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Duke Grecko# 1491 

Name Duke Grecko
Callsign Big Duke One
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Human
Family Jenny Grecko (daughter)
Died 2668.365
About Duke Grecko had been friends with Tolwyn since their academy days. He is only 5 ft tall. People called him Big Duke because of his "pugnacious attitude", always looking for a fight.

As a marine commandaner, Grecko was in charge of the entire landing assault on Vukar Tag on 2667.160. He went in with the commando battalion to lead the assault himself from the ground. Grecko was known even to Thrakhath as the best marine division commander. In the holo recording sent from Vukar Tag, Grecko is seen relieving himself against the palace walls. Grecko lost an arm in the Kilrathi bombardment of Vukar Tag, but he had a new one generated.

Two years later during the false armistice, Duke was a Marine general on the Joint Chiefs, and sole survivor of the explosion that killed the Joint Chiefs. He had walked out of the meeting with the ambassador, and had been at the far end of the corridor when the bomb went off. The explosion ripped off Grecko's left arm. Luckily, it was an artificial arm that replaced the one lost at Vukar Tag. The limb absorbed a blow from a falling pillar that would otherwise have killed him.

By the time the Confederation found out about the secret Kilrathi fleet, Grecko was the head of the Joint Chiefs. Grecko intended to board the incoming Kilrathi ships with Marine landing crafts.

When Grecko's unit boarded a Kilrathi carrier, they tried to get at far into the ship as possible to detonate an anti-matter mine. Grecko's good arm was shattered by a grenade onboard the Kilrathi flagship. Grecko volunteered to stay with the mine, giving the team time to get out, and was killed when the mine was detonated.

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Record edited by Cpl Hades
Last modified Aug 10 2003


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