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Okay, I would like to start adding in the Action Stations ships - most of which I probably won't even bother adding an infobox to given we don't even know the armament let alone any specific details beyond a very vague age (like ancient and "should be in a museum"). The purpose of adding this entries is so that these fighters are not completely forgotten.

Now for the Wildcat fighter, I've let it as a WIP since there probably needs to be a lot more in the article about the fighter's involvement during the McAuliffe Ambush and I'm really not all that familiar with the battle having only read Action Stations once. There are several more issues and assumptions with the article that seem valid/implied, but probably need examination.

  • Since we know that Douglas Aerospace created the Hellcat, I made the assumption that they also made the Wildcat. This one is probably the most significant assumption, but it does seem to be strongly implied throughout the series, that these Hellcat followed a parallel precursor/successor naming scheme to the 20th century set of fighters.
  • It is really unclear what type of missile is referred to by remotely-fired if that even refers to a single type.
  • Another assumption I made is that when the Wildcat is said to be a 30 year old class, I'm assuming that means 30 years less than the current year (2634) ie 2604 rather than sometime between May 2603 and April 2604.

- Iceblade

It's not our job to make assumptions or infer. I always try to stick to the hard facts and, if something is in a grey area (the fighter's age), note the discrepancy rather than try to chase down a hard date. Bob 02:10, 27 April 2012 (CDT)
Just to note this is a possibility; the replacement fighter referenced towards the beginning could be the Corsair fighter mentioned at the end of Action Stations. - Iceblade

Don't assume anything. Report what we know, not what we think. If a name is not given for a weapon, provide the description of it. Every ship article should have an infobox, even if it only has the name of the ship in it. I'm getting ready to do a big push on Ships this summer. We are going to finalize layouts and then aim to get every WC ship into WCPedia by the birthday. You should swing by #wingnut sometime and chat with the other WCPedia'ers. We can give you a rundown of what we've been talking/thinking about. --Dundradal 07:15, 27 April 2012 (CDT)