Delta Prime

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Delta Prime
Delta Prime.png
Sector Gemini Sector
Quadrant Fariss Quadrant
Allegiance Terran Confederation
Jump Links Gamma

Delta Prime is a remote star system in the Fariss Quadrant of the Gemini Sector. It was the fourth and final of the "Delta Quad" systems first charted by privateer Grayson Burrows in 2669 under the direction of TCES representative Taryn Cross. During his exploration of this system, Burrows encountered a derelict Steltek craft, from which he retrieved the Steltek Gun used to destroy the Steltek Drone menacing the Gemini Sector, and which was later stolen by the Church of Man.

Despite the claim the Terran Confederation made on the system (which occurred some time between 2669 and 2681), Delta Prime remains largely inaccessible and unexplored due to the lack of any nearby bases and the fuel limits on most ships in the Gemini Sector.

Nav Point Reference

  • Nav 1: Jump to the Gamma System



Encounter Probabilities

Nav 1:

  • None - 100%

Random Mission Opponents: All Kilrathi