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2020.063 (March 3, 2020)

Take a Quick Trip to the Gemini Sector

Rhystic Gaming has created a thorough video review of Wing Commander Privateer. Playing through Priv and its spinoff, Righteous Fire, has been a popular activity in our live All Wings Considered streams. The clip below makes for a really solid overview of the major features, options and highlights of the game. Music and the satisfying gunplay get specific nods, which I also consider absolutely tremendous aspects of the game.

2019.062 (March 3, 2019)

Pristine Early War Carrier Comes to Town

DefianceIndustries has put together a new wallpaper that's super sweet. The star is a Yorktown class light carrier that's mocked up in WC1/2 style colors. To the fit the aesthetic, he's smoothed a few curves in key locations around the structure. The Victory may have been old in WC3, but she was still quite potent, and scenes like this make you wonder how cool it might have been to fly off one in the earlier stages of the war.

2018.062 (March 3, 2018)

Digital Antiquarian Explores Enigma Sector

The Digital Antiquarian has posted a lengthy review/history of Wing Commander 2. The author has done quite a bit of research and shares a lot of important background information that sets the stage for how the game was made. There's lots to sink your teeth into here, although the middle portion discussing the game's narrative seems to be overthinking it a bit. Vengeance of the Kilrathi's cinematic half may not be some sort of high art form, but it certainly was one of the most engaging storylines ever made at the time.

2017.062 (March 3, 2017)

BREAKING NEWS: Kickstarter Project Covers Wing Commander Painting

Last year, we reported that Wing Commander veteran Michael Winterbauer had published a free ebook chock full of his fantastic game artwork and packed with details about his process and history in the industry. Now, he's aiming to release a print copy by running a Kickstarter to cover a full color print run of the book. He says:The goal of this campaign is to raise $9,000 for a print run of my super cool, unique book "Classic Game Covers, Confessions of An Art Junkie" and get it to people who will enjoy it!My name name is Mike Winterbauer and I have been a working artist for thirty years.

2016.063 (March 3, 2016)

256 Turrets Ought To Be Enough For Anybody

gr1mre4per is back with additional tweaks to his earlier efforts on improving and refining Prophecy's turret system. Fighter craft can now have up to 32 turrets, and capships can have as many as 256. The game originally uses a hardcoded refire delay of one second for capship turrets, but with these latest tweaks the delay times are taken from BULLET.IFF.

2015.062 (March 3, 2015)

Speculative Kilrathi Flight Control Rendered

Lars has previewed this interesting scene from a work center overlooking a Kilrathi hangar deck. We get just a few rare glimpses at the inner workings of Kat vessels throughout the series, and they're always cool opportunities to get a look at the really dark and creative design potential that they reveal. Lars has taken advantage of jagged shaped viewscreens and windows to set the mood, and he's got a couple of cool ship renders in the background to better set the atmosphere. I really like that Paktahn wireframe too!

2014.062 (March 3, 2014)

Instructions for Engine Building

Whiplash has posted a tutorial that demonstrates how the engine nozzles on his Hellcat V model came together. From humble beginnings on a sheet of paper, they quickly take on a familiar shape. Add a bit of metallic paint and a thruster is born. The results look pretty sharp, so it's neat to see what's involved!

2013.062 (March 3, 2013)

Tiger's Claw Upgrades Weapons & Propulsion Systems

Lars has upgraded several systems on his developing Bengal class carrier. Various weapons emplacements have been elevated on a taller turret, which provides a more realistic look. Some physical locations were also tweaked slightly to provide better fields of fire. Finally, numerous inset thrusters have been added to strategic points in order to support the ship's maneuverability.

SpaceX Dragon Docks Again

The SpaceX Dragon successfully linked with the International Space Station this morning. It's the second commercial resupply mission that the spacecraft has undertaken after a test docking and cargo run last May and October. The craft launched aboard a Falcon 9 rocket, which has successfully lifted off five consecutive times now. This will be the first time that the Dragon uses its unpressurized trunk section to bring additional cargo up.

