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2021.334 (November 30, 2021)

Malcolm McDowell Autographs Added to Official Store

LeHah spotted a wonderful addition to Malcolm McDowell's official online store. They now list an autographed Wing Commander 3 print for $65. That may not be casual spending money for most folks, but it's actually relatively competitive compared to going rates for professional autographs. The artwork available is also pretty nice - it's a Playstation-oriented sheet with some fun PSX screenshots.

2020.335 (November 30, 2020)

George Oldziey Updates on More Wing Commander Music

Origin composer George Oldziey has provided an update on his work to create more Wing Commander music. Over the last several years, he's worked diligently to crowdfund and create wonderful orchestral and jazz albums based on our favorite WC tracks. There has been good progress on a second album intended to be recorded by a live orchestra, but the coronavirus has sidetracked all those plans for this year. Nevertheless, George is committed to push forward on this front.

2019.334 (November 30, 2019)

Head Museum Super Sized

The fantastic new CIC Head Museum is now even better! LOAF has just added the distinct look of the Super Nintendo characters to the database. These are, of course, very different than the portrayals from Super Wing Commander on the 3DO/Mac, which are also on display. Plus, you can find many other characters from Christopher Blair to Bruiser McDoozer, which are all neatly categorized according to the Wing Commander game they starred in.

2018.334 (November 30, 2018)

Origin Shortplay Added to the Collection

Here's a real cool find from LOAF's recent treasure hunting. This disc contains several Origin demos in one collection courtesy of EA in Australia. The star here is the WC4 demo. It's quite a prize for WC collectors who are into finding all the demo discs that come with magazines and the like!

2017.334 (November 30, 2017)

Homeworld Mod Improves Skipper Missile Execution

The latest updates to the Homeworld Remastered Mod are all about the Skipper Missile. Several iterations have been released that update the Skipper's code to properly cloak and decloak as it cruises through space. There have also been AI tweaks to better guide when the computer deploys the missile as well as bug fixes that address an issue with deploying it against large bases. He's also put out a call for suggestions for Confed items that could be seen as a special ability along the same lines.

2016.335 (November 30, 2016)

Flashy Encounter Peeks At Project's Potential

Adm_maverick has jumped a few more technical hurdles on the way towards his Prophecy Video Project. He's been working with multiple video and audio editors to figure out how to change the names that appear under talking heads and add in new voiceover segments. This new test video shows off this blend of dynamic elements with comm chatter superimposed over external camera footage in one of the early WCP missions. It's all still in the very early stages, but there's some nifty possibilities here!

2015.334 (November 30, 2015)

Wing Commander Album Sent Out For Production!

Composer George Oldziey very excitedly reports that his physical album of Wing Commander music is finally finished! The initial live recordings were first released before Christmas 2014, but George spent a good portion of this year completing additional digital tracks to round out the compilation. Now the compact disc with everything on it has been gone out for manufacturing. Backers should have received an email this past weekend asking for current shipping addresses.

2014.334 (November 30, 2014)

Extensive New Model Archive Now Available To Fans

Prolific Wing Commander modeler Klavs81 is taking a much deserved break from new projects for the time being, but he's wrapped up a huge giveaway to tide fans over until he picks up the digital pen again. Over a gigabyte of his slick models are now available to download in both Terran (676 meg zip) and Kilrathi (353 meg zip) flavors. Check out Hangar B or Hangar C for a visual taste of what to expect in each pack. Fans can also follow his Facebook Page to see what sort of non-Wing Commander projects are going on.

2013.334 (November 30, 2013)

Escapist Pans FMV Wing Commanders

Escapist Magazine has continued its serial review of the Wing Commander series available on GOG. Wing Commander 3 and 4 are both covered in the latest article, and boy, the author did not like them! In regards to descriptions such as "awkward 2D ship animations and anemic audio utterly fail to generate any sense of excitement," Delance comments: "I wonder if he even properly played Wing Commander III at all, considering that the game is in full 3D and has (like all Wing Commander games) a great soundtrack. Oh well.

