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Ralari-Class Destroyer
Type Destroyer
Primary User Empire of Kilrah
General Characteristics
Length 385 meters
Mass 18,000 tonnes
Cruise 150 kps
Maximum 250 kps

Default Missile Loadout
Torpedo Tubes (8)
Jump Drive Yes
Fore Meson shields cm equivalent
Aft Meson shields cm equivalent
Front 25 cm
Rear 15 cm
Side 20 cm
Source Confederation Handbook

Official Authorized Wing Commander Confederation Handbook

The Ralari-class destroyer represents the Kilrathi's sole known attempt at a warship with no fighter complement. Ralari-class ships are used for fleet defense, planetary assault and orbital defense. They predate the current conflict, but from their engineering it is believed that they are a relatively recent innovation for the Kilrathi. A Ralari's engines are extremely efficient, and it has above average speed and maneuverability for a ship its size. All Kilrathi task groups and escorted convoys include Ralari-class destroyers. Several thousand have been identified, and many intact specimens have been taken.

The Ralari holds a complement of about 150 officers and crew, plus a small unit of up to 50 warriors for use in marine operations. Although it doesn't have a fighter deck, a Ralari's standard complement includes three large transport shuttles, each capable of holding up to 100 armed warriors and their equipment. In invasion operations, they are often encountered in the presence of troop transports, with the Ralari acting as command and control for the landing operation.

The Ralari is also effective as a strategic bomber, and much of its cargo space is often devoted to ship-to-planet missile storage. Torpedoes, plus a remarkable heavy armament for a ship of its size, make it one of the most deadly Kilrathi vessels in ship-to-ship combat.

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