We Need You! (April 23, 2008)


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just a thought: Can someone provide some tapes from the same era with useless data on them to practice on?


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I do have some comments and suggestions, but I think the last few posts highlight another issue that needs to be addressed. Things have gotten to the point where LOAF and other folks are asking a number of technical and non-technical questions that span a wide range of issues. This is really a long term effort on the part of the CIC staff and a considerable number of volunteers, and I think a single thread is no longer sufficient. Have you given any thought to creating a sub-forum for this project or perhaps coming up with some other means to facilitate the discussion of these issues? If you had a sub-forum, you could, for example, create sticky threads where you might enumerate and update the hardware list you plan to take to the archive site, deal with manpower issues, etc. I think that a lot of good information was discussed in #Wingnut last night, but chat room discussions are too ephemeral and too private in a situation like this where you are trying to pull together expertise and resources from so many quarters.

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Sure, that's a good idea - Kris, can you set one up real fast?

The folks who have signed up to go have been putting together a project bible via email, we could transfer that to the forums pretty easily.


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Is there nobody else on that coast willing to take a few days out of their lives for a project this monumental? C'mon guys, lets see some love and dedication here!


FYI, I submitted a story about this at Slashdot and linked back to this forum, so hopefully the wider audience might add a few more people for the team.

PS Not looking for thanks, just letting ya'll know.


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I'm so sorry to be the thread necromancer, but even after 11 years I'm still curious if something came out of the relicts from the past


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This thread predates the Mythic trip, so we were able to digitize some of the exotic formats when we actually went down.

At the time we catalogued the trip here: https://www.wcnews.com/news/2008/08/11/mythic-briefing

And we've parsed out some of the material over the years, much of which is in our document archive: https://www.wcnews.com/news/2016/08/14/document-archive-revamp-continues