What ships do you want to fly?

Bob McDob

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The following list is of ships implemented or planned to be implemented in this mod. The reason I'm doing this is that, well, there's a lot of ships, just enough to be really confusing but not enough to provide breath and scope of the entire WC universe. My first impulse is to size it down to a more managable number, drastically (after all, this takes place in-between WingIV and Prophecy, so it's doubtful there'd be so many different models run around), but my other, darker one is to expand it. Either one requires an idea of which ships to add or remove, so let's hop to it.

* denotes ship not yet implemented in-game

Patriot - Stiletto
Defender - Gladius
Rhino- Tarsus*
Anubis - Pepper
Cavalier - Banshee*
Crusader - Vindicator
Clydesdale - Galaxy*
Drake - Epee
Dragon - Sabre
Drone - Broadsword
Banshee - Bearcat*
Valkyrie - Crossbow*
Humpback - Free Trader
Starflyer - Talon
Startracker - Ferret
Hawk - Hornet
Falcoln - Rapier
Eagle - Centurion
Legionnaire - Dralthi
Centurion - Gothri
Titan - Jalthi
Bloodhound - Arrow
Wolfhound - Thunderbolt
Dagger - Razor
Dromedary - Drayman*
Stiletto - Scimitar
Sabre - Raptor
Piranha - Demon
Barracuda - Hellcat

Any suggestions?


Unknown Enemy
A Dragon would be pointless... It might take you several months of non-stop gameplay to collect up the billions you'd need to... err, not buy it, what with it not being for sale. There's what, two dozen Dragons left? I don't think Confed is planning to part with them any time soon. Or ever.

Bob McDob

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As an aside, we'll probably include the Dragon as an "easter egg" ship, on a mythical planet filled with robots and hostile Steltek Drones ... just don't expect it to have a very big role.

The reason the Kilrathi ships were taken out of the mod was because it takes place in the late 2670s, when the Kilrathi were mostly involved in inter-clan warfare and the primary aggresors were Kilrathi raiders in the Border Worlds. I did this partly because I wanted a feel dealing with the aftereffects of total war, like in WingIV, but also to avoid competing with Darkmage's promised (and apparently defunct) WC Universe project, which would deal with the Terran-Kilrathi war thing.

After a bit of thought, I've cut down the number of fightable ships (and very possibly the number of ships, period) to make the game tighter and more reflective of Wing Commander. It's still not exactly the 10-to-12 of my ideal, but I think the organization makes more sense.

F-104 Bearcat
F-57 Sabre
A-18 Broadsword

F-36 Hornet

F-32 Scimitar
F-44 Rapier


F-86 Hellcat

Drayman (Privateer)
Free Trader

Silent Jay

Sweet. Thank you SO much for including the cargo ships including the Drayman!

I'm of the opinion that the best part about Privateer and Freelancer is the ability to be a merchant.

Any possibility of adding pilotable post-Drayman transports seen in WC3, WC4, and FL?



Victory, you say?
Quarto said:
A Dragon would be pointless...

Maybe it could be a ship like the Anubis on Freelancer.

I think it's complicated because of it's special things, like the fission cannons and the cloaking device.

Bob McDob

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Because we have them already :)

Here's a more-or-less complete reference, updated today. I'm planning for certain unlisted fighters (like the Rapier and Raptor) to become available upon reaching certain skill levels.


It was widely hoped the end of thirty years of the Terran-Kilrathi war would bring a measure of peace to a galaxy in desperate need of stability. This has not been the case. In fact, the period since the lifting of martial law has seen the inception of no less than three hundred distinct political, terrorist and pirate factions. There are rumblings of war in the Landreich, the newly independent Union of Border Worlds struggles to survive, and Imperial loyalists wage a desperate, futile, but protracted campaign to restore the Kiranka line to the imperial throne. Closer to home, the Martina Nostra has its hands in nearly every law passed in the Great Assembly and the Confederation scales back its military even as it struggles to cope with a resurgance of pirate activity and tightened arms control. The Confederation is in chaos, and it is a good time to be a mercenary.

