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Pre Convention Gallery - Thursday, August 24, 2006 to Saturday, August 26, 2006

ChrisReid: I flew a Comair CRJ for my connecting flight to New York. A couple days later, one of these crashed and killed 49 passengers nearby.

LOAF: Look at the cheesy water texture on that airplane; this is real life, not Cybermage (Darklight Awakening).

ChrisReid: The wings were pretty small.

LOAF: It's not the size of the wings, it's the... swing of the... something.

ChrisReid: I spent a couple days hanging out with ace and Blonde in New York. Blonde showed me her new office building.

LOAF: She's just going to h angaround the bushes while we eat? It's her way.

ChrisReid: The Dunkin Donuts in New York are very fancy and much bigger than I've ever seen before.

LOAF: This is actually a special Dunkin Donuts for millionaires and mayor's sons, where they serve donuts ordinary people have never heard of. One quadruple-Boston crystal-cream, please, Jeeves -- chop chop.

ChrisReid: On Saturday, August 26, we took the train from Albany to Baltimore to meet up with LOAF.

LOAF: What's red and red and red all over? The Albany train station!

ChrisReid: We got a rental car. It had a sixth seat in the center and someone's fancy digital camera in the glove box.

LOAF: Blonde made a fatal mistake in pointing out to Chris where the driver sits.

ChrisReid: It took a long time to find LOAF's house. Even with the GPS navigator, we had to reroute around new construction a bunch.

LOAF: ace has something in his front pocket for us.

ChrisReid: But we eventually made it to LOAF's house and found him and Frosty!



ChrisReid: Here's LOAF's bedroom.

LOAF: I like how the parts of my giant DVD collection that you can see in this picture are every episode of Friends and Felicity.

ChrisReid: Joe brought Hades by and we all examined some of LOAF's impressive artifacts.

LOAF: We'd better delete this one. That framed picture on my desk doesn't look good in today's post-Crocodile Hunter climate.

ChrisReid: LOAF's brother, Silas, grilled hamburgers outside.

LOAF: Don't worry about the fire, he was in Ladder 49.

Frosty: Apparently, Silas prefers to use clumps of ants instead of charcoal briquettes. Mmmm, smokey.

ChrisReid: And here's the result.

LOAF: I'm seeing septuple -- fourteen burgers!

ChrisReid: Time to eat.

LOAF: My emotions appear directly over my head, just like a The Sims.

ChrisReid: Then we all went to see Snakes on a Plane!

LOAF: Way to park or stand in a fire lane, jerks.

Frosty: Not depicted: evil, thrill-seeking teens running atop parked cars.

ChrisReid: After the movie, it was time for Joe and Hades to go home.

LOAF: You space bastard! You killed one of my pines!

Frosty: I rock that Snakes on a Plane shirt like I was born wearing it.

ChrisReid: And everyone fell asleep.

LOAF: Blonde looks incredibly uncomfortable.

Frosty: Behold my terrible haircut. It was free, and so I feel no remorse.

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