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List of Categories that could have subcategories and Pete's thoughts on the categories in general:

  • Bases and Installations - This should not have any subcategories, instead it's articles should be tagged by factions and type
  • Behind the scenes (real life) - This should have the following subcategories
    • Games
    • Novels
    • Other products
    • Interviews
    • Production personnel (bios of people who made the WC products)
  • Books - Ok, I guess the LaFong thing does deserves it's own subcategory, but books should itself be a subcategory for Media
  • Characters - This should not have any subcategories, instead it's articles should be tagged by races
  • Fictional Characters - should be a category on it's own, not a subcategory of Characters
  • Equipement - Make subcategories as needed.
  • Factions - This one is a mess, pointing to sub-sub-sub-sub-categories. Scrap all that, and make subcategories for subfactions as needed, but only if the subcategory page contains information. For example, make the Terran Confederation article a Category page with the actual article in the top and the list of subfactions as subcategories at the bottom (i.e. the Belisarius Group).
  • Fleet Organization - I guess we can leave that one be
  • Kilrathi society and culture - Why not make this a subcategory list within the Kilrathi "Race" article ?
  • Languages - This category should contain actual languages (+"slang") category-articles, which could then use any subcategory needed ("words", "Character sets", etc)
  • Locations - What exactly is that ??? It only contains a subcategory for places within the Tiger's Claw... this should simply be put into the Tiger's Claw article instead ???
  • Media
    • Books should be ported here as subcategory
    • Magazines should be ported here as subcategory
    • Holovids should be ported here as subcategory
    • Periodicals should be ported here as subcategory
    • Infobursts, perhaps ???
    • News bulletin - for those bulletin board news and Priv2 things
  • Missions - It's fine the way it is now - the missions listed in there can't be from two different WC Products so using semantic tags here would be pointless.
  • Ships - Another messy one. Scrap all the current subcategories. The ships articles should be tagged for faction(s), WC Product(s) they appear in, manufacturer(s), etc.
    • Fighters
    • Capital ships
    • Non-combatant
  • Weapons
    • Guns
    • Missiles
    • Others

Semantic tags

To make a semantic tag:


This will also make "value" a clikable link to the wiki article of that name.

To make a semantic tag that will be shown but will not link to a wiki article, add a pipe and a space ("| ") after the value:

[[fieldname:=value| ]]

The pipe actually serves to show an alternate text, so you can use that to that purpose, too.

To make a completely invisible semantic tag, use the #set command:


Semantic queries

To make a semantic query, you use the "#ask command".


{{#ask: [[manufacturer::Douglas Aerospace]] |format=ul}}
{{#ask: [[manufacturer::Douglas Aerospace]] |format=list |sep=,_}}

F-103 Excalibur,_F-27 Arrow V,_HF-66 Thunderbolt VII,_Hellcat V

{{#ask: [[manufacturer::Douglas Aerospace]] |format=category}}
{{#ask: [[manufacturer::Douglas Aerospace]] |format=table}}
F-103 Excalibur
F-27 Arrow V
HF-66 Thunderbolt VII
Hellcat V
{{#ask: [[manufacturer::Douglas Aerospace]] |format=count}}


Here is another example, this time using two criterias; the first is the category of the article, the second is a semantic tag value. Also note the usage of {{PAGENAME}}. (the example result points to the Wing Commander III page).

{{#ask: [[Category:Confederation Fighter Class Names]] [[Appears in WC Product::{{PAGENAME}}]] | format=category }}

--PopsiclePete 14:24, 23 January 2011 (CST)