Confederation Navy, Sol Sector
ALLIES: Merchants, InterSec
ENEMIES: Pirates, Martina Nostra, Kilrathi Raiders, Retros
PILOT: F-104B Bearcat
The Confederation Home Fleet is responsible for the defense and security of the entire Sol Sector.

InterSec, Sol Sector
ALLIES:~Confed Navy, Merchants
ENEMIES: Pirates, Martina Nostra, Kilrathi Raiders, Retros
PILOT: P-64C Ferret
The Sol branch of InterSec concerns itself primarily with pirate organizations and home-grown terrorist groups rather than external threats.

Confederation Navy, Enigma Sector
ALLIES: Merchants, InterSec
ENEMIES:~Pirates, Kilrathi Raiders, Landreich
PILOT: F-57D Sabre
Confed has its hands full in Enigma, tasked not only with defending the frontiers from renegade Kilrathi raiders but handling increasingly explosive relations with the Landreich.

InterSec, Enigma Sector
ALLIES:~Merchants, Confed Navy
ENEMIES: Martina Nostra, Kilrathi Raiders, Landreich, Pirates
PILOT: P-64E Ferret
InterSec Enigma's beat encompasses not only a number of Kilrathi rogues but numerous terrorist and pirate factions.

Confederation Navy, Gemini Sector
ALLIES:~Merchants, Militia
ENEMIES:~Pirates, Martina Nostra, Kilrathi Raiders
PILOT: F-71C Stiletto, A-18 Broadsword
Gemini Sector Confed Command holds dominion over a politcally insignificant but strategically important area of space.

Gemini Citizen's Militia
ALLIES:~Confed Navy, Merchants
ENEMIES: Pirates, Martina Nostra, Kilrathi Raiders
PILOT: NCCF-30 Gladius
As the Gemini Sector is beyond the authority of InterSec, local citizen militias are tasked with keeping law and order, with various degrees of success.

Border Worlds Militia
ALLIES:~Confed Navy, InterSec Security, Merchants
ENEMIES: Drakhai, Landreich, Martina Nostra, Kilrathi Raiders
The Border Worlds Militia is the primary defense force of the fledgling Union of Border Worlds.

InterSec, BW Sectors
ALLIES:~Confed Navy, Merchants
ENEMIES: Drakhai, Kilrathi Raiders, Martina Nostra
PILOT: Ferret
The Union of Border Worlds government employs InterSec Security personel to supplement its beleagured local militia.

ENEMIES: Confed Navy, InterSec
PILOT: NCCF-106 Scimitar
Although the Landreich has traditionally enjoyed close relations with the Union of Border Worlds, recent Confed pressure has compelled the Militia to take a hard-line attitude towards the notorious free state.

Kilrathi Raiders
ENEMIES: Merchants, Confed Navy, InterSec, Gemini Citizen's Militia, Landreich, Border Worlds Militia, Drakhai, Martina Nostra
PILOT: KF-104 Dralthi VII, KF-105 Gothri, KF-91 Jalthi
The political shakeup in the former Kilrathi Empire has forced some Kilrathi to go renegade and seek asylum in the lawless frontier regions.

ENEMIES: Everyone
PILOT: KF-111 Kor-lahr
The Drakhai are the personal bodyguards of the former Imperial Kiranka clan, seeking to restore a figurehead Emperor to the throne.

Lynch's Men
ENEMIES: Drakhai, Martina Nostra, Retros
PILOT: Tarsus
Roman Lynch, founder of Lynch Enterprises and the most powerful businessman in the Confederation, employs a wide assortment of underlings to enforce his monopoly on Confederation industries.

