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2020.341 (December 6, 2020)

Mark Knight Talks Wing Commander & Game Audio

AD happened to run across a pair of new (to us) interviews with composer Mark Knight. Mr. Knight has had a long and extensive career in game audio, but the Amiga port of Wing Commander was basically his first entry. The unique Amiga tracks have a popular following among Wingnuts, so it's an interesting story to hear about how he got started in the industry.

2019.340 (December 6, 2019)

Wing Commander Advent Calendar Brightens up the Season

The ever-creative Tarsus has created another fun Wing Commander distraction to bring you some holiday cheer. With resources from the new Head Museum, he's created an automatic advent calendar with your favorite original WC characters as the daily reveal. It's a simple concept, but I can't wait to see who's queued up for tomorrow! Check it out for yourself here.

2018.340 (December 6, 2018)

It's Not Faith, It's Cosplay

Wing Commander fans have dressed up as their favorite pilots and paraded around at a number of conventions over the years, but most have been associated with a CIC-sponsored activity. That makes st3lt3k's recent find a fun surprise. He spotted this image taken by foxpaws at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con. Even more unusual is the actual outfit depicted here: a flight suit from the Wing Commander Movie.

2017.340 (December 6, 2017)

Hornet Zooms Towards The Action

NinjaLA is back with a nifty sketch that shows off his "gradient mask coloring" technique. There are two images this time so you can see how things begin as a simple pencil sketch... and progress into a very sleek Hornet! And be sure to blow the picture up to see the cool mix of glossy and speckled textures being employed here (not to mention the cute little Dralthi kill tallies).

2016.341 (December 6, 2016)

Wing Commander Discounted Up To 85%!

GOG's Winter Sale is heating up, and a selection of Origin and EA games is being discounted this week. The sale page invites you to select up to 10 titles at up to 50% off. Whether intentional or not, the Wing Commander games are currently showing at just $0.89 each, which is actually a whopping 85%!

2015.340 (December 6, 2015)

Tiger's Claw Comes To The Rescue

NinjaLA's Hornet isn't in the fight alone! He's sketched out this beautiful take on the Tiger's Claw to make sure our forces have support overhead. It's heavy on the iconic green paint, and many key features like side hangar ports have been illustrated for accuracy. This makes us wish there was another animated WC series!

2014.340 (December 6, 2014)

King's Quest Returns in 2015

Some good news for classic gamers was announced at this week's Game Awards show. Sierra's King's Quest franchise will return next year with a brand new installment in the series made by The Odd Gentlemen. These games were powerhouses in the '80s and '90s, but - much like Wing Commander - the last significant boxed retail release came out in 1998. Also just like WC, there have been no less than five attempts to create a major sequel.

2013.340 (December 6, 2013)

Community Patch For (GOG) Wing 4 Video Issue

Forums member Silverhawk was affected by a rare glitch in the Good Old Games version of Wing Commander IV where the movies would play without picture and the standard workarounds were ineffective. HCl put together a DirectShow filter hack for him that seems to solve the issue on both Windows Vista and Windows 7. You can grab the patch here and follow these instructions:Ok here's a new DLL with two couple of options configurable via videoRenderer.cfg:- vmr7offscreen (currently set) configures the DLL to use the VMR video renderer, but instructs it to avoid using an overlay (which i think is what your system is having trouble with).

2012.341 (December 6, 2012)

Kilrathi Presence Increases in Vega Sector

Klavs has further filled out his Kilrathi fleet with a new medium fighter. The Krant joins the Salthi, Dralthi, Jalthi and Gratha as 3D models in Klavs' extensive arsenal. The two lighter craft are already available as small resin ships, and we're anxious to see how the heavier birds turn out soon!One more to finish then we can all have a Killer Kilrathi Krismas (with Krants!

2011.340 (December 6, 2011)

System Update Adds XBox Features

A major XBox 360 dashboard update was released today, and there's a few neat improvements. On top of greater Kinect voice recognition and cloud-based gamertag and savegame storage, a couple additions can directly enhance your Wing Commander Arena experience. The new "beacons" feature lets XBox and Facebook friends know that you're interested in playing a particular game. Wing Commander Themes that you've purchased are a bit more visible in the new screen layout as well.

Big GOG Sale Starts Next Week

Good Old Games has announced a big holiday sale coming next week! Beginning Monday and continuing through January 2, almost all of the GOG catalog will be 50%, including titles from Electronic Arts. There are also a handful of non-Wing Commander freebies over the next few days. Check out the details here and start saving your pennies - Wing Commander download codes for just $3 make amazing stocking stuffers!

