Tip-top Eclipse Tips Mix-up

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Tip-top Eclipse Tips Mix-up is a News Bulletin by Toni Cowey posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 50% increase in the price of optic nerves on Hephaestus.


Tip-top Eclipse Tips Mix-up
Unfortunately, poetry correspondent Toni Cowey reports, as he was the only one there.
Alas! 'Tis a day of woe for the sorry folk of Hephaestus. Suffering has cast it's shady hand upon the brow of many, while foul misunderstanding has bereft the common man of sight. The cause? The cause? Bewail the man, bewail the foe, whose fellows he has blighted so. It was the day of the eclipse, an event on men and women's lips, when foul Misfortune did conspire, the TV computers to miswire. And thus, instead of smoked glass, the order now did come to pass, that Magnifiers should be used, an act which retinas abused. Now men are blind and cannot see, and Optic Nerves are of rarity. I thank you.