Martina Nostra
ENEMIES: Confed Navy, InterSec, Gemini Citizen's Militia, Border Worlds Militia, Kilrathi Raiders, Lynch
PILOT: Razor
The Martina Nostra are a Mafia-like organization involved in a wide assortment of illegal activies.

PILOT: Talon, Scimitar, Centurion
Colonials are ex-Confed nationals who have rejected the authority of the Terran government and make their living in the Border Worlds regions.

Lynch Mining
Cerberus Shipping
Tsunami/Azuma, Inc.
Izanami Corp.
Tetsuo Distribution, Ltd.
Gemini Export
Beto's Foodcorp UnLtd
Confederated Mining
Russo Disposal Systems
McCall Industries
Terraform Corp,
Universal Imports
Transector Plus
Ultima Resorts
Abyss Minerals

Laser Cannon
The laser is a lightweight weapon and a staple among carriers and transports. It drains less power than other mounted guns but delivers more shots wielding slightly less damage. Its range of 5000 meters surpasses that of most guns.

Mass Driver
The mass driver has medium range, good accuracy and applies medium damage. Heat buildup and power drain are minimal, and the damage potential remains constant within the cannon’s range. Though other types of cannon have evolved, the mass driver remains a solid weapon in any situation.

Neutron Gun
A relative of the mass driver, the neutron gun is found mostly on light fighters designed to attack at close range. Blasts from this gun apply piercing damage to armor and can obliterate another fighter at close range.

Particle Cannon
The particle cannon fires nuclear particles that inflict average damage on energy shields. This weapon has medium range and speed.

Tachyon Cannon
The newly developed tachyon cannon emits sub-atomic particles that are able to penetrate weakened shields and retain their damage potential.

Ionic Pulse Cannon
This high-power cannon fires ionized electrical pulses that can down a light fighter with just a few shots. It inflicts high damage at medium range but renergizes more quickly than other guns.

Plasma Gun
The plasma gun was originally developed to attack heavy fighters and corvettes with light armor. It uses electrically charged hydrogen molecules that are in a state of near-fusion.

Fusion Cannon
The fusion cannon is perhaps the best gun available on the civillian market. Essentially an improved version of the plasma gun, the fusion cannon provides incredible damage with a good fire rate at short-to-medium ranges.

Flak Gun
Flak guns provide most of the side and rear gun protection for capital ships. Computer-operated, they employ explosive energy bursts. Flak guns have medium range and high firing rates, and they diminish power more slowly than other guns.

This missile is a point-and-shoot weapon that doesn’t require a missile lock – just aim at a target and launch it. With no homing capability, a dumb-fire is most dangerous against pilots who can anticipate your reactions. Pilots usually reserve DF missiles for use in close quarters or against slow-moving targets. In most cases, you can easily evade these missiles by outmaneuvering the missile.

Heat-Seeker (HS)
The engines of fighters and capital ships generate a lot of heat, a fact that the heat-seeking missile uses to its advantage. The targeting system looks for the hottest, closest object, so you can try flying near an enemy ship. In some cases, the missile will adhere to a second heat source and quit tracking you.

Image-Recognition (IR)
An image-recognition missile operates by “memorizing” a targeted ship. It’s difficult to evade once it gains a lock, and a chaff pod won’t distract it from a target. If you spot one coming at you, your best bet is to dart behind another enemy ship and hope that it inadvertently hits your opponent instead.

Friend-or-Foe (FF)
The friend-or-foe missile locks onto the nearest enemy ship. Capable of identifying the distinctive signal broadcast by enemy ships, it makes a beeline for the nearest ship that isn’t broadcasting. This weapon will target friendly ships whose communications systems are damaged. Even the firing ship is not safe!

Bob McDob

Better Health Through Less Flavor
The Stiletto is the fastest ship in the Confederation fleet. With an afterburner velocity of 1400KPS and excellent maneuverability, it can evade even the swiftest fighters. The Stiletto's weakness lies in its extremely flimsy armor and relatively light weapons loadout. If you encounter an experienced pilot in a Stiletto, however, prepare for grueling combat as his high maneuverabiliy lets him get uncomfortably close.

