Perry Naval Base

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Perry Naval Base
Type Naval Base
Primary User Terran Confederation
Introduction 2650s
Source Wing Commander: Privateer

Perry Naval Base was a Confederation Halsey-Class Naval Base located in the Perry system, Clarke Quadrant, Gemini Sector.

Perry was the military center of Gemini, located two jumps away from each of the "Blockade Point" systems and no further than three jumps from territory held by the Kilrathi Empire. Because of the strength of the military forces in the area, there were no large scale battles in the Terran-Kilrathi War fought in Gemini between 2658 and the end of the war. Most of Gemini's naval were based out of Perry during the latter half of the 27th Century. As might be expected, the system itself was heavily patrolled by Confederation military forces, a fact that made it one of the few systems in Gemini that the Church of Man and local pirate clans went out of their way to steer clear of during the period. Perry was a model of efficiency and was supported by a lively business in all industries. In particular the base was noteworthy for the sale of out-of-date weaponry; many gun-runners in the area got their start from sales at Perry, bringing in food, medical supplies and the like to the base in exchange. In the late 2660s, the base was commanded by Admiral David Terrell.

This Naval Base, along with 18 other Halsey-Class Naval Bases, was destroyed during the Nephilim War. The destruction of this base in particular set a chain of events in motion that led to the near-complete de-population of Gemini Sector by the end of the 27th Century, though it has since recovered.

Behind the Scenes

The destruction of Perry Naval Base, although indirectly, was established by Star*Soldier (the manual of Wing Commander: Arena).