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Jim Merritt# 1528 

Name Jim Merritt
Rank Brigadier General
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Human
About Jim Merritt, considered by the Kilrathi as the best division commander of the human assault marines, is CO of the Marine First Commando Battalion “Cat Killers”, a match for the Imperial Guard.
In 266? he is becomes a convoy Commandant when his Commando Battalion is pulled from a fight out past the Niven Section to join with nine regiments of marines and shipped out to Khartoum Station in the Uruk sector for planet assault training exercises in the rear. One week before they reach their destination Co Merritt receives orders to double back and join the assault on Vukar Tag. “Big Duke One,” Marine Commandant in charge on the entire assault, gives him a special assignment to blow the palace complex.
Assignment complete, losing only ten percent, and less then twelve hours after the assault begins, the battle still being fought, marine transport Bangor, carrying the First Marine Battalion, and Tarawa are diverted to the Niven Sector. Here they receive their orders to join Strike Force Valkyrie in diversionary assault on Largkza, the second moon of Kilrah. Co. Merritt leads the ground assault destroying six carriers in their construction bays a cruiser assembly bay, and four thousand technicians including a high level design and engineering team.
For his part in operation Backlash Jim Merritt receives the Medal of Honor. He is promoted to Brigadier General, in command of First Marine Regiment, after Brigadier General Gonzales dies during the bombardment of Vukar Tag.

Physical description: Squat pug of a man who shaves his head bald. An infectious grin with several chipped teeth, “like an ugly dog that suddenly broke into a fit of tail wagging.”

Personality: Blunt, forthright, very strong willed, and use to getting his way.

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