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Convention Gallery - Sunday, September 3, 2006

ChrisReid: It was a long night, so we were slow to wake up.

LOAF: Before we forget, lets thank Ecco the Dolphin for designing these stately new hotel lamps.

ChrisReid: Frosty had a long night too.

LOAF: A long night of not shaving! HAH! I'm sorry, there's just not much to work with here.

ChrisReid: By the time everyone was up and moving, it was time for lunch. The Oriental Express was my favorite this year.

LOAF: Well, good luck trying to get soups a la carte.

ChrisReid: Time to hit the dealers room.

LOAF: Nothing says 'Dragon' better than a chesty girl-pirate. Just sayin'.

ChrisReid: This is the expansion pack to the Doom board game that Frosty bought last year. I ended up buying Space Risk later.

LOAF: This is actually the shareware version of the DooM board game. They give it away free -- Frosty has the full version, which has four times as many levels.

ChrisReid: Blonde wanted to check out the booth of autographs from semi-famous celebrities who may or may not have been at the convention.

LOAF: The boys in the lab are always trying to come up with less and less attractive photographs of Jodie Foster to have her sign.

ChrisReid: I bet this guy doesn't have to do dishes very often.

LOAF: Because he always eats alone.

ChrisReid: There were lots of very nice Star Trek paintings for sale. This one was like $400.

LOAF: This was "Lightspeed Fine Art". They changed their story about whether or not they had ever done a Wing Commander painting again this year. Now they did, but it's sold out and we'll never find it.

Also, if they're so smart, where's Captain Pike? Eh? What do you have to say now, big man? I thought so.

ChrisReid: Blonde and I each bought season 4 of Red vs Blue so we could get a discount, and we had these guys sign them.

LOAF: That's KrisRead and BAGUETTE, they're the hardcore R&B fans who run

ChrisReid: Hey Frosty, what's up with airbrush artwork?


ChrisReid: Here's a couple of tomb raiders for LOAF.

LOAF: The girl on the left is definately missing her true calling, dressing up as the evil alternate universe Major Kira.

ChrisReid: Here's a shot of Teonnyn for Meson.


ChrisReid: It started to get late very quickly, so we made plans to buy an ice cream cake.

LOAF: I hadn't explained to Chris the concept of a non-sequitur, so we fought a Walrus bare-handed.

ChrisReid: Someone is outside our room!

LOAF: At what point shall we expect the approach of danger? By what means shall we fortify against it?

ChrisReid: It was Halman.

LOAF: This isn't really my bag.

ChrisReid: We might've let the cake sit a little too long, so we rushed Frosty to decorate it.

LOAF: He was going to write PISS OFF, but ran out of space.

ChrisReid: Here's the final cake.

LOAF: A pie is basically a crust full of fruit.

ChrisReid: Cake party!

LOAF: I wonder whose job it is to pick out inoffensive black and white photographs to hang three-in-a-row on hotel room walls.

ChrisReid: We had a lot of trouble trying to finish the last of it up.

LOAF: What a shocking excess, people in Third World countries can barely get enough regular cake with in their diets. Lets mail it to Delance.

ChrisReid: With the cake taken care of, we decided to figure out how to play Space Risk. It was kind of complicated, but it all looked really cool. LOAF read the rules as we played. A few things were kind of confusing, but it was neat.

LOAF: We never even used the moon, which is odd -- in general, we like the moon. Because it's close to us. Any coupon works.

ChrisReid: A couple hours into the game, we took a break to grab food from the lobby store.

LOAF: The quiet eroticism of a man grasping cheese sticks and staring down some chick's shirt.

ChrisReid: ace decided to buy some juice.

LOAF: Juice... is responsible for all the wars in the world.

ChrisReid: A nighttime food run sounds great right now.

LOAF: Chris, I said, don't relocate to sub-saharan Africa, the job market won't be as good, the school system is inferior and also you'll also starve to death. But did you listen?

ChrisReid: ace's juice tasted awful.

LOAF: But irregularly shaped bottles of wine from hotel gift-shops are usually of such fine vintage.

ChrisReid: You might be wondering where Hades and everyone else was around this time. They were cruising the hotel for costumes. I think these guys are supposed to be Batman villains.

LOAF: Better ask LeHah. Not because he knows Batman, because he's a veritable encyclopedia of information on internet skanks.

ChrisReid: This must be some British thing.

LOAF: You'd think dressing up as Rose Tyler would be really, really easy (costume - have blonde hair)... but you really can't really demean the amount of effort people who brought their own Dalek to the party have put in.

ChrisReid: And here's Jabba the Hut again. Hades made it to some parties after this, but the photographs are too hot for television.

LOAF: I wonder what thought process goes through the head of someone figuring out their giant Jabba the hut. Boy, I want to lug around a giant paper-mache Star Wars monster... but I only want it to be 3/4ths scale.

ChrisReid: Meanwhile, back in the hotel room, we finally finished the game. ace won!

LOAF: Because he doesn't use drugs.

ChrisReid: This was the last night in Atlanta. I think this picture sums up the feeling.

LOAF: See, Frosty's computer is a Mac... but Chris' is a PC. One of them is good for spreadsheets and graphs, and the other one is good for winning an awesome surf contest and partying down with Elvis. Also, I think they give you money when you use it.

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