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written by Delance in 23-08-1997


1. How do I go down to Kilrah to deploy the Temblor Bomb? I seem to face infinite waves of enemy fighters!

You have to activate the cloacking device (ctrl-c) before the last nav point in order to reach Kilrahi. Before you enter in the autopilot to this navpoint, in the nav notes on the nav screen (N) you will find a note: "activate the cloack before entering, laddie". You must cloack and enter in the auto pilot. You'll face Thrakkath and Hobbes (if he was not killed before) and, when both are dead, enter in Kilrah.

2. How do I disable the transport ship in WC3 misson to refuel the Behemoth?

Attack it until it has suffered more than 50% damage.


4. Can I remain in Confed when the Lexiginton engages the Intrepid?

No, you must defect at this point.

5. Does Catscrash disapear after he is rescued in Circe/Sparadon?

Sometime he does, sometimes he does not disaper from the flight roster, this might have something to do with your previus actions to him. However, he does not appear in the video after this.

6. How do I disable the Black Lance transport in WC4

You must leech this ship and/or fire leech missles. To select the leech cannon, press (H) to go the the auxiliary weapons. It should be the default selection (Leech), but if it's set to Stormifire or Scatter, press (G) to switch to Leech. Fire until the ship is disabled.

7. How do I disable the Concordia-Class Carrier in Sparadon?

Destroy all turrets, than Destroy all engines and fire until it has suffered 50% damage.

8. Is there a Senator ending in WC4?


9. Is the Black Lance officer in the WC4 ending is Chris Roberts?



10. How do I save in Privateer2

Open your PAD, access the file (the computer icon), and select SAVE


11. (a) Is Chris Reid a nick for Chris Roberts?
(b) Does he live online?
(c) Does he answer to all the messages?

a. No.
b. Yes.
c. No, just most of them.

12. Are there any topics I should avoid in a.g.w-c?

Yes, please take care with the (something) vs (something) threads, specially if it envovles other sci-fi universe, like the Enterprise vs Vesuvius or a Star Destroyer vs Tiger's Claw, and specially the Enterprise vs Star Destoyer. Also avoid repeating URL advertising, and please do not send binaries since this is not an appropriate group.