Tricky Brickies

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Tricky Brickies is a News Bulletin by Adam Reefer posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 35% increase in the price of brikcrete on Karatikus.


Tricky Brickies
Construction editor Adam Reefer writes
Construction workers who had been labouring on the Wilson Towers development on the planet of Karatikus were shamefaced this morning; it seems that, after topping off the project yesterday, the builders went on a drinking spree, having over nine months of back pay in their pockets. They awoke this morning, somewhat painfully, to ashenfacedly confront the fruits of their behaviour: the entire project reduced to rubble, the result of an inebriated game of bulldozer chicken. Labour starts again today, and Brikcrete is in great demand.