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Sector Gemini Sector
Quadrant Fariss Quadrant
Allegiance Church of Man
Notable Places Gaea
Jump Links Valhalla, Raxis

Eden is a star system in the Fariss Quadrant of the Gemini Sector featuring Gaea, the home world of the Church of Man. From the original settlement of Gemini through 2670, Eden was stricken from official Gunther Projections of the Sector (including all official Akwende Projections) thanks to a large bribe paid by the Church to Governor Menesch during his administration. The system's existence was revealed to privateer Grayson Burrows when a high ranking member of the Church of Man arranged for the assassination of the Church's then-leader, Mordecai Jones, following the theft of Burrows' Steltek Gun. The system has since been re-added to official maps of the Sector.

There are rumors of a jump point that leads directly between Eden and the Raxis system, though any such jump tunnel remains uncharted.

Nav Point Reference

  • Nav 1: Jump to the Valhalla System.
  • Nav 2: Gaea, Home World of the Church of Man.

Hidden Nav Points: Asteroid Field between Nav 1 and Nav 2.



  • Church of Man Temple (-2670)

Encounter Probabilities