The Gladius combines good velocity and acceleration with an effective and varied array of weapons. Its torpedoes make it an effective fighter for combat against capital ships. With its fairly strong blaster loadout and HS missiles, the Gladius is a versatile dogfighting spacecraft. Due to its maneuverability, it is difficult to target one accurately, but just a few direct hits can down the Gladius because of its weak shields.

Using information gathered from the Excalibur project, the Bearcat is an amazing tough, maneuverable ship with an enhanced weapon loadout. Its slim attack profile makes it difficult to target, and its incredible speed almost impossible to track.

The Broadsword is a commonly encountered Confederation fighter. It is equipped with a deadly array of blasters and several HS and FF missiles, which pose a severe threat to any enemy that ventures to cross its path. The Broadsword’s main weaknesses lie in its slow speed, low maneuverability and limited acceleration powers. If you are flying a very maneuverable ship in an encounter with this vessel, the odds are definitely in your favor. A side attack on the weaker port and starboard armor is advisable.

Most Kilrathi fighters emphasize high velocity and maneuverability, since a majority of all Kilrathi pilots rely on aggressive combat strategies. Similar to the Gothri, the Dralthi is designed in precisely this manner. Excellent acceleration powers, powerful afterburners and high velocities allow a Kilrathi pilot to close in on his kill quickly and with deadly efficiency.

The Kilrathi Gothri can pose a very real threat to any ship in the Gemini Sector. With its impressive acceleration, it can reach high velocities. When you are facing a Gothri in combat, you should concentrate on its weak armor. A few well-placed concentrated bursts of gunfire can severely damage this fighter. However, it is not that easy to close on it. The Gothri is very maneuverable and can easily down you first with its array of blasters.

This ship was the most feared Kilrathi fighter when it was first introduced in the late 2640s, and even today it is not uncommon for Terran pilots flying markedly superior ships to become intimidated at the sight of a gun-bristling Jalthi. Its six cannons are capable of mortally wounding any pilot foolish enough to make a head-on attack. The secret to attacking this ship is to approach it at an angle and strike at its undefended rear arc. Although not particularly agile, the Jalthi is fast enough to surprise those who do not respect its fearsome power.

The Kilrathi Kor-lahr was introduced late in the conflict, right before the Battle of Earth, and as such had not seen much action before the destruction of Kilrah. Shortly after, Imperial Drakhai squadrons fled into the wilderness of the Border Worlds to begin a protracted guerilla campaign that continues to this day. Although few have encountered this fighter, those that have report it is maneuverable, well-armed and fast. Although its armor is substandard, on the whole the trade-offs made make it greater than the sum of its parts.

The mainstay of the Exploratory Services just a few years ago, these steady craft are now a familiar part of private enterprise. A large cargo hold and good defensive loadout make this ideal either as a first ship or inexpensive cargo-hauler.

The Talon is probably the ship you will encounter most often. Flown by numerous different factions, it may appear in slightly different designs but its weapon loadouts and dynamics remain the same. You should take extreme care to keep the Talon away from your rear, since it is equipped with numerous HS missiles. If you are an accomplished pilot, you should be able to take out a Talon with relative ease, since its armor is extremely weak.

In service since nearly the beginning of the Terran-Kilrathi War, the Scimitar was the first fighter to be put into mass production. A medium fighter, the Scimitar finds a balance between the weight and firepower of a heavy fighter, and the greater mobility of a light fighter. Cheap production costs, easy maintenance, effective firepower, damage resilience, and smooth handling mean that even today the Scimitar remains an asset.

This is the workhorse of the mercenary community. The Centurion is a heavy fighter with the ability to do almost any gun-for-hire work. The limited cargo hold can con-tain more than an overnight bag but not by much. This is a ship for those pilots who love to fly, but it won’t make you a living on the trade circuit.

