What ships do you want to fly?


I kind of think that the speeds used in Wing Commander are out of scale with Freelancer. In Freelancer, an enemy fighter is barely visible at a range of 3000, and the standard speeds are about 1/5 as high as Wing Commander (80 kps normal, 200 kps afterburner, 300 kps cruise engines). I propose that the speeds be cut to half of their WC values (for example, a Ferret would travel at 250 and afterburn at 700).


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Ice Hellion said:
Do you like the mass drivers or what is it about the Scimitar? I did enjoy flying it in WC1 but it was a little too slow.

It just seemed to work when I flew it. It may have been an old crappy fighter, but I just liked it when I flew it... 'cept that ONE SM1 mission where you have to blow up a supply base with it. Plus I think it looks cool.

Upgrades wouldn't bother me, just as long as it has that same rustbucket look to it hehe.


Why are confed ships

I just have to ask this. Why are Confed ships all pre Wing 3 ships? I would have thought that since it takes place after wing 4 and before prophecy that confed would be using ships like Hellcats and longbows, possibly Excaliburs. Why do you have confed flying Sabres and broadswords when in 2669 they had Arrows, hellcats, thunderbolts and Longbows? So why is it the bounty hunters fly hellcats and confed gets a sabre? Aside from that I think the mod is great.


Yeah about the ship things. Now I know a fair few WC fans love the old WC1 and WC2/Privateer 1 ships, BUT the thing is Confed surely would have upgraded since WC3/Kilrathi War. Even in WC3 we never saw anything other than the Hellcats, Arrows, Thunderbolts, Longbows and Excaliburs.

I mean, everything just LOOKed more modern, and lets face it, we all want this mod to bring more people into the fold of WC as well as satisfy the fans already there. But most people when browsing for mods, and who have no prior experiance in WC, are prolly going to me more attracted to the modern WC3 - WCP/WCSO styles of ship design. And its not like there aren't more than enough ships there to satisfy people. Now thats mainly for Confed, but I can see the BW still having the older ships, but in WC4 (our first decent look into BW) their ships kind of follow a modern design. Well, my whole point to this is for the majority of ships to have the modern look.

I can understand some ships not, but lets face it, in a WCP/WCSO world, a Ferret isn't going to win you any dogfights, and a Broadsword isn't going to take down the Midway/Cerberus(or whatever that SO ship was). Anyway, it IS up to the Devs, I'll support them either way, and I'll download it either way. But I know I'd prefer the new designs (I'm biased because i only played WC3 onwards), but I'm sure there are also people out who share my opinion, and remember, think of the n00bs.

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The modern mod, as far as I can tell, will have both types of ships ... but think of it this way: a lot of n00bs are likely going to be just like you, and have no experience with pre-Wing3 ships ... wouldn't it be good to introduce them to what they missed back in 2654-67? And we're not talking about the three-color meshes of WingI2, either: take a look at Standoff or WCS or UE or any of the other mods using pre-WC3 ships - IMHO, they certainly look better than the hundred-poly works in those games :)

Anyway, I think WingIII ships have gotten too long a run - I mean Wing3, Wing4, and the Excalibur AND T-Bolt show in Secret Ops. Isn't it time the other ships got as much publicity?



I'm all for the old ships, I did enjoy flying some in UE (i tried WC2 but it i could never get it to work properly), but in realistic terms, it is fairly likely that Confed did upgrade their fighter/bomber fleets. I can understand BW, InterSec and pirates (dont they use Arrows now as well?) using them. But even so, they, i'm not too sure that they stand up against the newer confed stuff (Panther, etc).
Have them in there by all means, i know i'll enjoy flying them as i'm sure everyone else/most will. But they would have upgraded. Perhaps the players would all get a decent go at the pre-WC3 ships, but starting the player outside of Confed territory? I dont know. But as i say, i'm sure people will download the mod anyway, and probably for reasons, as you say, to play the Wing3 ships that they missed out on.
Srry for bringing this up again

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The mod was pretty much restarted virtually from scratch, so most of the information you see in this thread is probably incorrect. The idea is to nullify the "ship selection" dillema by importing ALL the ships <G> Not all of them will be available at the same time, of course. We'll probably link certain ships to certain areas, and make it difficult to move between them. I dunno.

As for the timeline, I favor a 2671-era, after False Colors but before Wing4. Since we learn in False Colors how a state of war still exists in many of the frontier worlds, you'll have no shortage of kitties to fight, and because of naval surplusses and whatnot you'll be able to fly almost all the fighters :) Exceptions would probably be next-gens like the Excalibur, Bearcat. One idea might be to make it linked to reputation so you have to make Confed REALLY like you before they sell you the stuff. And, of course, it'll all be incredibly expensive.

(The other idea is to plant them in some backwater planet in the Fariss Quadrant as Easter Egg ships)
would you be interested in having the Danrik? Spent about an hour and a half on it so far, yet to texture (texturing always the longest part). 600 triangles.


I've only been going by that square inch sized black and white picture in the Privateer 2 manual... anyone know where to find good color pics of the ship to make skinning easier?