2010.340 (December 6, 2010)

Concept Art Spawns Another Fan Tribute

Lars has taken one of the cool Feng Zhu concept art sketches and rendered it into a more three dimensional ship. The subject is a a large Confed "multi-role" vessel designed for an unproduced Wing Commander game. He's decided to describe it as a possible long range recon craft. Although Lars is pretty humble about his recreation of the design, I actually think it's quite true to the original.

Wing Commander IV Storyboards - Scene 248

Scene 248 is what happens if you didn't rescue Catscratch--another sad burial at space. Either way, don't expect to see Catscratch appearing in many more cut scenes.These storyboard images were recovered from a backup CD containing materials belonging to Origin's web development team. They were dated November 17, 1995 and were likely planned for a never-completed web feature.

2009.340 (December 6, 2009)

Gratha Gets Its Tail Feathers

RapierDragon has beefed up the nose of his paper Gratha and begun work on the tail. The ship will get additional engine and fin work next. We're looking forward to building this one for ourselves soon!Did a cover-up layer for the top of the body and the cockpit area so that I could get that dark-red feathering-effect on.

After Action Report

We all know the feeling of coming back from a grueling mission, but what comes next? After you've landed and had your debriefing, what is the first thing that you do?Our last poll determined that the most popular ship to strike was the classic Fralthi, followed closely by the Fralthra. Wingnuts seem to like both hammering on a capship with guns and missiles and swooping in for a torpedo run.

2008.341 (December 6, 2008)

Home, Home in the Sky

Want some first-hand knowledge about what went into Richard Garriott's DNA? His father, astronaut Owen Garriott, has helped to write a book! Homesteading Space: The Skylab Story adds an essential volume to the all-too-small body of literature on NASA's Skylab program, which placed the first American space station in orbit in the 1970s. One of the three crews included none other than Garriott, a scant few years before the first Ultima came into being.

Making the Games: Source Code?

Last, but not least, we present from Johnny's CD a pile of Wing Commander Shadow Force 'source code', which is likely taken from various elements of Wing Commander Prophecy and Secret Ops. There are several hundred tiny files .h and .cpp, most of which are completely incomprehensible to non-technical sorts such as myself -- but I imagine that many in the community will be interested in seeing exactly how the bits and pieces of the games fit together.

2007.340 (December 6, 2007)

Flight Commander Mod of the Year Awards

Eddieb has announced the nominations for the prestigious Flight Commander Mod of the Year award... and the polls are open! Go to this thread to cast your vote. The options are:A Perfect PlanRanger's GloryWC1 Remake...

Point of Origin: Vol. III, No. 35

March 26, 1993: Serpent Isle is out! This Point of Origin celebrates a release that has actually made it in under the wire. Initial reaction is positive... and we all know that Serpent Isle was an excellent game.

2006.340 (December 6, 2006)

Return Of The EA Replay Reviews

Several more reviews for EA Replay have appeared online. The ratings range considerably, but at least a few of the articles had the decency to highlight the individual games in the compilation. GameZone was one of them with a 7.0 overall score.

DC2007 Guest List Started

The very first guest list update for the 2007 DragonCon has appeared at their website. Two familiar names are confirmed so far. Bill Fawcett was important in making the original Wing Commander novels happen, and Margaret Weis was involved with the Wing Commander card game. Both have appeared at the convention in the past and have been very friendly.

2005.340 (December 6, 2005)

Privateer, Seen Here

Plywood Fiend has found a tiny trailer for the original Privateer at The narration reads:Origin presents Privateer, a next generation space combat simulator for the IBM platform. You'll move through an intensely cinematic universe experiencing the two very different thrills of reaching a hard bargain and real time 3D space combat.

Movie Blair Saves Television is running an article about Freddie Prinze Jr.'s appropriately titled sitcom, Freddie. They report that, citing high ratings among key demographics, ABC has opted to renew the series for a full season of episodes -- suggesting that wide-ranging industry expectations regarding both the death of the sitcom and the end of Prinze's career may be unfounded.

2004.341 (December 6, 2004)

Observe A Standoff Mission In Progress

Eder and Quarto have posted a series of pictures detailing the events of a standard assault mission in Standoff. It's a Ralatha strike launched from the TCS Firekka. The pilot is in a Gladius. It shows off the great blend of elements from various Wing Commander games.

WCU Privateer Finds Steltek Presence

While work on reaching the milestone version 1.0 release continues, the WCU Privateer team are still hard at work on the models for the project, and it's time for the Steltek to get the treatment. First up is the drone, famous for showing up when you want it least. Sadly the pictures aren't very high resolution and these thumbnails are all we have right now.

