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#: 	65760 S12/Origin
	08-Aug-91 05:36:42
Sb: 	#65606-#Wing Commander II
Fm: 	Mike/Origin
To: 	ALL


Uncompressed Wing Commander II will need 15 meg.
Uncompressed Wing Commander II with speach disks will need 21 meg.


#: 	66076 S12/Origin
	08-Aug-91 15:00:39
Sb: 	Wing II Ships
Fm: 	Mike/Origin
To: 	ALL
I am giving you some info on WC2 ships. This info is subject to change.

class 	name 	size 	speed 	maneuver 	shields 	Armor 	guns 	Missile
--------- 	----------- 	------ 	--------- 	------------ 	----------- 	------- 	------ 	--------
Fighter 	Ferret 	S 	500 	Excellent 	Poor 	Poor 	2MD 	None
Fighter 	Rapier 	M 	450 	Excellent 	Great 	Poor 	2LC 2PC 	Six
Fighter 	Epee 	S 	480 	Good 	Good 	Poor 	2PC 	Four
Fighter 	Sabre 	L 	400 	Good 	Great 	Good 	4PC 	Eight
Fighter 	Broadsword 	XL 	360 	Poor 	Great 	Great 	3MD 	Six
Capitol 	Clydesdale 	- 	Slow 	-- 	-- 	-- 	2LC 	None
Capitol 	Free Traders 	- 	Slow 	-- 	-- 	-- 	Varies 	None
Capitol 	Waterloo 	Crsr 	Slow 	-- 	Great 	Great 	4AM 	None
Capitol 	Gilgamesh 	Dstr 	-- 	-- 	Great 	Great 	2AM 	None

Key: 	AM - Antimatter Cannon 	NG - Neutron Gun 	LC - Laser Cannon
	MD - Mass Driver 	PC - Particle Cannon 	

Other notes

Ferret 	- 	Low class Coast Guard Ship 	
Rapier 	- 	Very much like the Rapier from Wing Commander 	
Epee 	- 	Should be able to outrun what it can not out fight 	
Sabre 	- 	Tail Gunner with Laser Cannon 	Jump Capable
Broadsword 	- 	Four Torpedoes, 3 turrents 	Jump Capable
Clydesdale 	- 	Military Transport, Basically a Drayman 	Jump Capable
Free Traders 	- 	Privately owned freighters 	Jump Capable
Waterloo 	- 	Long range defense ship, small Carrier 	Jump Capable
Gilgamesh 	- 	Also has one Flak Cannon 	Jump Capable

This information is just to tease you.
The information on Kilrathi ships will be posted SOMETIME next week.


#: 	65831 S12/Origin
	08-Aug-91 15:06:09
Sb: 	#65664-#WC2 Tigers Claw CO
Fm: 	Mike/Origin
To: 	ALL

Quick update:Wing Commander II takes place ten years after sm2. The Tigers Claw has been destroyed. You were blamed, and demoted to the rank of Captain and reduced to flying routine patrol missions off a space station on the other side of the galaxy. That is how the game starts anyway.


#: 	67214 S12/Origin
	16-Aug-91 10:02:55
Sb: 	#Kilrathi spacecraft
Fm: 	Mike/Origin
To: 	ALL

Here is the info that I said I would post. Remember, it is still subject to change.

Class 	Name 	Size 	Speed 	Maneuver 	Shields 	Armor 	Guns 	Missiles
-------- 	--------- 	------ 	-------- 	------------ 	--------- 	--------- 	-------- 	----------
Ftr 	Sartha 	S 	480 	Excellent 	Poor 	Poor 	2NG 	1DF
Ftr 	Drakhri 	M 	420 	Excellent 	Good 	Good 	3LC 	4DF
Ftr 	Jalkehi 	L 	380 	Poor 	Great 	Great 	4LC,1PC 	4IR
Ftr 	Grikath 	L 	360 	Poor 	Great 	Great 	3NG 	2 Torpedo
Ftr 	Strakha 	M 	Poor 	Good 	Poor 	Good 	2LC 	2DF,2 Torp
Ftr 	Bloodfang 	M 	Great 	Great 	Great 	Great 	4PC 	6DF
Cptl 	Dorkathi 	- 	-- 	-- 	-- 	-- 	2LC 	None
Cptl 	Kamekh 	- 	-- 	-- 	-- 	-- 	3LC 	6IR,4 Torp
Cptl 	Ralatha 	- 	-- 	-- 	-- 	-- 	1AM 	None
Cptl 	Fralthra 	- 	-- 	-- 	-- 	-- 	3AM 	None

NG 	: 	Neutron Guns 	DF 	: 	Deadfire Missile
LC 	: 	Laser Cannon 	IR 	: 	Image Recognition Missile
PC 	: 	Particle Cannon 			

Other Notes:


Sartha 	- 	Basically a Salthi with better guns
Drakhri 	- 	Souped up Dralthi that can kick tail
Jalkehi 	- 	Basically a souped up Jalthi
Grikath 	- 	2LC in turret, this ship is for anti capital ship missioons
Strakha 	- 	Has cloaking device
Bloodfang 	- 	Thrakkath's personal fighter, only one exists!!
Dorkathi 	- 	Big slow frieghter
Kamekh 	- 	Corvette class ship, can bust your cap. ships
Ralatha 	- 	Destroyer, can carry fighters
Fralthra 	- 	Cruiser/light carrier


#: 	67215 S12/Origin
	16-Aug-91 10:03:01
Fm: 	Mike/Origin
To: 	ALL

The Concordia is the ship that you will be stationed on.

CLASS 	- 	Super Cruiser
TYPE 	- 	Confederation
SIZE 	- 	Dreadnaught
SPEED 	- 	--
SHIELDS 	- 	Great
ARMOR 	- 	Great
GUNS 	- 	8 Antimatter Cannons, flak

NOTES - The Concordia is also has a phase transit cannon

This information is subject to change.