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I disagree with Dundradal's opinion of the Gladius. Here's what I wrote while Let's Playing this mission:

(Ilanin)Inferior in all ways to the Sabre, the Gladius is very probably the worst - at the absolute best the second-worst - fighter you actually have to fly in the game. Allow me to enumerate the ways in which it is terrible. The biggest is low afterburner speed. 1000 kps is just not enough to get you out of the way of enemy shots or to allow you to close in on enemies just outside cannon range. It's the same speed as a Talon at afterburner and I've been demonstrating for three missions just how useless the Talon's AB is. The next is its gun zero; the laser cannon are a long way out on the wingtips giving it the same problem as the WC2 Sabre in terms of actually hitting enemies which present a small target - you can do it with some of the guns but not all of them. Compounding this is its lack of an ITTS. Throw in shields which are weaker than the Sabre's already unsatisfactory shielding and armour that does nothing to make up for the deficit, and no rear turret, and you have a Grade A deathtrap.