2003.340 (December 6, 2003)

Wing Commander Movie on Dutch Net 5 Today

There's not a lot of time between now and the showing, but for the few of you who'll get this, Peter from The Netherlands found this listing. At 8:30 pm Saturday night the Wing Commander movie will be showing on the channel RTL 5. Good luck catching it in time.Edit: It's RTL 5, not Net 5.

More on Ultima X

I wrote an entire UXO update yesterday and left out one of the main quotes that I'd planned to include. IGN's RPG Vault has a series of developer interviews that is following the continuing progress of Ultima X. It's a good read that describes the game in fairly good depth and provides some good Q&A. The quote on this page struck me as quite funny.

More On Eve Online

On the topic of massively multiplayer games, I noticed at ATFW that Homeland has just done a similar developer interview for the Privateer themed Eve Online.HomeLAN - What are some the most surprising things that CCP has encountered since the release of the game? Sigurður Ólafsson - We had expected that people would be dedicated with the time they spent in the game but we have numerous examples of players that have gone much further than we expected. We have gotten reports of players that never sleep more than 80 min at a time as that is the time it takes to fill their industrial ship with ore, while we were at E3 there was a constant stream of players asking if they could log in using our demo computers to train a new skill.

2000.341 (December 6, 2000)

Review Red Planet

Only three or four people have reviewed Red Planet at Amazon! Please, people, take the few minutes it takes to write a review -- this will get us a new Wing Commander story! It's just as easy as signing the WCESCRP or such and it will actually get us something (namely, the original outline to Pilgrim Truth)! Go here and review the book now!

Chris Roberts Speaks

A few news sites have actually been able to contact Chris Roberts to talk about the situation at Digital Anvil. This article at IGN interviews Roberts and Microsoft VP of Games Ed Fries. This one at Gamespot deals only with Chris. The important news?

Zoning in on New Ships

Filler let me know that the WCZone mod for SubSpace now has a complete SubSpace shipset ready -- and that it will be posted online soon. We'll let you know when it is!

Your Right to Vote

Please note that tomorrow is your last chance to submit nominations for the Fan Site of the Year Award! If you run or know of a Wing Commander site that deserves this recognition, submit the URL today! Voting will begin on Friday.


News sites love press releases -- that makes writing articles ever so easy: here's GameCenter, IGN, AVault, CNN, Daily Radar, BluesNews, VoodooExtreme and Yahoo on the MS/DA deal. Skip 'em all, though, because Penny Arcade has something better.

1999.340 (December 6, 1999)

Movie in Germany

Bugscratch reports that he's spotted the Wing Commander trailed in front of Fight Club in Germany. He reports that the trailer was different -- like "an extended version of the 30 sec. US TV trailer", and that the poster tagline has been changed to "Space will never be the same".

Makes a Great Gift and Simware Simulations have lowered the price of the Wing Commander Prophecy Keyboard Control Cover to just $9.95 US -- just in time for the holidays!

Seeing the Future

Game Daily has published an interview with Richard Garriott which talks about Origin's future. Of note is this bit about Ultima Online...When we launched the game, it sold so fast that it became Electronic Art's and Origin's fastest selling game in history. We actually had to stop selling it because we filled our worlds to capacity within the first couple of months.

Starlanced Induced Randomness

Iceman noticed something cool in GameRush's recent article on Warthog, the company which worked on Privateer 2 and is now doing Digital Anvil's Starlancer. Anyway, check out the cool Heretic fighter in the upper right side of this picture.

Cool New eBay Script

At the bottom of the current days news, you will now find a listing of the latest 5 Wing Commander auctions at eBay. This is possible thanks to the mad skills of Trelane, who's pretty much responsible for anything complex here at the CIC. Important note: it is refreshed once every half hour.

Huge Medical Surplus as Conflict Ends

War correspondent Tony Knox reports. There are scenes of jubilation on Hermes at the moment, following news that the fared conflict between rebelling army divisions and government loyalists has been resolved peacefully. Huge amounts of Medical Supplies, which had been stockplied to treat any casualities, are now surplus to requirements, and are being sold off cheaply to freelancers.

1998.340 (December 6, 1998)

The Biggest Thing Since

Newsgroups are one of the greatest things the online Wing Commander community has to offer. And for approximately four years, WingNuts have had two choices: and alt.

Gold Digging in UK

Today I located a copy of WCP Gold in Southampton, UK, and much to my surprise it contained a copy of the awesome universe map! Why this was left out of the US version is unknown, but the only other difference between Euro and US versions appears to be adverts for WWII Fighters on the back of the CD case and manual in the Euro version.

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