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Svetlana Ivanova# 1529 

Name Svetlana Ivanova
Callsign Talker
Rank Catpain
Faction Terran Confederation
Race Human
Born Alpha Centauri, Razin (Russian Colony)
Homeworld Alpha Centauri, Razin (Russian Colony)
About Svetlanna lost half her family to the war. Her father was a Confed pilot and died when she was young At eighteen she leaves home to join Confed to fly. Two years later she meets up with Bear at officer’s candidates flight school. Both were drawn to each other first as friends from home, but the relationship had quickly blossomed into something more. All she wanted to do was fly. When she failed on her “Advanced Spaceflight and Jump Point Physics” course exam she decided if she couldn’t fly she’d go where the action was and refused to pull an assignment on board the Gettysburg with Bear, where they could have been together, perhaps even gotten married.
(Seven years later.)
With her flight background it was determined that she would be the best one to run air-to-ground strike coordination’s for the Marine First Commando Battalion “Cat Killers”. Injured on her second landing she lost her entire company while she was laid up on what would have been her third landing. She’s taken part in sixteen landings, five combat landings in the last year alone, and the liberation of four human worlds including Khosan.
Svetlanna and her Commando Battalion are pulled from a fight out past the Niven Section to join with nine regiments of marines and shipped out to Khartoum Station in the Uruk sector for planet assault training exercises in the rear. One week before they reach their destination Co Merritt receives orders to double back and join the assault on Vukar Tag. “Big Duke One,” Marine Commandant in charge on the entire assault, gives them a special assignment to blow the palace complex.
Svetlanna receives a field promotion to Major in charge of Company C after their leader dies in the assault to storm and rig the construction yards on Largkza, the second moon of Kilrah, to explode. Her landing craft is damaged taking off and crashes back on the moon killing all but thirty five of the marines aboard. Knowing there was no time for the strike force to retrieve them she manually triggers the matter/antimatter mines killing herself, the thirty five marines aboard and the construction yards.

Physical description: Golden hair slightly streaked with strawberry. Thin, tanned, and well conditioned. Blue eyes.
27 years only (two years older the Bear)

Personality: It is not known weather Svetlanna knows that her fathers death was covered up for public moral, Svetlanna’s father panicked in one of the early engagements of the war killing himself and causing the loss of his carrier. But she has a strong desire to prove herself. Nick name as a kid was called Ice Princess

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Record edited by Rob McKay
Last modified Aug 8 2004


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