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Pre Convention Gallery - Sunday, August 27, 2006

ChrisReid: Good morning, rise and shine!

LOAF: Did anyone look in the hidden door adjecent to the bed? It's full of stuffed fish.

ChrisReid: Joe came by to drop off Hades for a day full of fun.

LOAF: And this is how Shadowcaster eats a bagel!

ChrisReid: Everyone crammed into the car for the ride to the new National Air & Space Museum complex.

LOAF: We couldn't a-Ford a bigger car!

ChrisReid: An SR-71 Blackbird.

LOAF: Cobra designed the SR-71 to combat that F-14 that GI Joe has.

Frosty: There's something supernatural about the SR-71. It looks like it might just get up and eat one of the other airplanes at random.

ChrisReid: Here we are in the Boeing Aviation Hangar.

LOAF: Adjacent to the Airbus Pay-Toilet Arena.

ChrisReid: The neatest thing in the museum is the Space Shuttle Enterprise.

LOAF: I would argue that the neatest thing in the museum is the Gemini paraglider concept vehicle. Because I am kind of a jerk.

Frosty: For some reason, Enterprise still wasn't fully re-assembled, but we love it anyway. You can't really understand how huge it is until you walk up to it.

ChrisReid: The Shuttle looked great.

LOAF: And Keptin... she is the Enterprise.

ChrisReid: This is a Boeing 367-80 which was the prototype for the 707 and future passenger jetliners.

LOAF: 367 minus... Oh, you mean the Boeing 287. Damned math majors.

ChrisReid: Here's the 737 part of the modern commercial aviation board.

LOAF: What's that directly in back of your head? Is it that British plane with the square windows that killed everyone? Or something worse?

ChrisReid: The McDonald's in the NASM is very expensive.

LOAF: And they trick you into buying a parfait, and a parfait isn't good. Not at all.

Frosty: Also, they skim nuggets off the top, thinking you won't notice, but our detailed nugget audit blew that wide open.

ChrisReid: Here's Frosty.

LOAF: Put that camera down, I have something important to show you!

Frosty: Hi you.

ChrisReid: This is a great picture of the CIC Staff in front of the NASM's tower (Frosty is standing in for KrisV).

LOAF: A large concrete ball is standing in for Hadrian. It does more work, too (and ultimately gets more women to sit on it).

ChrisReid: After the museum we all went to Joe's house to visit the Origin Museum.

LOAF: For someone who made all this happen, Paula doesn't get much screen time.

ChrisReid: Here's Joe's main space sim area.

LOAF: People forget that Ultima 1 included a space sim.

ChrisReid: ace checks out the only existing prototype toy Dralthi for the Wing Commander movie line of toys.

LOAF: Somewhere, Bob Lomonoco is quietly weeping.

ChrisReid: The Kats.

LOAF: How'd you get that hat, Joe? How'd you get that hat?

ChrisReid: We spent several hours going through boxes of archived materials that EA donated a while back.

LOAF: We spent a long time talking about Space Rogue and its assosciated attractive male model. Ah, would that we had all the time in the world and could have touched on Moebius, too.

ChrisReid: Joe has a rare Ultima sword that was hanging on the wall. At one point, Frosty bumped into it and it fell down on a box full of games. This copy of Alpha Centauri had been autographed by Sid Meier.

LOAF: There's nothing funnier I can say than what actually happened.

Frosty: Over the years, it's become clear to everyone that my purpose in the collective is to be that guy. Sid, Joe, guy out there who rabidly loves Alpha Centauri for whatever reason, I'm sorry.

ChrisReid: Here's a shot from behind the museum's bar.

LOAF: I wonder why everyone is so happy about Ultima VI.

ChrisReid: There were many old Origin slides in the boxes. We examined each one - some had never before seen material.

LOAF: If you ever wanted to see 3,000 pictures of Andy Hollis looking stern, look no further than the holdings of the Origin Museum.

ChrisReid: Paula went out and got everyone dinner.

LOAF: Look at all you suckerfishes with your "salads" and "meals that aren't burgers".

Frosty: I'd never had food from whatever place that was, before. Mine had pineapple in it. I liked that.

ChrisReid: This box was full of source material for printed advertisements and documentation.

LOAF: Whoever can remove Excalibur from the box shall become the true Lord of... oh, it was Hades, nevermind.

ChrisReid: This is Toast.

LOAF: Actually, according to Commander Keen 4: The Universe is Toast.

Frosty: Everyone likes Toast.

ChrisReid: More important Wing Commander research.

LOAF: We found a lot of amazing things that need to be scanned -- there's some unused SWC art in one of those advertisements!

ChrisReid: Silas noticed that Joe's toilet works backwards. The new water comes in from the back and waste goes out through the front somehow.

LOAF: This is the picture he plans to use when applying for internships next year.

ChrisReid: Late in the night, Joe set up a big projector and we watched neat Wing Commander clips on the screen.

LOAF: We were just trying to cover up all the heat generated by those firey Ultima VIII boxes.

ChrisReid: I was super tired, so Blonde drove home and I got to sit in the back with ace and Frosty.

LOAF: You got a small amount of water on Frosty! He's MELTING!

Frosty: What a world.

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