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Type Capital Ship
Primary User Kindred
Max Velocity 160 KPS
Max Afterburner Velocity 320 KPS
Acceleration 48 kps2
Booster Pod Fuel {{{booster fuel}}}
Max Y/P/R 2/2/2 dps
Armor 2500 cm
Shields 2500 cm
Cloak No
Jump Drive Yes

The Krono, Tri-System circa 2790.

The Krono was the flagship of the Kindred. She was one of the largest and most heavily armored capital ships in the Tri-System. The Krono had a flight deck capable of carrying a complement of fighters and transports. She was commissioned - and named - specifically for The Kindred's crazed leader, Sar Ricaud (aka "Kronos"). Only one Krono-class ship was built. She was destroyed by the CIS in 2790, during a failed operation to assassinate Shiela Nabakov. Many have observed that the Krono-class bears a striking resemblance to the Nephilim Tiamat-class dreadnaughts which terrorized human space a hundred odd years earlier.