A versatile merchant's vessel, the Galaxy is perfect for those with an entrepeneurial spirit. She is by no means a military vessel, but a Galaxy can usually protect herself the large amount of cargo she's able to carry.

Bounty Hunter
The Demon combines high velocities and powerful acceleration powers with a wide array of deadly weapons. Its torpedo loadout can even take out capital ships like a Paradigm with relative ease.

The Orion is perhaps the safest of all vehicles. It is can carry the most armor and shields of all ships listed, at the expense of its maneuverability. This is a sturdy ship, designed to last.

Border Worlds Militia
The Vindicator was already an aging patrol fighter when it was pressed into service by an even more desperate Border Worlds Militia. The ship excels at nothing, but it is a solid and reliable weapons platform that will take even the most outrageous demands made on it in stride.

Martina Nostra
Originally designed by the infamous Martina Nostra, the lightweight Razor is one of the most commonly encountered Pirate fighters. While its armor is light, its civillian roots make repairs a cinch, and its oversized engines give it a staggering turn rate.

Capital Ships
Independent Caernaven-class Frigate
The ubiquitous Caernaven is an obsolete frigate design used by Confed during the Kilrathi War. It carries a heavy missile armament inside its cavernous hull, and can be easily modified to carry fighters and cargo. Ships of this type are used by regional militias, pirate clans, corporate security forces and even Kilrathi raiders.

Confederation Paradigm-class Destroyer
The Paradigm is one of the Confederation's most advanced destroyers. Featuring almost impregnable armor and shields, it more than compensates for its relative lack of speed and maneuverability. The Paradigm also has a deadly array of weapons at its disposal, making an attack of any sort extremely dangerous.

Confederation Exeter-class Destroyer
The Exeter is the second-most numerous capital ship in the fleet, and almost certainly the most versatile. These nimble vessels can perform tasks ranging as convoy escort to deep-space recon to fighter support to fleet resupply.

Confederation Concordia-class Supercruiser
The largest battleship in Confed's fleet, the Concordia class was originally developed during the Pilgrim War. The original Concordia was named the Confed flagship in 2645 and serves as a mobile command center for Naval operations. In keeping with its fleet command function,the Concordia class mounts enhanced long-range communications and sensor packages.

Kilrathi Fralthi-class Cruiser
Fralthi-class cruisers formed the bulk of the Kilrathi capital ship fleet during the war. These ships are light enough to excel at a variety of tasks, and large enough to survive the ongoing inter-clan conflict in the former Kilrathi empire. High;y prized today, most are under the control of major hrai, but a few may be operated by renegade Imperials or former warriors-turned-pirates.


Bob McDob said:
The mainstay of the Exploratory Services just a few years ago

It would be cool if you where given the option to join the Exploratory Service as you can with the Merchents/Merchenary guilds.

And good job putting the Scimitar in :)
I dunno if you are still asking but here are the ships I'd love to fly


The K'ha'haf would actually fit rather well if there was a asteroid base for the Kilrathi somewhere.


Vice Admiral
IPhoenixI said:
Having a Ekapshi fly in space would just seem weird.

IIRC the Ekapshi seemed pretty wussed out stats wise anyway. Of course ALL Kilrathi fighters seemed like that in WC3 I guess. ;)


t.c.cgi said:
IIRC the Ekapshi seemed pretty wussed out stats wise anyway. Of course ALL Kilrathi fighters seemed like that in WC3 I guess. ;)

The Ekapshi had a pretty darn hard shell to crack, plus with quad lasers and 2 mesons (6 fast firing weapons), that bad boy could hurt you in a hurry.

Bob, this is between WC4 and WCP? Wouldn't we see more Arrows or Rapiers in Intersec than Ferrets and Hornets? Or the Longbow instead of the Broadsword (or in addition to) in Codfed? Sorry, I haven't been following this mod very closely so I was just wondering about your reasoning behind your choices was :)