Yummiechow competition winners

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Yummiechow competition winners is a News Bulletin by Bill Tongita posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. It does not impact commodity prices.


Yummiechow competition winners
Yummiechow representative Bil Tongita writes
A big hello to Yummiechow fans everywhere. You'll remember we asked you to come up with a slogan for our new product, Munchums. The winning entry came from Serra Mellian Bessly from Anhur, who wrote 'Crunch 'em, Scrunch 'em, Lunch on Munchums'. Well done, Serra. You win a years supply of Munchums for your efforts. Ten lucky runners-up win a Yummiechow G-vest and a significant-unit size pack of Munchums. They are: Ser Valstov Becklin, Serrina Binky Tootles, Ser Sar Ricaud, Serra Lastra Golsin, Ser Gelt Boswell, Ser Fark Surname not known, Ser Davin Fostrum, Serra Lavinia Soxder, Serra Weslie Poggins and Ser Bolso Yimminet.