned putting together an article about the history of 'lost' Wing Commander novels... and now it's available! This short article collects information which has b...

On this day in 2006

Action Picks Up In Comic Story
   Fongsaunder's Wing Commander comic story has been updated with several new pages. In the latest installment, pilots from the TCS Enterprise discover that the system they've jumped into is crawling wi...

Poll: Deathstroke Takes A Holiday
   Nobody knows made up holidays like WingNuts know made up holidays... and now you have to pick from seven of our favorites. Which Wing Commander-created holiday do you take off work for? Did all that t...

On this day in 2005

Hit The Classic Privateer Stop is a stylized resource for a small number of elite classic video games. Each one of their featured games gets an in-depth walkthrough and resource guide. Recently Wing Commander Pri...

Got Cards?
   If you're one of the few hardy collectors of the Wing Commander Customizable Card Game, we might be able to help eachother out. Even if you have a complete set, there's always room for a second or a ...

EB Sale A Bust
   Unfortunately, it looks like most people who tried to order cheap copies of Prophecy Advance during the EB sale last week won't be receiving their copy. strives to fill all of the ord...

On this day in 2004

Official Origin Wallpapers Available Again
   LOAF has added the official Origin graphics to our Wallpapers Section. Because they are in the area of ten years old (wow!), the resolutions are not as high as what people are used to today. The Ori...

New Chris Roberts Film Released, Punish or Perish
   The new cinema adaptation of The Punisher releases to theaters in Canada and the United States today. Chris Roberts is executive producer on this one. His next two movies should be The Big White and...

Bill Forstchen Breaks His Ribs
   There's a bit of odd news from the William Forstchen front. His official site reports that the famous Wing Commander novel author broke some ribs doing who-knows-what in who-knows-where. On othe...

On this day in 2003

Still Waiting & Wondering
   As of this writing Kaybee still hasn't changed their listing for Prophecy Advance. They still list it as shipping April 16 here, which is a good and bad thing. It's good news that a release date has...

MyJemm Site Up & Additional Observations
   If you didn't catch it earlier, Ross Ridge's homepage should be in working order now. His MyJEMM area here also features icons that you can use while playing Privateer in Windows (95/98/ME). Karl Fr...

Wing Commander Aces Turn Eight
   The longest running active Wing Commander Club, the WC Aces turned eight years old this April 15. I'll leave it to one of the club's founders to sum it up. It's April 15, 2003 I Just want to wi...

WCPolaroids: Maniac (6/12)
   You ever wonder what it'd be like if they'd have chosen a callsign besides "Maniac." What would that be like? ...

On this day in 2002

Lighting the Flash Game
   Emperor Quark has created a nifty Wing Commander Strategy game using Macromedia Flash. You can try your hand at it here (700k) -- a great way to waste those long hours at work. Requires Flash 6, avail...

And Speaking of Flash...
   Happy has done a super-neat animated CIC logo! Check it out here. Flying one's and zeros -- take that, old Origin site!...

On this day in 2001

Trivia 3, Week 25
   If this week's trivia were the age of Jason Bondarvesky, it'd be the same as that given at the start of End Run...Welcome to Game Three, Week Twenty-Five Trivia. We play each week. Every Monday two ma...

Jolly Bengal
   Two amazing new screenshots of Unknown Enemy's Bengal class Strike Cruiser (they're everywhere!). The carrier was recently re-textured by the talented WildCat -- who is also working on re-doing the Sc...

High-Res Carriers
   The Invasion team posted some wonderful new renders -- they've re-textured the Concordia, Durango, Vesuvius and Fralthi II class ships... with excellent results! ...

Invasion Plus?
   Another interesting layer to Invasion -- Mike12 has proposed doing a space-sim mod that will complement the Star Trek Armada mod's story -- following the Midway after Secret Ops. He's even created a t...

Fun Fiction
   NoRemorse has written a Wing Commander story! You can find it, titled "Battle Frenzy", divided into two sections -- the prologue and the first chapter. I certainly enjoyed it... he asks that you send ...

Background Characters
   More artwork from the Chat Zone: panther has created some Wing Commander character wallpaper at his site -- you can find it here (along with some similar Babylon 5 work)....

On this day in 2000

Ten Best Sidekicks Feature
   Asterix reports that Gamespot is running a Ten Best Sidekicks feature. One of the sidekicks you can vote for is Maniac. A snippet from his page:Maniac and Blair had a love-hate relationship throughout...

Hey, It's Not a Star Trek Site
   Sci-Fi Gaming at has put together one of the most Wing Commanderish Starlancer previews yet. Otherwise they hit the story basics and give the game a good rating for solid, though not...

Defence Secretary Resigns After Sex Shocker
   Scandal-digger Tania Gell reports. Selton Tubsworth, Defence Secretary for Hades, revealed that he would be standing down from his position in a press conference this morning. His resignation comes tw...

On this day in 1999

Many! Exclamation! Marks!
   The CIC's very own Chris Reid is the star in the latest interview and of course the subject is our beloved WC with a side order of Starlancer/Freelancer and CIC questions. CIC accepts no re...

Revised French Release Date
   Marc Charlot reports that, and say the Wing Commander movie is expected to begin showing in theaters in France on June 23 instead of the previously reported J...

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