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Sector Gemini Sector
Quadrant Potter Quadrant
Allegiance Terran Confederation
Jump Links Surtur

41-GS is a star system located in the Potter Quadrant of the Gemini Sector. Though it is included within the territory of the Terran Confederation, the system has never been inhabited in Gemini's history, largely due to its lack of any useful natural resources, habitable worlds or strategic jump links.

Nav Point Reference

  • Nav 1: Jump to the Surtur System



Encounter Probabilities

Nav 1:

  • 2 Confederation Stilettos (confident aces), 1 Confederation Paradigm (timid novice) - 40%
  • 3 Confederation Broadswords (confident pros), 1 Confederation Paradigm (timid novice) - 40%
  • 2 Bounty Hunter Demons (fanatical pros) - 20%

Random Mission Opponents: 2/3 Confederation, 1/3 Bounty Hunters