2012.335 (November 30, 2012)

German Mag Prints Massive Space Sim Feature

Thra`Khrom sent in a sample of the January 2013 issue of Gamestar magazine in Germany. It's an elaborate seven-page article that covers some of the vast history of space sims. There's plenty of Wing Commander games profiled in the full spread timeline, and the last page is a mock board game called "Don't be mad, Roberts." Even for non-German speakers, the article's worth a look to see all of the space sims arranged in such a fancy layout!

2011.334 (November 30, 2011)

Pop Artist Draws Digital Nod to WC

Andrew Jones is a talented artist, and his passion is digitally painting items from sci-fi, movies, comics and video games. His "Gamerhead" piece is an a amazing collage of gaming memories, and there's a very nicely drawn Dralthi in the lower right corner! Kotaku even mentioned it in their feature on his works.British artist Andrew “Bones” Jones is a man after my own heart.

2010.334 (November 30, 2010)

Midway 'Sketched' Using Ortho Technique

saquist built a cool Sketchup model out of in-game Prophecy screenshots. It came out really well, and he'd love to do the Plunkett next. He could use a little tech support help to get started though! Who can help him out?

Wing Commander IV Storyboards - Scene 209

Scene 209 is another fascinating 'CGI' bit--Blair and wingmen escort in Tolwyn's captured shuttle (I don't think this appeared in the game). Blair's flight seems to consist of Bearcats, too, which aren't available at this point in Wing Commander IV.These storyboard images were recovered from a backup CD containing materials belonging to Origin's web development team. They were dated November 17, 1995 and were likely planned for a never-completed web feature.

2009.334 (November 30, 2009)

Catching Up With Gemini Gold

Here is one you may have missed. The Privateer Gemini Gold team has a YouTube channel where they hope to put new cutscenes on display. They also have a brief status update up.It has been some time.

2008.335 (November 30, 2008)

'Drak'thli' Finis

Howard Day has completed work on his 'Drak'thli' model that was inspired by one of Feng Zhu's Wing Commander concept art pieces. Since the last time we looked at the model Howard has completed the cockpit interior and tweaked the shaders to give a more subtle reflectivity and in his words look more "metallic and very sinister". Grab the 3DS Max model for yourself here (7 meg zip).

Making the Games: Multi-Commander Features

Today we present the first of several documents dealing with "Multi-Commander", which was either an ancestor or a spinoff of the Shadow Force concept. The team apparently generated some detailed concept notes as well as some fascinating Visio charts showing the three systems which would appear in the game. Today, though, it's just the basics - how the thing would have worked.Thanks to Captain Johnny for both archiving and providing this material!

2007.334 (November 30, 2007)

GameTap Shutters Wing Commander

We have some bad news to report: due to apparent licensing issues, all three Wing Commander titles will be removed from GameTap on December 11th. This announcement affects more than just Electronic Arts' GameTap catalog -- over 70 titles will be removed from the service.GameTap surprised and delighted fans a mere nine months ago by releasing the original Wing Commander emulated to run on a modern computer. It was followed by releases of Wing Commander IV and Wing Commander II - and Privateer was promised for the future.

Point of Origin: Vol. III, No. 32

The interesting thing in this issue is an article about new ways to market Origin games... and they're all part of a campaign to sell the Origin FX screensaver. What's funny is that they're all things which are very common today - things like online demos and elaborate store displays. Is anyone familiar with the Origin FX 'teaser' mentioned here?

2006.334 (November 30, 2006)

Ser Arris Getting Used To CGI Backdrops

Rick Salemi found a couple of news clips from the Sci-Fi Channel's weekly newsletter that include commentary from Privateer 2's Clive Owen. Although he was lucky to have a variety of real sets to work with during the P2 shoot, the experience was one of the first where he interacted with a wide range of special effect elements during filming. Since then, he's gotten quite a bit of practice in movies like Sin City and Children of Men. You can read about his feelings on green screen photography below.

Annual Awards Kick Off Soon

This is a reminder that our annual Fan Project & Web Site of the Year contest begins soon. Email to recommend the Wing Commander web sites, game mods or original projects that helped make 2006 a great year for fans. You can find a list of the past winners here.

2005.334 (November 30, 2005)

Holding The Line Chapter 207

Readers who've been following the HTL fiction arc have had to wait for the latest chapter, but there's been a good reason. Lead writer Raptor has been extra busy at work, supplying drugs to the sick and dying. Fear not, chapter 207 has arrived.Hey all, Raptor hereApologies for the lateness of this HTL chapter.

