You're in trouble...

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You're in trouble... is a News Bulletin posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. It does not impact commodity prices.


You're in trouble...
You're about to walk into the biggest den of villains in the galaxy.
You're short, you're podgy, and you've just snogged Mr. Big's mother. Are you scared? Hell,'ve just bought a KriskArms Ultimate Cannon! The Ultimate Cannon is the last word in personal defence - own one, and you've got more firepower in your pocket than most primitive armies! Features include:
20mm Neuroaffector beam with Stun, Wound, Maim and Terminate settings
50mm Grenade Launcher with a huge variety of warheads
Personal Shield mode that will resist anything up to a nuclear explosion
The Ultimate Cannon...2,000 creds, from KriskArms!