Now that's GOTTA hurt!

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Now that's GOTTA hurt! is a News Bulletin by Hugh Pain posted to the Commerce and Communications Network in 2790. The article denotes a 20% increase in the price of Synthi skin on Anhur.


Now that's GOTTA hurt!
Dangerous Sports correspondent Hugh Pain writes
Well hello, death defiers everywhere. I'm here on Anhur, reporting from the Pygohert gravel pits on the latest nerve-tingling event to hit the Cosmos. It's name? Gravel Rash. Basically, it involves the competitor removing his lower garments, leaving his nether regions 'as God intended', and then sliding down courses composed of scree and loose stones as fast as possible. Courses range from beginner (shallow gradient, limestone) to black (1:2 gradient, granite chips mixed with broken glass). As you can imagine, Synthi Skin is in hot demand, most especially by reigning champion Arfa 'Soprano' Bellgon.