When and How you heard or saw something about WC for the first time?


I saw WC one when I was little, when I saw the VGA Kilrathi I thought 'cool' when he spoke I nearly screamed. Years later I get WC2 and collected from there.


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I saw WC one when I was little, when I saw the VGA Kilrathi I thought 'cool' when he spoke I nearly screamed. Years later I get WC2 and collected from there.

Which version did you have, with speech?


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Copy protection?
The only thing that i remember is the shapes of the planes, and they were too easy to know

Yeah, there was the additional manual copy-protection,that was no problem. But you also had to insert the original disk no.2 every time you started the game IIRC. I mean that was no big deal for us either beacuse we eventually own it legally´but it was bit annoying. And at that time, circumventing that disk protection was impossible for me! :)


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Three versions of WC1 would have a talking Kilrathi: SegaCD WC1, FM Towns WC1 and SWC.

Hence why I was curious as to the version he had.


Well my father had told me that at a local Toys 'R' Us there was a game with Marc Hamil in it so I picked it up and it looked cool so he bought it for me and it was Wing Commander 3 and from then on I was hooked on it.



I once had a sega CD and bought WC1 for it.

Suffice it to say i wasn't much good at it.

Then 2-3 years ago or so I got it in a PC Gamer disk.

Now, I have disk 1 of the Kilrathi Saga, and need disk 2 and WC 4 and the rest.

But Wing Commander sets an example for other games, with expandable campaignh framework (secret missions) and features lacking in modern games.

If they ever came out with a new Wing COmmander, I'd be in line to get it.


It was when it first came out - there was this new software store in town, and I saw it there. Then I got a friend's copy and tried it out on their machine... then got my own copy. The addiction to the hint books started then too. ;)
It was August 1998...i had just had my Birthday so I thought why not buy a PS1 Game.So i went to a Used Videogame Store and Saw WC IV it looked good so i brought it.

Since I don't have a PC..I have MSN TV/Web TV...I've only been able to get WC1,SM1,WC3,WC4 and all the Novels plus the WC Film VHS.But with the aspect of Gameboy Version of WCP I might buy it.


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:) Good memories.My first Wc game was Wc1 in Amiga500 format.
I was 7 or 8 when I first played it.It was my big borther`s favorite game.I used to Watch the Robotech series back then and generally I liked Space-lasers etc.Then my Bro told me that I could finally fly a SpaceShip with that game (Wc1).It was fantastic but I never finished it.For lots of years I lost contact with the Wc.
In 1996 I bought a new Pc of my own.The next day my bro bought Wc4.Then I remembered that Fantastic game.I played it again and again like crazy.Then I Decided to bye them all originals ofcourse!I was surprised when I saw the list of them!
for 6 years until now I searched them and bought them.It wasnt easy for a country like mine, cause only the main series came in stores here (wc1-wcp).Finally I got them all and Im very happy :))
Now Im searching the novels.I have found the 4/7 of them and Ill continue to search them :D
Thats my Wcstory.

I got to thank www.wcnews.com,for the information Wcacademy mirrors etc.


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ahh the nostalgia.... i'm not sure which game was first somewhere back in 96 I found wc1 on a pc at school and roughly the same time my uncle had wc2.... I later got privateer ahh the days... then managed to score wing commander 4 and then went looking for wc3 managed to find kilrathi saga in 1999 and then got secretops from a friend. and about 1 year later got priv 2 from ebay and grabbed Prophecy. next was armada then academy. and now Super Wing Commander was added a few months back. I've been a latecomer to WC but I still managed to get them all my advice to newbies. checkout second hand goods chains that deal in IT products. a lot of them have WC stock.
BTW if you own a pc with a 400+ mhz processor BUY SWC MAC! you CAN run it on a pc Using the basilisk Ii emulator available from here:
also Privateer runs in windows using Vmware: www.vmware.com
and virtualpc: www.connectix.com you'll need a 500mhz or faster processor to run it.


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My first contact with WC was a Brazilian game magazine with an article and some pics of the "new" (then) and stunning space combat simulator, WC2! I was amazed by the description and the pictures so I bought it as soon as I could. After that you know the story, I ended up buying almost all of the other games and still love every one of them today.


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I have to thank some sound card maker for my WC passion. The first WC thing I ever saw was WC1 on a split CD with U6, which came with a soundcard my father had bought... That's still the only version of WC1 I have. (No SMs in it, though :()



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My friend David started talking about a big new game called "Wing Commander 3" (that had come out some time ago, as WC4 hit shelves 4 months after I started playing, but what did I know? WC was all new to me). His friend George let him borrow it. Dave let me borrow it and I played it on my new 486/80 at home.

Ah, memories...


the first time I came across wing commander was when my friend got it for SNES... we played that game for days... then he got WC3 and it went from there... i still play the games when i can... i'm playing WC2 for the first time right now. i really like the game... good story line and decent graphics


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My first contact with WC was in spring/summer of '91 when a classmate told me he just got a space simulator game with great graphics named Wing Commander and that it's a "must have" game... well, I played it... and agreed! :D

The big advantage of not hearing about WC already in '90 was that I didn't have to wait for WC2 to come out after finishing WC1 :D (and SM1&2)


I first played WC3 under heavy resistance. My freind forced me too...

It was for PSX, and I had seen the game in the rental store MANY times, and thought how stupid it looked and didn't bother with it. But my freind rented it, and thought it was cool and then made me play it. The second I saw the opening, I was sucked in. The gameplay didn't even matter, even though that was great too. I then played it all day and beat it.

Most of my WC experiences have been accidents though..

I didn't know there was a WC4 until I literraly knocked it off the shelf at a store by accident. I went to pick it up, and saw "Wing Commander 4", and I was like "WOW! That's awesome!".

I found WC2 at a garage sale, after complaining to my parents about how there was only junk at them...

And what got me back into WC after a while, I bought a package of games that had Blade Runner in it, because that's all I really wanted. In this package of games was a little game called "Wing Commander Prophecy". That got me hooked all over again, and it hasn't worn off since. That prompted to me buy and read all the books and such.


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I used to go over a friends house back in 1994. We'd get wasted and play Dungeons and Dragons till we dropped. His brother was always on the computer playing Heretic and WC1. Well when I first sat down at his desk and played it. The game was too difficult for me.
Around '97 I played WC3 on 3do and I was hooked on it. With memories of when I first played WC1 on the comp I had to break down and get a comp and play the whole saga , but by the time i wanted to play the originals faster computers were already out so I give all my thanks to KS. Wing commander series is the only scifi im into.


Oh, the memories.. I must have first heard about WC when a friend brought this value pack of 10 games he got into my dorm room. He said 'You've gotta see this' and started installing Wing Commander II on my box. (back then a 486 with a knockoff SB8 card). At first when he told me about it I was thinking 'Gee, another space fighter clone, deliver me from X-Wing'. Then he loaded it up and I heard the intro speech between Thrakath and the Emporer.. I was hooked from then on.

Ironically, I picked up WC3 before I got WC1, and to this day I think they should have dyed hamill's hair blue.