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Aengus Harper# 87 

Name Aengus Harper
Callsign Bard
Rank Lieutenant
Faction Free Republic of the Landreich
Race Human
Family Mother, who didn't like space travel, is deceased. Picked Alexandra "Amazon" Travis' callsign.
Born Born after 2650
Homeworld Tara
Residence Free Republic of Landreich
About Aengus Harper, of Earth Irish descent, graduated before the Landreich started buying up Escort Carriers, so there were few openings for pilots. So he was assigned to shuttle duty and spent two hours every morning on the flight simulator trying to better himself. For leisure Harper played Irish and Gaelic songs on the guitar. Despite being a lowly shuttle pilot, he'd had flight training, and though his scores were good, he had a discipline problem and earned too many demerits. He supposedly set the record for the highest number of demerits. Jason Bondarevsky transferred Harper to his staff for Project Goliath after the trip from Earth to Landreich on 2670.298. It was a high priority project, so it was easy to move Harper off the FLRS Themistocles. In his new role he often acted as the voice of Bondarevsky's conscience. This lead to his assignment with FW-137 aboard the FRLS Mjollnir as chief cat tender. He was part of the action that boarded the KIS Wexarragh on 2671.041 as part of the raid on Baka Kar.

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Record edited by ChrisReid
Last modified Aug 10 2003


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