Tragedy strikes Rocket Derby

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Tragedy strikes Rocket Derby is a News Bulletin by Sevastian Hague posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. It does not impact commodity prices.


Tragedy strikes Rocket derby
Sevastian Hague reports
A veil of sadness hangs over the famous track here at Volsen on Hermes, following the tragic death of Rocket Bike veteran Vlotr Karstein. It was in the 18th lap of the Opi-Ola Derby that Karstein, who had led the race from the outset, seemed to suffer a loss of power, and plowed his Wakashiri 5000 into spectator stand D. 27 people were killed and 150 injured in the crash, which saw Karstein's body shatter into hundreds of pieces at the force of the impact. As I write, race officials are guiding round a Vacbot, collecting his remains for ceremonial burial. CIS agents are investigating, and there is talk of banning the sport. All in all, a sad day for Rocket Biking.