Zak brings the house down!

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Zak brings the house down! is a News Bulletin by Starsky Blackstone posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 25% increase in the price of biopolys, brikcrete, lumber, plasteen and Titan on Hermes.


Zak brings the house down!
Starsky Blackstone mixes with the stars
Work started today on the reconstruction of the Cephalalgia stadium on Hermes, which partially collapsed while playing host to Rock hyperstar Zak Skintight and his band, The Buttock Men. Trouble started when the band ripped into their smash hit 'Jump (and I'll show you my Y-fronts)!'. The crowd promptly started bouncing around like loons, desperate for the sight of Zak's studded leather underwear, when A, B and E stands suddenly collapsed, crushing around 250 fans to death. Contractors have offered excellent prices for Industrial materials necessary for repairs. We asked Zak for his comment, to which he replied 'It's a bit of a larf, innit'.