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Alexandra Travis# 234 

Name Alexandra Travis
Callsign Amazon
Faction Free Republic of the Landreich
Race Human
Family Received callsign from Aengus Harper.
Residence Free Republic of Landreich
About Alexandra Travis was a squadron commander of an atmospheric fighter wing before her assignment to Project Goliath. She turned down a job offer from the Landreich Fighter Training Center so she could stay on active duty. Her callsign was picked up in the FRLS Mjollnir's battle against the Bonaventure after Aengus Harper commented she was like an amazon, eager to kill their attackers. She commanded the VF-401 Shadow Cats Squadron on the Mjollnir flying Strakha Stealth Fighters. The way she and Jason Bondarevsky thought along reminded him of Svetlana Ivanova.

She boarded the KIS Wexarragh with Bhaktadil's marines. She was injured in a firefight on the ship, but made it out alive. Bondarevsky applied first aid to her wounds, and after a week she was out of the recovery bay.

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