Sigma Wing (Cairo System)

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Sigma Wing
Fighter Dralthi
Wingmen N/A
Medal None
Objectives Fly to Nav 1

Recieve signal from capital ships
Return to Tiger's Claw

Victory Points N/A
Notes Fly to Nav 1

Recieve signal from capital ships
Return to Tiger's Claw

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Next Omega Wing (Cairo System)

Mission Layout

Preflight Conversations

Talk to Shotglass

Hi there, Maverick. Have you talked to Spirit lately? I'm worried about her.
She's been depressed, since she heard her fiancee might have been captured.
I know you two are close, mayb eyou can figure it out.
Christopher Blair
I'll see Sam, I'm not a psychiatrist though.
I know, but you're a friend. I think that's worth more.

Talk to Spirit

Tanaka Mariko
Ahh, hello, Maverick-san. Perhaps you should talk to Jazz.
I'm afraid I'm not very good company tonight.
Christopher Blair
That's what Sam says, Spirit. Would you like to talk about it?
Tanaka Mariko
They confirmed that my fiancee was captured by the Kilrathi.
Christopher Blair
I'm sorry Mariko, I wish there was something we could do.
Tanaka Mariko
I thought that he could be rescued, that there was a chance of it - But I cannot lie to myself any longer.
I have never truly hated the Kilrathi, even though they caused my father's death… not until now.

Talk to Jazz

Zach Colson
Hi there, Maverick! Getting used to life aboard the Tiger's Claw has been easy.
It's a smaller ship than the Austin. You know, a man could get used to this.
Christopher Blair
We like it, Colson.
Zach Colson
Yes, well, I wasn't used to it.
The Austin is so formal, and everyone here is so laid back.
And Colonel Halcyon is much more easy going than Admiral Tolwyn.
I don't see why the Admiral doesn't like him, he seems fine to me.

Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing. Cairo System

Peter Halcyon
Ah, yes, Maverick. I've got another secret mission for you.
I need you to fly that capture Dralthi out to retrieve some broadcast data.
It shouldn't be too difficult, but the secrecy factor is vital.
Which is why I'm trusting you with it.
Christopher Blair
Thank you sir. What are the details?
Peter Halcyon
You are to infiltrate behind enemy lines and obtain vital information.
We've equipped the Dralthi with communications computers that will simulate a real Kilrathi pilot.
When you touch base at your Nav points the computer simulation will begin transmitting and will contact any capital ships to request certain information.
Once the computer has acquired the data - then get out of there fast.
We don't know how long these computers can deceive the Kilrathi.
We think there are several capital ships maneuvering through your Nav 1.
You'll fly to that Nav point, transmit to the capital ships, and then get the hell out of there.
Remember Maverick, make sure you get back.
Christopher Blair
Yes, sir, I'll do my best, sir!
Peter Halcyon
The techs have refitted these Kilrathi ships with some human control mechanisms and added our own targeting systems,
but we still don't know how they'll fly in combat, So watch your six.
Good luck Maverick, I know you won't disappoint me. Dismissed.

Mission Debriefing

Mission debriefing.

Peter Halcyon
Welcome back, Maverick. Lets hear your report.
Transmission Received Transmission Not Received

Christopher Blair
I was able to move in close and target 2 Snakeir carriers at Nav 1.
Peter Halcyon
Excellent Maverick, we'll get that data to tactical right away.
Christopher Blair
And I succeeded in destroying both carriers.
Peter Halcyon
That wasn't your mission Maverick, but it'll deal a very demoralized blow to the enemy.

Christopher Blair
I couldn't get close enough to any capital ships to target them, I'm sorry sir.
Peter Halcyon
I just hope we can achieve our mission without that data.

Maverick's Kills Maverick Struck Out

Your flight recorder says that you killed $K.

The recorder says that you were blanked, no kills.

All right, we transmitted a message indicating that you ran into some rocks in that asteroid field.
With any luck, the Kilrathi will believe that you were destroyed. Get some rest, Blair.