Decoys Mk II

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Siren class Decoy Mk. II
Cost 800 credits
Source Privateer 2: The Darkening

The Siren class Decoy Mk. II was an enhanced type of decoy released in 2790. The Siren uses a Proactive Sensor Affector capable of reprogramming incoming missiles while in flight. The first public display of the system was conducted for Military Chiefs of Staff in the Vidur Sector, who considered the system a success capable of changing the role of missiles in zero-G combat. Alec Trofobe reported on the decoy for Susan's Defence Weekly in New decoy proves a success.

As it is in Heaven

Your Guide to the Universe

Same as MK I, but with an 85% chance of fooling an incoming missile.

Origin's Official Guide to Privateer 2

Decoys are capable of deflecting all known types of space-warfare missiles (Snipe, Brute, Python, Viral, Banshee, and Disrupter). Each with a different chance of success at causing the missile to lose its lock. (Each decoy launched will have this success rate, regardless of how many you've launched previously. Your overall odds of deflecting a missile increase as you launch multiple decoys.)

Mk I - Success Rate, Per Decoy: 50%
Mk II - Success Rate, Per Decoy: 75%

Field tests put the success rate nearer 90% for both of these models but also revealed that a missile does not lock on to the decoy once it's lost its lock on your ship. The decoy causes the missile to veer away from you, but it may regain a lock if you continue to maneuver.

The Mk II model becomes available as soon as you read the news bulletin entitled "New decoy proves a success."