Sarlee Rathji

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Sarlee Rathji
Occupation Instrumentation Instructor
Service/branch Terran Confederation Navy
Rank Major
Unit Terran Confederation Space Naval Academy
Battles/wars McAuliffe Ambush - 2634

Major Sarlee Rathji was a veteran of the McAuliffe Ambush and later taught a class on instrumentation at the Academy. She told the 201st Plebe Class that "awareness in the cockpit is the key to a successful mission. You'll never become proficient from books, lectures or holo-vids, " she said; "only practice in the simulator and real space can do that. But take these lessons seriously now and they'll turn that vital visual sweep of the cockpit into an unconscious skill. You must be able to determine your ship's and weapon's status, the enemy ship's condition, and the location of friendly and enemy ships in your area. And it must become second nature."