2012.063 (March 3, 2012)

Scratching Posts Deployed for the Kats

Deathsnake has prepared a couple images to show off the latest progress for the Enigma 2666 mod. These are the classic Kilrathi starpost and supply depot. The models were made by Cybot and Zohrath, and Deathsnake textured them with FekLeyrTarg. Now the game's Kilrathi fleet has a place to dock and resupply!

2011.062 (March 3, 2011)

WC2 Campaign for FS2 Posts New Demo

There's a new test release of the WC2-inspired total conversion being developed for Freespace 2. The first five missions and some basic custscenes are now available, and new sounds and explosion effects have been added. Deathsnake is working on adding the Niven System missions next. There are several steps required to install and play the game (listed below).

2010.062 (March 3, 2010)

Paper Firekan Fighter Ready to Build

After many hours of work, RapierDragon has completed the design of his paper Firekkan fighter. The body was recently made more aerodynamic and a cockpit canopy was added in. The download package includes the ship as pictured below, plus two special editions. Bonus fighter #1 includes Firekkan concept art from WC Arena and the other lets Wingnuts draw in their own designs.

2009.062 (March 3, 2009)

Kilrathi Saga Movie Crashing Patched

Mash has answered the calls of many Kilrathi Saga owners and developed an impressive patch for the Windows version of Wing Commander 3. The fix resolves a common movie crashing bug and incorporates a speed limiter to correct the display of the nav map and preflight screens. It's designed for Windows 2000 and later, which is particularly noteworthy due to its success with improving the performance in Windows XP & Vista (even the 64 bit version). The patch and a very thorough instruction file are available here.

Making the Game: Mission A1

Next up we'll be looking at an early version of Wing Commander Prophecy - one mission at a time! If that sounds like a tedious chore then... well, you're probably at the wrong website. Today we see Mission A1, part of a series of training missions cut from the finished game.

2008.063 (March 3, 2008)

I {Bleep'd} At Chris Roberts And Did Not Get Fired

Gamasutra has posted an article about artist Paul Steed's recent Game Developers Conference lecture. Mr. Steed got his start in the game industry working on Privateer and Wing Commander III and went on to greater fame as an artist on various high profile FPS games. His speech included an interesting (and slightly unbelievable) anecdote about Chris Roberts:“I was at Origin for four years.

New EA Team Tackles Innovative Projects

AD was reading about EA's newest studio and noticed a familiar name. Former Origin (and Maxis and EALA) General Manager Neil Young will now be heading up Blueprint, a creative upstart subdivision within EA Games. The group is chartered with developing new media on a variety of different platforms. These projects will be created at a lower cost and at greater risk than EA's traditional lineup.

2007.062 (March 3, 2007)

Make New Friends, But Keep The Old

Sean Murphy has one more treat for us -- a render of the original TCS Midway model in the same position as the new version from Wing Commander Arena! Now you can really compare the two -- good luck deciding on a wallpaper! Prophecy's Midway never fails to impress, especially coming after the rectangular Confederation carriers in Wing Commander III and IV... she's a rare design that's both elegant and imposing.

Hard To Pick Just One

Old our poll was getting a little old, so Delance suggested a new one. This time we ask which new feature in Wing Commander Arena has you the most excited. The game will the be the very first on XBox Live Arcade to allow sixteen players to battle it out together online, and Wing Commander fans will be doing so in classic ships like the Arrow, Rapier, Broadsword, Darket, Dralthi and Paktahn. Hands-on previews and advance impressions so far have been very positive about all the different modes, and the massive capship versus capship battle has generated considerable buzz.

2006.062 (March 3, 2006)

Half Life 2 Carrier Gets Its First Squadron

AD has successfully begun importing fighters to his Light Carrier flight deck level for Half Life 2. He's still playing with the sizes and minor graphical effects, but the results so far look fantastic. The final shot below features explosion damage from a tossed grenade. Check out the starboard fin.

EA VP Pushes Digital Content Distribution

The Electronic Arts vice president of sales for Europe has predicted that virtually all entertainment media will be available via download within ten years. In an interview with, Dr. Jens Uwe Intat said that music, movies and video games will all be primarily served by distribution systems such as EA Downloader.