Space Sim First Look: Evochron Alliance

It's been a while since our last Space Sim First Look, so here's a glance at Evochron Alliance. Although there are many dire predictions about the simulation market, this is the twentieth new space combat game we've highlighted since last year. The Alliance is suffering from the Vonari onslaught, and merchants and mercenaries have been asked to join the fight to undermine the advancing alien forces. The sequel to Evochron puts each character in the role of privateer fighting the invading menace.

2004.335 (November 30, 2004)

December Is Almost Here

Next month we'll be conducting the annual voting for which Wing Commander web sites and fan projects contributed the most this year. Nominations are always quite a bit lighter than actual voting. If there are sites out there that have helped you or mods and projects that you have enjoyed, now is a good opportunity to recognize them for their effort. Email vote@wcnews.

Comic Proposal Winner Chosen

The results are in, and Kenshi has chosen what will be the story for his Wing Commander based comic series. It came down to a battle between proposals written by Maj. Striker, our very own LOAF, and one other. And the winner is..

2003.334 (November 30, 2003)

Holding The Line Chapter 171

Apologies for the late update, it has been a busy day here. Still, Raptor will make things better with a Holding The Line chapter.Hey all, Raptor here.HTL continues with the second half of Scraps Of Honour 13, "Red Sky AtMorning".

2001.334 (November 30, 2001)

New Vega Strike Release

One thing that some people thought was missing from WCP was ground missions.. but they won't be missing from Vega Strike. It is just a test release so don't be surprised if some things appear odd. Here's the new stuff:I have compiled a nice windows version of the terrain for people to enjoy.

2000.335 (November 30, 2000)

Second Annual Best WC Fan Site Award

It's that time of the year again! For the next week (until midnight on December 7th) you can nominate sites for the Best Wing Commander Fan Site of 2000 award. You may nominate either your own site, or someone elses who you believe is deserving. The CIC is excluded from the contest.

UE Seeks Programmers

Pedro asks that we post the following request: Unknown Enemy is looking for more mission programmers -- previous experience creating missions for Prophecy or Secret Ops is a must! Lets get this one finished, people!

Son of the WCESCRP

Prince Thrakhath has started another Wing Commander petition -- The Revival. They're looking to prove to Origin that there are still plenty of WingNuts left. Good luck...

Drakhai Page

The Drakhai squadron for JumpGate now has a web site -- located here. Pretty nifty, Tye.

WCA Shipping Costs

I've gotten a lot of e-mail about shipping costs for the WCA CDs from various locations. Here's your answer: Since bothering with converting money and such is more of a bother than it's worth, just sent me a neat looking coin from wherever you are and we'll call it even. Then, just for fun, I'll take a picture of all the different coins and put it at the CIC and we can be amazed at how many different countries love Wing Commander.

McDowell on SouthPark

ChrisReid reports that former Wing Commander actor Malcolm McDowell (Geoffrey Tolwyn) was the narrator on last night's episode of South Park. The episode will be re-run Saturday at 10 PM EST -- or it can be downloaded fairly easily. Not that we'd condone downloading a TV show.

1999.334 (November 30, 1999)

CIC Announces First Annual Best WC Fan Site Award

This week, you can submit sites that you would like to nominate for the award of Best Wing Commander Fan Site of 1999. You are free to nominate your own site or someone else's. The only requirement is that it has to be a Wing Commander Fan Site. The CIC is excluded from the contest.

Energize Captain

Innovations correspondent Betty Swollocks comments. Have you ever been running scared from a bunch of pirate ships knowing that if you got in range of all their lazers your shields would fold and you would be history? Well, now is your chance to stand and fight. With the new Warpshield from Energise Systems you can be completely invulnerable for a few seconds.

1998.334 (November 30, 1998)

Cinema Secrets Revealed?

Cpl Hades is a man with a mission: to find out whatever he can about the merchandise related to the upcoming Wing Commander Movie. To begin this quest he headed over to Cinema Secrets web site to ask the people what part they'd be playing in draining our collective wallets. Apparently they're currently working on sculpting several Wing Commander masks, which should be available within a few months. We should look for more information around the first week in January!

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