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So I figured out what the offset problems were, Seems as though When I clean installed it still wouldn't work, but when I went in and deleted my old save file(the one where i completed the game) Standoff booted right up perfectly.

Could there be a problem with the GCF file after you finish the game?


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My brother observed some potential bugs and he requested me to report them:

Trigger on the Killboard, in Chapter 1
Striking Distance: Trigger is not on the Killboard, and Slasher is (correct)
Questions (Cutscene): Trigger is on the Killboard, but Slasher is not
Storming the Rock / Sabre Pursuit: Trigger is not on the Killboard, and Slasher is (correct)
Unresolved Issues A (Cutscene): Trigger is back on the Killboard
Family Reunion: Trigger is on the Killboard, while Cougar/Squealer/etc aren't - I suppose Trigger should not be on the Killboard either
Mastif Patrol: Trigger is on the Killboard - I think that his first appearance on the killboard is on this mission
Yet to check: Search for the Strike, Final Strike

Extra Kills in Lashing Out (Ch 3A)
After destroying the Snakeir (or not), autopilot to Firekka Nav and return back to the Snakeir Nav, and there will be a large number of (extra) Kilrathi pilots there

Stilettos Contradiction: First Encounters (Ch 5A)
According to (my) ship report, I have 4 remaining Stilettos, but in flight, I count 5 Stilettos: Bradshaw, Trigger, Lynx, Junkie, Dragon. I think that this one is a total mistake as they (probably) forgot about the one that <player> flies.
Not sure if it is a bug but... in Sim missio 10...are those Kilrathi supose to launch fighters after their capships are destroyed?

and I do not know but... what do you need to do für the Mission sucsess gold level?
I fleid at level3 mission 4 und 8 and did the mission. but nothing :confused:
I do neot get it


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Gold level requires difficulty level 3 and Hero or Nightmare settings.

Apparently there's a reproducible issue with the mission "Jump Point Defence" where Freyers loses his eyesight for a bit. See the attached image.

When you return to the Jump Point after TCS Lionheart calls you for help, Freyers says the "Thanks, return to your patrol" line before the enemies are defeated, not after (specifically, as they appear!)


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This basically has to be my computer since nobody else reports it, but I have minor troubles with Episode 5 Mission 2 (other than being too swept up in how awesome the mission is to remember to actually come up with some tactics for beating it). Anyway, after I fail dismally again and hit the restart button, Standoff crashes to desktop with the usual Windows "this program crashed" message. WinXP, ATI Radeon X600, Catalyst 9.8 (being the latest version "legacy" cards support). It might be related to alt-tabbing out (since I'm keeping a scorecard of kills/deaths in a notepad file), but I've had the CTD happen when I haven't done this also.

Addtionally, why don't I get a kill for torpedoing a Targu-II? Sufficient replays of this mission have made that one fairly obvious to me.


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Ilanin, what version of Standoff are you running ? The known crash problems we had should be gone since 1.29. Look at your launcher's version.


1.31, my autoupdate is functional.

It seems to be ONLY on E5M2 though. E5M1 works just fine, and I never had this problem going through. Might be a memory issue, given how much stuff there is in Wild Weasel.

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Got the joystick working, it wasn't Standoff's fault. While playing Ep. 5, the game was crashing after I died if I chose either the quit or restart options. Also, one of the flight wings of techs appear as Kilrathi icons when they respond. It wasn't a big deal though. Excellent game and amazing work Standoff guys.


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Finally got around to adding your brother's bugs to BZ Wedge...hopefully when we have some time Q can patch them up and I can test them out.

Thanks again...and people...if you notice stuff please let us know!


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Finally got around to adding your brother's bugs to BZ Wedge...
I'm not too fussed, but I suppose it's always nice to polish out those last niggling bugs. He's found quite a few more bugs - some including reproducible crashes - but I told him to save them until he can report them all in one go. Less of having to keep checking back and forth between posts.

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Just encountered a very frustrating bug. After a hard fought battle, I returned to the Firekka
after the marine transports blew up the Hakaga.
After the successful mission, I landed, heard from the chief tech, and the game crashed.

Edit: Replayed it and it didn't crash this time. Unfortunately there was an even more annoying crash. After successfully beating the last mission
and killing Thrakath,
the cheif tech made her comment about my fighter, then the game crashed again.


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I noticed the last mission crashes on landing occasionally, even with the most recent version. It happened to me the first time I finished the last mission too, but fortunately it doesn't happen often enough for it to be too bad. On the other hand, thay may be unfortunate in itself because it does make reproducing the problem for diagnosis rather difficult.


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You cannot play with the Tarsus anymore. It was only available for a limited time in Standoffs history and was replaced by the Arrow later.