2005.062 (March 3, 2005)

Put A Galaxy In Your Space Combat

When we mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Overmortal had been able to add ships in to the X-Plane Space Combat game, it was only a matter of time before someone made a WC ship for the game. Well, Aradayn is that person, and he made this model of a Galaxy.I noticed your mention of 'Space Combat' on the news site and Ithought I'd share the Wing Commander ship I made for that game - amodel of the Galaxy class merchant ship from Wing Commander- Privateer.You can download the file for use in the game here.

Where Would You Like Your WC?

Our latest poll asks which next generation console you'd most like to play a Wing Commander game on. Each kind of system has its own merits, and it's a tough choice. A couple of years ago we did a similar poll based on current systems, but since development on those systems will slowly be phased out now and with release of at least one new console rumored to be this year, we figured a new poll would be timely. It'll also be interesting to see how opinions have changed over time.

2004.063 (March 3, 2004)

The Kilrathi Strike Back(ground)

Remember that awesome Hakaga scene that Eder rendered as a memorial to Origin (story)? Apparently demand for use of the image as a Windows background was so high that Eder went and made a number of different resolutions available!

Standoff Progress Update

The Wing Commander: Standoff fan project web site has been updated with a progress report! They now have three missions of their 'Series A' in working condition, and have made significant progress on two more. They've also finished work on all of the 3D objects to be used as props in their prologue cutscenes... and we can expect screenshots of the new Rapier cockpit soon!

2001.062 (March 3, 2001)

WC... to the MAX!

Cinemax will be showing Wing Commander four times this month -- starting at 6:15 tonight. Here's the schedule... (thanks, WildFire).

For Once in Your Life, Be Regionable

A Region 2 Wing Commander Movie DVD is in the works -- Europeans need wait only until May 17th! Specific details are as of yet unvailable, but you can pre-order it here at A German PAL VHS version will be released on the same day.

A Keen Disappointment (But Not)

Since recent conversations have indicated that many of the Chat Zone patrons are also Commander Keen fans, it seems natural to post that iD has announced plans to release another Keen for the GameBoy Color! Read all about it at GA-Source. And hey, if Commander Keen can come back after a decade then so can Wing Commander!

That's Not Advertising, Maniac...

For a change, here's something less insane from WC/Peanuts creator HotT (site) -- a retro WCIV advertisement he scanned for us all...

Getting to the Source

Hellcat over at Vega Strike is looking for someone to compile the game's source and send him a windows .exe file -- the game will be made available for Windows users at the VS web site as soon as someone compiles it. (A fan project that updates their site every day -- how great is that?

2000.063 (March 3, 2000)

Wing Commander Movie Coming to Belgium

According to the latest edition of Videonews, a local movie magazine, the Wing Commander Movie VHS will be available for rental on March 7. The magazine features a full page ad, and a positive mini-review.A movie based on a videogame... you're probably not sure what to expect, and neither were we.

Homeworld WC Conversion Making Good Progress

Scheherazade of the Homeworld WC Total Conversion has sent us two more development pictures to display. Hellcat V and Vaktoth 3D models.

KriskArms Buys Out ExTex

Military analyst Jervis Frintner reports. KriskArms spokesman Norman Marasares yesterday confirmed that the weapons manufacturing giant had completed their 23 million credit take-over of ExTex Inc., manufacturers of specialist explosives such as duodecaplatylonate. Marsares spoke very favorably of the deal saying 'This is the boost KirskArms has been looking for; we've been wanting to make a greater impact on the missile and mine market for some time.

1999.062 (March 3, 1999)

The More Things Change

Dan updated his movie site with a SWEET new design! There's lots of cool new stuff too, like WC wallpaper and the below new pictures... go check it out!

How Long is it?

Dan also reports that the Wing Commander Movie is 95 minutes long, and that it includes 65 minutes of music. The additional music not included on the soundtrack is was composed in the studio by Kevin Kiner, using synthesizers and acoustic players.

3D Article Scans

Once again Rick Salemi has saved the day, sending in the below pictures (and captions) from the recent 3D-Design article. Tis very cool...

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